Fulham to Bring EnOcean EasyFit Switches to BlueTooth Mesh Lighting Controls

Fulham Co., Inc. and EnOcean Plan to bring EnOcean’s self-powered, wireless Easyfit switches to Fulham’s new Bluetooth mesh lighting control ecosystem. Fulham, based in Hawthorne California USA, a supplier of lighting components and electronics, and EnOcean, a developer of energy harvesting wireless technology, announced the new initiative to bring certain EnOcean switches to Fulham’s new Bluetooth mesh lighting control ecosystem.

During Lightfair 2018, Fulham demonstrated the first of a new family of Bluetooth® mesh-enabled wireless LED products. The new wireless LED products include a 40W constant current driver with an intelligent wireless control dongle. The products also include a Bluetooth bridge that can bring BlueTooth Mesh capabilities to any 0-10V LED luminaire. Fulham’s new Bluetooth mesh LED products are SIG-qualified. They support bi-directional communications as well as third-party Bluetooth products.

EnOcean says its self-powered wireless wall switches for Bluetooth lighting control systems can be used to develop maintenance-free, ready-to-use LED lighting applications. According to EnOcean, the self-powered Easyfit switches are already deployed in hundreds of thousands of projects worldwide, making LED lighting solutions more energy-efficient, more flexible, and lower in cost.

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EnOcean Easyfit Switches Use Energy Harvesting

Easyfit switches use the energy harvesting which employs miniaturized energy converters that convert motion, light or temperature differences into electrical energy and even WiFi signals into energy. This capability makes wireless Easyfit switches maintenance-free because they never require batteries. Also, EnOcean says that they are freely positionable, and enable intuitive usage and allow flexible control.

“This agreement with EnOcean demonstrates the power of vendor cooperation,” said Russ Sharer, vice president of Global Marketing for Fulham. “Switches are an essential part of any lighting system, and with this announcements, our customers now have self-powered, plug-and-play Bluetooth switches that can be installed anywhere, without additional wiring or batteries. As wireless lighting technology continues to evolve, we will see more demand for flexible and maintenance-free products like EnOcean’s Easyfit switch.”

“Although today´s mobile electronic devices are incredible tools for controlling lighting, the switch is still the most natural and intuitive interface between lighting and users. Therefore, our self-powered Easyfit switches combined with Fulham’s Bluetooth products enables innovative wireless LED lighting solutions. These are easy to install, maintenance-free applications for modern lighting control based on our proven energy harvesting technology,” said Troy Davis, sales director, EnOcean Inc.