Herring Media Group and Philips Color Kinetics Help Rebrand Times Square Offices of Barclays

Time Square Offices of Barclays

A 300 -year old company, Barclays wanted to rebrand its Americas headquarters in the heart of New York City’s Times Square. The lighting designers from Herring Media Group (HMG) wanted to create a “lantern” effect on the Manhattan nighttime skyline with Barclay’s corporate blue color. The design also needed to incorporate the Barclays name in channel lettering and the Barclays eagle logo on the four sides of the building. During the day, the lantern walls remain white. At dusk they slowly transition to Barclays corporate blue. Simultaneously, the channel letters transition from blue to white.

Barclays chose Herring Media Group (HMG) for their expertise in architectural media, which combines dramatic illumination with large-scale digital imaging to identifies, informs, and entertain. Marc Herring of HMG chose Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting to make the Barclays building stand out from the metal halide and LED video screen installations prevalent in Times Square.

A newly built fifty-ton steel structure, which was integrated into the existing architecture, supports the mounting of the LED fixtures. Over 60,000 square feet of white diffuser film cover the structure to create curtain walls which serve as a projection scrim for the color-changing lighting.

Luxeon High Power

To uniformly saturate the scrim with Barclays blue, Philips Color Kinetics ColorReach Powercore and ColorGraze Powercore LED fixtures placed opposite each interior wall with custom lenses uniformly saturate the scrim. On catwalks above the curtain walls, additional ColorGraze Powercore fixtures were positioned. Additional ColorReach Powercore fixtures were installed on vertical I-beams against the Alucobond walls around the building’s HVAC cooling tower. These Color Reach and Color Glaze fixtures were aimed back toward the curtain walls to maximize the lighting efficiency. ColorReach Powercore fixtures have an unique split design that allows the installation of two different custom spread lenses for the perfect beam spread across the top of the building. The entire installation employs 184 ColorReach Powercore fixtures and over 1,000 linear feet of ColorGraze Powercore fixtures.

“I am confident in the efficiencies, quality and certainty of Philips Color Kinetics products for my applications. The ColorReach Powercore and ColorGraze Powercore fixture combination provided the uniform coverage, intensity and control variables that we required for this installation, “ said Herring.

Barclays said it is pleased with its new, energy-efficient lighting system. According to a company statement, “Barclays was committed to sustainability with a key focus on energy efficiency principles. This concentration allowed the team to achieve an innovative design that consumes approximately 85% less energy than comparable metal halide lighting.”