Hubbell Lighting Components Business Formed

Hubbell Lighting is combining two brands Norlux and Thomas Research to form Hubbell Lighting Components in Elgin, Illinois. The Thomas Research Products brand focuses on drivers and surge suppression through a catalog product offering that they offer to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Norlux is a custom solutions engineering brand that also serves the OEM lighting market.

According to John DiNardi, VP and general manager of Hubbell Lighting Components, the Norlux and Thomas Research Products brands compliment each other and work together to provide a solution to the OEM lighting market. “While the original bands of Norlux and TRP will not go away, the new emphasis will be on Hubbell Lighting Components,” DiNardi said. “The rebranding of Norlux and TRP will go along with our new emphasis on growth markets IoT and lighting controls,” he added.

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The company’s website explains its mission, “Hubbell Lighting Components builds their products onto a solid and proven foundation of innovation and customer service in order to provide a reliable, cutting-edge lighting design experience. HLC pledges a quality process in all of our product’s testing and manufacturing to ensure high performance every time. “

So far the featured product categories of the business include a self-contained motion and microwave sensor, emergency LED drivers, Hubbell’s SelectWHITE modules, and the company’s high-efficiency light engines.