Espen to Demonstrate VersaDim System with PCLC Powerline Communication Technology

Espen Technology of Santa Fe Springs, California reported that the company is offering the VersaDim System. According to Espen Technology, the system provides a comprehensive dimming and control using the company’s PCLC powerline communication technology. Espen will demonstrate the new system at LightFair International, Booth # 3867.

The company says that the VersaDim offers a power line communication system that is both easy and secure. The system incorporates a controller and a receiver. In a typical installation, one controlled fixture requires one receiver. However, one controller can control numerous receivers on the same branch circuit. Also, the plug-and-play system reportedly does not need any separate signal wires, and does not suffer from compatibility issues common to standard wall dimmers.

Espen Technologies to demo VersaDim

Espen Technologies to demo VersaDim (wired dimmer-left, dimming driver middle, TLED tubes- right).

VersaDim Does not Affect Power Quality

Additionally, the company asserts that the system eliminates wireless security concerns while not adversely affecting power line quality (PF/THD). VersaDim works with heavy loads up to 2,000W without derating; and is capable of zone control.

Luxeon High Power

The company claims that PCLC (Powerline Communicated Load Control) is an emerging control technology that like wireless controls does not need separate signal wires while eliminating the drawbacks of wireless including the added cost in commissioning, maintenance, and potential security issues.

According to John Clancy, SVP of sales and marketing at Espen, “The VersaDim system stands out as an innovative new smart lighting technology because it’s an elegant and simple approach in a world of rapidly increasing complexity. It combines the best benefits of wired and wireless dimming approaches.”