Illumitex and the Long Center Light Up Architects of the Air Exhibit in Downtown Austin

Austin, Texas-based, Illumitex and the Long Center illuminated the opening night of the Architects of Air Mirazozo Luminarium, an enormous sculpture in the form of an architecturally artistic maze. The Luminarium (as it was called) took place on the West lawn of the Long Center in Downtown Austin. A maze of winding paths and soaring domes was not actually constructed on site, but was inflated and anchored in a mere 20 minutes. The maze temporarily occupies nearly 11,000 square feet of space.

The Architects of the Air exhibition has been internationally successful. While it originally grew out of a theater project for people with learning disabilities, accessibility to the widest audience has remained one of the central goals of the exhibit. All ages, all cultures, including the young and the elderly can appreciate the temporary artwork. On the night that the maze was inflated, Illumitex LED fixtures illuminated the Mirazozo structure from within using approximately 80 Illumitex LED fixtures that consumed less than 6000 watts, compared to the the 19kW that would more typically be required.

Architects of Air have previously illuminated the structure from the inside, for nighttime decoration, with a mix of 400W metal halides and halogen PAR lamps. Darren McCosky, Illumitex’ Director of Engineering, commented, “Based upon their past experience, one key concern they had would be the potential for damage in case of a power loss and deflation of the structure. With metal halides and halogens, they required substantial protection to avoid the PVC fabric from ever coming in contact with the hot lamps. Once they realized that the Illumitex light bars were running at only about 40-degrees C, it simply wasn’t an issue.”

Luxeon High Power

The illumination was implemented with a series of single and dual light-bars, prototypes of Illumitex’ Eclipse line, which is loosely based upon their existing line of horticultural luminaires.

“Using our innovative LED technology to literally ‘shine a light’ on the performing arts in Austin is one of those rare collaborations that brings together the best of art and technology,”
said Jeremy Ludyjan, Global Marketing Director of Illumitex. “Being a part of the unique Architects of Air installation demonstrates Illumitex’ commitment to bringing energy efficient LED lighting to beautiful and inspiring environments.”