Enfis Now Selling 200 Watt, 3500 Lumen Quattro Light Engine

Enfis, a spinout from Swansea University in the UK, has taken its knowledge
of thermal management into the area of LED arrays. In mid November, the company
launched two bright LED light engine products. The Quattro rated at 200 Watts
emits 3500 lumens from a 16 cm2 array of 1600 RGBA LED chips driven by the company’s
proprietary driver technology. According to the company, the Quattro enables
light color selection from a palette of 4 billion colors through digital interface,
DMX, or DALI protocols. The Quattro Light Engine intelligently measurements
and adjusts of light output as well as the thermal load of the array to guarantees
optimum performance, color, and color temperature consistency. Enfis says it
expects the Quattro to revolutionize the architecture and entertainment lighting
markets. Enfis claims that the product is the brightest smart LED array, and
it says that product was made viable through its proprietary array and light
engine technology.

Shaun Oxenham CEO of Enfis said about the launch “These products
have been four years in the making, and we at Enfis are delighted to see the
Quattro and Uno products going to the market now, as there is clearly a high
demand for reliable, plug and play light engines that can deliver the promise
of Solid State Light”

Luxeon High Power

Enfis also launched a smaller but still very bright light engine called the
Uno. The Uno is available from 18 Watts to 36 Watts from UVA through to IR and
White, and comes in a plug and play light engine format with integrated drive
electronics and thermal management system in a compact and easily integrated
unit. Company
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