Honda Of Pasadena To Save Money With LED Lighting System

Jim Dilbeck, general manager of Cireon, reports that his LED lighting
company recently completed a major LED lighting project for Honda of Pasadena.
Cireon collaborated with SoCal Image LED on the project that is expected to get
a $66,337 rebate from Pasadena Water & Power and a $54,000 federal tax
deduction for the 53-year old auto dealership. The new installation employs
Cireon’s Cascade luminaire.

James Rankin II, general manager of SoCal Image LED, designed and installed
the LED lighting system for the project. James Rankin II said, “The
gross cost of the retrofit was $155,000. The two combined rebates make the net
cost of the retrofit approximately $34,000. In addition, the energy savings
that the new system will provide to the dealership is just under $6,759/month,
meaning that the lighting system will pay for itself in just over five

President of Honda Of Pasadena Jeff Christoffel stated, “This
landmark collaboration is just one way that Pasadena business and public
services can work together to improve our city and bring practical solutions to
economic and environmental problems.”

Luxeon High Power

“I’ve been working in the LED manufacturing business for
many years, and I have never worked on a project that will achieve this
magnitude of ROI this quickly,”
said John Gilmore, national sales
manager for Cireon. “The amount of energy reduction that was secured
for Honda Of Pasadena while simultaneously improving the quality of light at
their location is truly special.”

Cireon replaced 1000W metal halide fixtures with 295W LED fixtures.
Not only was the dealership able to save electricity, it also increased the brightness of the car lot.
In the front row of cars the about 20 feet from the base of the pole, the trunk recieved 21 foot candles and 52 foot candles with the LED fixtures. The base of the pole on the infield received 40 foot candles with the metal halide fixtures and 60 foot candles with the LED fixtures. About 20 feet out from the base of the pole on the infield got 28 foot candles with the metal halide and 48 foot candles with the LED fixtures.