Hempstead, New York Switching to Cree LED Street Lights

Hempstead, New York is installing Cree LED street lights

The Town of Hempstead, N.Y., the largest township in the country, is switching to LED lighting. Hempstead is converting more than 50,000 high-pressure sodium fixtures to LED street lights from Cree, Inc. The installation is already underway. The town plans future phases to bring LED lighting to its parks, marinas, and municipal buildings.

According to Cree, the town expects the street lights to pay for themselves in just two and a half-years. Projected savings from the street lights is about $3 million annually in energy alone, and an estimated $57 million in total lifetime savings.

“The use of environmentally friendly technology is a win-win for the town,” says Anthony Santino, Town of Hempstead supervisor. “The new LED luminaires generate significant energy savings that provide unprecedented environmental and fiscal benefits to benefit our town and residents.”

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Hempstead is in Nassau County, just east of New York City, and has a population of nearly 800,000. The town chose the Cree® DPT Series for Decorative Post-Top luminaires to improve visibility while preserving the historic look. The DPT™ Decorative Post-Top luminaire offers a 3000K color temperature and delivers up to 74 percent savings over the earlier, outdated technology.

The town installed the Cree XSP Series for crisp illumination on major roadways,  and Cree OSQ™ flood luminaires with NanoOptic® Precision Delivery Grid™optics were installed in parking lots, where precise optical control is required for enhanced safety and comfort.

A test installation of the Cree street lights on the Sunrise Highway quickly demonstrated remarkable annual energy savings of $75,000 a year with the street lights that consume about 63 percent less than the previous technology for that highway alone.

Hempstead officials worked with Best LED Group and Cree to design, put together, and deploy a full street lighting solution. So far, the town has significantly reduced spending for its street and parking lot lighting through reduced utility bills and the elimination of nearly all maintenance costs. In addition to the benefit of savings on electricity and maintenance, Cree says its LED street lights can offer better light experiences over their lifetimes.

“We had our eyes on LED technology for quite a few years because of the impressive energy savings. However, we had yet to find the ideal package that made economic sense,” said Gary Aue, Town of Hempstead, N.Y. street lighting supervisor. “After reviewing Cree’s options, we saw there was a lot of money to be saved while providing the town with new lighting for a greater sense of comfort and safety that met all our needs, so we proceeded as soon as possible.”

The town plans to install additional LED lighting in the future, noting their local utility provides substantial indoor lighting rebates and labor costs supplements for LED fixtures.

“We’re not stopping until the entire town in converted to LED Lighting,” said Aue. “Zero maintenance, superior lighting – add in the standard 10-year warranty and it’s a sure thing.”