Fairchild Offers New Driver for Dimmable LED Lighting Design

Fairchild Semiconductor based in San Jose, California USA, announced the
FL7734 Phase-Cut Dimmable Single- Stage LED Driver. The FL7734 is an integrated
LED controller for reliable and low-cost LED lighting solutions ranging from 5
W to 30 W. Fairchild says that the FL7734 enables designers to quickly achieve
high dimmer compatibility and quality lighting designs. Additionally, the
driver features integrated full power factor correction (PFC) circuitry to meet
power factor (PF) and total harmonic distortion (THD) requirements.

The FL7734 solution employs the company’s active dimmer driving technology.
The company claims its active dimmer driving technology eliminates visible
flicker or shimmer symptoms and provides over 90% dimmer compatibility with a
wide range of leading edge, trailing edge, and digital dimmers. According to
Fairchild, the FL7734 solution fully meets NEMA SSL 7A-2013 & ENERGY STAR®
standards and offers input current management flexibility and a programmable
dimming curve.

“The FL7734 driver simplifies LED light designs with broad dimmer
said James Lee, technical marketing manager at
Fairchild. “LED bulb and phase-cut dimmer suppliers are different, so
a good phase-cut dimmable bulb has to operate well with many different dimmers.
We developed the FL7734 with this in mind.”

Luxeon High Power

The FL7734 is a Flyback (or Buck-Boost) Pulse-Width Modulator (PWM)
controller that utilizes a Primary-Side Regulation (PSR) technique, which
minimizes the required external components and for this reason lowers BOM. The
company’s TRUECURRENT® PSR technology gives the device tight constant current
(CC) variation with a tolerance of less than ±1% in the wide line voltage

Like the previously announced FL7733A, the FL7734 can be used in a
wide-range of lamps including A19 and PAR30/38 bulbs, GU10, candle lights,
downlights, flat lights, and indoor and outdoor lights. The device features
output diode short, and open/short protection for current sense resistor and
every pin of the control IC as well as dual overvoltage protection for both
open-VS and open-VDD conditions. It also offers open-LED, short-LED and
over-temperature shutdown.

The FL7734 is available in 16-pin Small-Outline Package (SOP). Fairchild
will be showcasing its LED Drivers and LED lighting solutions at the Applied
Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) and Electronica China 2015.