FAU Gets Cree LED Lighting for Two Parking Garages

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton wanted to install LED lighting at two four-story parking garages to reduce maintenance costs. The garages, which are about a decade old, still had metal halides lights. Michael Dipple, the university’s director of engineering utilities and energy management, noted that the lights were constantly burning out, and the quality of the from the metal halides was less than top-notch.

Cree Luminaires illuminate FAU parking garage

Cree luminaires illuminate FAU parking garage

The garages get steady traffic primarily from students parking from 8 am until ten 10 pm. However, the lights remain on 24 hours a day.

“So in considering an upgrade, we were looking for a solution with longevity,” Dipple said, “and then we started thinking about energy savings – all of which led us pretty quickly to LEDs.”

Luxeon High Power

“We’re seeing a two-thirds reduction in kilowatt hours, which is significant,” Dipple said.

According to Stacy Volnick, vice president of administrative affairs and chief administrative officer, “This project was a joint initiative between Facilities and Parking & Transportation. As we looked at ROI projections for the job, I became convinced that Florida Atlantic University would see substantial energy and maintenance cost reductions.”

FAU elected to go with Cree, a global leader in LED lighting. The University installed the LED lights in August, just before the students’ return for the fall semester.

FAU Installs Cree VG Series, OSQ Series, and LS Series

The University selected Cree® VG Series LED parking structure luminaires. Cree created the VG Series to deliver optimal, low-glare illumination for parking structures. The 10-year limited warranty essentially eliminates the need for spot or group re-lamping. For the upper decks of the garages, FAU installed Cree OSQ™ Series area lighting. According to Cree, the OSQ luminaires offer advanced thermal management and feature a clean housing with versatile mounting options. The University also installed the Cree® LS Series linear luminaire in the stairwells.

The entire job was completed in under four weeks. The University expects to save $93,000 in maintenance and $104,000 in energy consumption annually for the projected 10-year lifetime of the solution.

Dipple noted, “In November 2015, we were using 550 to 600-kilowatt hours per day. In November 2016, we were using around 200 per day. “So we’re seeing a two-thirds reduction in kilowatt hours, which is significant, and is right at what we had projected.”

Dipple pointed out that FAU will also avoid the recycling of 9,300 lamps over the course of the project. Dipple expects a payback for the project in just over two years.

“We also really like the flexibility the sensors give us,”  Dan Fitoiu, the Electrical Maintenance Manager for Florida Atlantic University, said.“We can keep the lights at 30 percent all the time, and the sensors will kick in when somebody walks by.”

“Our primary goal of zero maintenance has thus far been achieved. No servicing, no work orders,” Fitoiu said.