GE Lighting Expands Connected Portfolio with Voice Control-Integrated Ceiling Fixtures and a Smart Wall Switch

GE Lighting has unveiled a voice-control integrated ceiling fixture for the home. Also the company released several enhancements to existing products, and the company introduced what they are calling a smart wall switch. In their news release, GE Lighting points out that no two people are the same. Therefore, the company asserts that experiences at home shouldn’t be either.

The company is apparently envisioning their connected home platform in which each person can personalize their home so that they experience it the way they want to. Lighting is just one part of that. The company said in their press release, “Recognizing every household revolves around a different set of people and routines, GE is focusing its connected home strategy around outcome-driven, smart home lighting designed to light the way you live.”

GE has added voice-control integrated fixtures and a smart switch to its connected portfolio of products.

GE Lighting has added voice-control integrated fixtures and a smart switch to its connected portfolio of products.

GE notes that people use their voices and their lighting every day, and the company says it created its latest connected lighting solutions around real-world challenges and needs of users in their homes. The company says its portfolio, which utilizes a growing partner ecosystem and voice-centric lighting products delve into new potential for customizing every room of the home.

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“Imagine you have a hard time falling asleep, but also a hard time waking up. Your bedroom is a space for reading before bed and folding clothes, and it’s always cold. Imagine if lighting could optimize that environment and solve for those challenges and needs,” said Jeff Patton, general manager Connected Home Products, GE Lighting. “We will get you there through lighting solutions paired with voice, sensors and other technology that you can use on their own or in combination across the home,” said Patton.

GE has introduced what they say is the industry’s first voice-integrated ceiling fixtures. The company claims that the voice integration and capabilities of the system allow users to extend the capabilities of smart lighting and voice-controlled experiences throughout the home, such as listening to music, completing voice-driven tasks, and changing the white light needs of a user based on the tasks performed in a room.

According to GE, the new system of voice-controlled ceiling fixtures, eliminates the need for a stand-alone voice device.
The connected ceiling fixtures feature those capabilities fully integrated into the fixture. A flush mount and a recessed option will also be available as part of the initial offering.

Smart Wall Switch

The company’s new voice-compatible smart switch lets users control their connected lights with functions such as on/off, dim, as well as warmer or cooler white light changes.

GE says that the smart wall switch works with your voice and your favorite voice assistant and does not require a separate GE hub. Also, a built-in antenna ensures electricity can always be accessed, thereby eliminating the issue of visitors accidentally flipping off a wall switch and disabling control of smart lighting.

GE says that in the future the wall switches and fixtures may include advanced occupancy, humidity and temperature sensors, and other sensors in the future to help you monitor your rooms in real-time to create the optimal environment. The solution can also dim any non-connected bulbs without the need for a separate dimmer system or costly home rewire.

GE Lighting Expands Sol Lamp’s Capabilities

GE Lighting has now extended Sol Lamp’s capabilities. Sol Lamp is reportedly the first lighting product to integrate Amazon Alexa. Now, the device will receive ongoing updates, including the ability to turn on Spotify and connect with SiriusXM, as well as Amazon’s Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) feature, and the ability to synchronize with other Alexa devices throughout the home.

Also, the company now has brought the Sol Lamp to Canada.

The company’s C by GE Lamps, which are already compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, have added Apple HomeKit compatibility to its C-Life and C-Sleep bulbs in conjunction with its recently released C-Reach bridge. So now, C by GE bulbs, can be controlled with Siri using the Apple Home app on iPhone or iPad and can work remotely away from home. With these capabilities, users can create scenes, set up automation, and more. GE says that the C by GE portfolio will be compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant.