Fulham Introduces Low Profile Versions of LinearHO DC LED Modules

Fulham Co., Inc., of Hawthorne, California USA, reports that the company is now shipping new low-profile versions of its LinearHO LED Modules. The new LP-LinearHO DC LED modules come in eight configurations and Fulham says that they are ideal for linear highbays or linear strip luminaries, such as four- or eight-foot vapor tights and troffers. The ‘HO’ in the name of the new LP-LinearHO DC LED Modules stands for high-output.

Fulham adds low profile line of Linear HO LED modules

Fulham adds low profile line of Linear HO LED modules

The output of the modules ranges from 14,699 lm down to 219 lm. In addition to providing more total output the module operates more efficiently with higher lumens per watt and increased thermal conductivity. Fulham, says that the LP-LinearHO DC LED Modules lets OEMs more easily meet the DLC Premium performance requirements, and it gives designers greater flexibility.

Compared to Fulham’s standard LinearHO units the lower profile LinearHO DC modules with a width of just 1.26 inches and height just 0.29 inches, also features better thermal performance and boasts an 8 percent higher lumen output. Furthermore, the company says that the LP-LinearHO DC LED modules faster and simpler to install than standard DC modules.

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The rigid LP-LinearHO module does not require a separate heat sink because the MCPCB is mounted in an aluminum extrusion. Fulham says that the modules are also suitable for dry or damp locations.

Fulham’s LP-Linear HO Comes in Six Standard Models

For maximum versatility, the LP-LinearHO DC LED modules come in six standard models ranging in length from 5.5 inches with 1,959lm output (at 480mA) up to a 58-inch version (available as a custom order) with a 14,699lm (2400mA). Other models of the linear modules include the 11-inch device with an output of 3,919lm (at 640mA); a 22-inch version with 4,899lm output at (800mA); a 22-inch model with an output of 7,700lm (at 1250mA); two 44-inch models with outputs of 8,656lm (at 1400mA) and14,699lm (at 2400mA) respectively; and a 46-inch model with an output of 8,656lm (at 1400mA). The company points out that all the LP-LinearHO units are compatible with Fulham programmable drivers and Fulham’s HotSpot LED emergency lighting systems. A 2 or 4 module harness and a snap-on, diffused lens accessory are available for all the LP-Linear DC LED Modules.

“Demand for our LinearHO DC modules continues to grow as the market for new LED installations and LED retrofits continues to heat up,” said Edwin Reyes, Product Director, LED Light Sources, for Fulham. “We are especially seeing more demand for linear modules that can be installed outdoors or in harsher environments such as vapor tight applications. With the addition of these new low-profile DC modules, we are giving OEMs and installers even more flexibility when it comes to high-performance LED luminaires.”

The units are also CE listed, cURus certified, and RoHS compliant.