Enlighted Networked Lighting Product on DLC Qualified Products List

Enlighted, Inc. reports that the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) has listed its networked lighting product on its Advanced Lighting Controls (ALC) Qualified Products List. The company makes one of only two networked lighting controls products currently recognized by the DLC. Furthermore, Enlighted says that it is the only product on the list that meets the DLC Specifications in all configurations.

Founded in 1996, the DLC intends to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient commercial lighting solutions. The DLC’s Qualified Products List defines high performance through specific technical requirements. Experts throughout the commercial lighting industry use the list as a resource. Specifically, the DLC has devised a new specification for ALC that utilities will use nationally for incentives.

At its annual stakeholder meet last week, Enlighted CEO Joe Costello addressed the DLC. Costello discussed the future of lighting and its value as the key to unlocking the IoT. Costello described IoT applications including the ability to enable asset tracking, HVAC optimization, and space utilization. “Recognition from the DesignLights Consortium on its ALC Qualified Product List is not only an honor but helps further demonstrate how systems like Enlighted’s are leading the way in the realm of IoT,” said Costello. “We envision a marketplace where all LED lighting will be installed with ALC, enabling lighting control to go beyond just energy savings – to truly unlocking the IoT.”

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Enlighted says that its IoT solutions create smart buildings through new and existing lighting systems. The IoT solutions establish a network of smart sensors that gather data in real-time related to light, heat, occupancy, security, and asset location. Apps then analyze the data and interface with building systems to optimize the environment. The optimized environment translates to enhanced comfort, reduced cost, and improved efficiency.