GlacialTech Launches Two Cold Forging Thermal Module Solutions

GlacialTech of Taipei, Taiwan has debuted its new cold forging thermal modules, the Igloo FR210 and Igloo FR210HP. The company has focused both heat sink designs on cost-effective performance, as well as weight and volume reduction.
Both the Igloo FR210 and Igloo FR210HP are suitable for 80W applications. The Igloo FR210HP differs from the Igloo FR210 in that it optimized for CoB and spotlight applications. These modules’ heatsinks are available in two color options silver and black.

The company asserts that cold forging produces heat sinks that have better heat dissipation than die-casting and aluminum extrusion. With the Igloo FR210 and Igloo FR210HP using AL1050 aluminum, thermal conductivity can be increased 2.36x compared to die casting: 96.2 W/mK to 227 W/mK.

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