Greentek Supplies Intelligent Controls and Luminaires for 100% LED-lit Building in Romania

Romanian LED lighting company, Greentek LED Lighting, has designed and
implemented an intelligent lighting project for the offices at AFI Park 2.
After the installation, AFI Park 2 became the first building in Romania to be
exclusively equipped with an intelligent LED lighting system. Greentek offered
a solution for the office spaces in AFI Park 2, which included the latest LED
lamps, as well as software for the intelligent lighting management. This
custom-made system senses the decrease in intensity of the natural light and
commands a corresponding increase in the intensity of the LED lighting.

“Illuminating the office spaces in AFI Park 2 was designed with
almost 2,000 LEDs, 30% fewer than the necessary amount, had they chosen a
traditional solution with fluorescent lamps,”
said Victor Cotrutz,
CEO and founder Greentek LED Lighting. “The intelligent lighting
control system made possible savings in energy of up to 85% and a decrease in
energy consumption of 70%. Moreover, maintenance costs are zero, as the general
warranty is for five years. We calculated that the introduction of the new LED
lighting system provided by Greentek will lead to around EUR 100,000 savings
each years,”
said Victor Cotrutz.

AFI Park 2 is adjacent to AFI Palace Cotroceni shopping center, and the
offices have a floor space of about 12,000 square meters. The LED lighting
installation at AFI Park 2 was completed in second part of 2014. Each space
provides the appropriate lighting intensity for every part of the day.
Greentek’s intelligent control system reduces the human intervention in the
system’s operation and contributes to the reduction in energy consumption.

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