GE Introduces Higher CRI HD LED Bulbs

Giant technology firm GE has introduced its High Definition LED light bulbs. GE points out that it new, higher color rendering index LED bulbs known as HD enhance color boldness and contrast compared to an average 80 CRI bulb. According to GE, the new HD bulbs deliver better quality light and improve energy savings over a long projected lifetime.

The HD LED Series of bulbs come in three varieties, the RELAX HD, the REVEAL HD, and the REFRESH HD. They also come in a range of sizes, shapes, and wattages.

Relax HD LED

Luxeon High Power

Relax HD LED delivers a warm, soft white light. According to GE, the Relax HD is ideal for comfortable and cozy spaces. The company advises the use of Relax HD in spaces in which comfort is the goal such as family rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Refresh HD LED

The Refresh HD LED light provides an invigorating light with a cooler (bluer) color that is perfect for active spaces and energizing. The Refresh HD lights are for use in active spaces including playrooms, laundry rooms, home offices, and even outside.

Reveal HD+ LED

The Reveal HD+ LED offers the company’s highest CRI LED bulb. 
The company claims that the Reveal HD+ provides incredible color contrast PLUS whiter whites. Therefore, GE advises the use of Reveal HD bulbs in craft & hobby spaces as well as kitchens and bathrooms where light clarity and color discernment matters most.

The Refresh and Relax HD are apparently 90+ CRI while the Reveal HD+ is 95+CRI. All Three HD Series LED bulbs from GE are available at Home Depot and select Target stores and on the stores’ websites.