HSL Supplies Performance Art Light Show Installation

Experimental artists, Alex Bradley and Charles Poulet, created a live interactive
performance/ art installation called Whiteplane 2, utilizing lighting, rigging,
and staging spplied by HSL. Chris Ewington, inventor of the Pixel range of products
approached the artists about making an experimental, touring light and sound
show. Through a collaborative design by HSL’s Head of Rigging Rupert Reynolds, together with
Charles Poulet, and Alex Bradley, lights both above and below the audience
surround the audience to form a mesmerizing mix of ambisonic sound and architectural
lighting. According to HSL, the floor and the ceiling plane each contain 30
JTE PixelLine LED fixtures. These were chosen because the design allowed the
artists to make a smooth and even floor which could be walked on 12 hours per
day. A crucial factor in the choice of LEDs was the need to add the LEDs without adding virtually any heat
off the floor installation.