GE to Sell Intelligent Color-Changing LED Lighting Compatible with Apple’s HomeKit

GE plans to offer intelligent, color-changing LED lighting that is compatible of Apple’s HomeKit.  Beth Comstock, president and CEO, GE Business Innovations, shared GE’s plans during GE’s Connected Future event, which unveiled LED-enabled Intelligent Environments capabilities for homes, buildings, and cities.


“Lighting is how many first experiment with the idea of a smart home, and our insights show that consumers want the ability to control lighting from anywhere, automate lighting and pair lighting with other devices—like sensors, thermostats and door locks,” said Comstock. “We’re excited to announce our support for HomeKit as it will bring a seamless, intuitive user experience using Siri and superior quality of light from America’s most trusted lighting brand for more than a century.”

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GE’s HomeKit-enabled LED bulb features the company’s Align™ technology that offers automated lighting control according to the body’s natural circadian rhythm. GE Align reportedly controls the blue concentration of light output to help promote the body’s natural sleep cycle. In the morning, GE Align technology produces a bright, bluer tone similar to sunrise that suppresses the body’s production of melatonin. In the evening, the technology creates an amber light, reminiscent of candlelight and sunset.

According to GE, the HomeKit offers an easy, secure framework for navigation, integration and control of GE intelligent LED lighting. GE says that the HomeKit enables individual device control and grouping devices into scenes all under one command. The HomeKit also allows interoperability and integration with other connected devices. Authentication and end-to-end encryption securely pairs GE intelligent LED luminaires to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

GE has scheduled the availability of its HomeKit-enabled intelligent LED offering for later this year.