Espen Introduces Dimmable, Ballast-Bypass TLEDs

Espen Technology reported that the company has addd new 0-10V dimmable, ballast bypass LED tubes to its Flex family of Type B TLEDs. The new dimmable, direct-input LED T8 lamps feature a single-ended bypass connection, and an internal driver, for use with non-shunted tombstones. The new dimmable Type B TLEDs utilize glass tubes for optimal heat disipation and light output. The tubes, which offer a 325 degree beam angle, come frosted to prevent glare. The new damp and dry location listed TLEDs operate on 120-277 VAC, and Espen backs them with a 5-year warranty.

Espen Technologies adds dimmable, ballast-bypass TLED line to product portfolio.

Espen Technologies adds dimmable, ballast-bypass TLED lamps to product portfolio.

While numerous TLED options exist, the company asserts that its latest Ballast-Bypass TLEDs are one of the few to be fully dimmable. The company expects the initial inventory of the new TLED tubes expected to be available in early October, 2018.

According to John Clancy, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Espen, “Espen’s dimmable Type B lamps will further increase energy savings and lamp life when dimmed.” Clancy added, “There are very few dimmable ballast bypass TLEDs on the market, and Espen is very pleased to make these available so that our customers can add 0-10V dimming to their Type B installations.”

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