Energybank Introduces model T Exterior Luminaire for Illuminating Car Dealerships

Energybank of Manitowoc, Wisconsin USA has released a new exterior LED lighting product for automotive merchandising applications. The company says it reduces energy costs by up to 80% while producing high-quality light.

“This is one of the most exciting new developments I’ve been involved with,” stated Neal Verfuerth, Energybank founder/CEO. “Customers can now get the best performance from LED technology and get maximum life expectancy using our patent-pending Forced Vector Cooling™ process combined with our other proprietary thermal management advances.”

Energybank says that it put two years of research, development, and testing to create the model T™ exterior fixture. The luminaire features components from Osram and Nichia.  The built-in-the-USA model T luminaire consumes just 640 watts to replaces two x 1000 watt metal halides. The luminaire employs the company’s proprietary optics that are said to virtually eliminate glare.  The International Dark-Sky Association compliant fixture can help reduce light pollution. Forced Vector Cooling™ draws cool air up through a thermal chimney.  The cool air passes over components and then is exhausted as warm air to maximize component longevity and performance.

Luxeon High Power

According to energy bank the model T is designed for ease of installation. The company says its fast and secure, Pinnacle Mounting™ eliminates the need for adapters, extensions, and other apparatus for mounting. The mounting and the fixture design reportedly result in a sleek form factor that has a minimal EPA rating for reduced stress on poles.

Turbo Boost controls with the company’s AstroDim scheduling help maximize flexibility and energy efficiency.  The addition of custom colors and logos also make it unlike other available exterior fixtures.

Kolosso Automotive of Appleton installed the model T fixtures at their car dealership.

Ryan Kolosso commented, “As good as the lights are, I’m also impressed by how much the costs have been lowered compared to the old lights. 70% less energy is providing a 300% increase in illumination on the car hood. I couldn’t be happier with the model T LED fixtures.”

“John and Ryan Kolosso truly understand the effect of superior illumination for their marketing efforts. When you analyze the cost per impression on the potential customers who either drive past or onto their lot, it’s easily one of the most effective marketing spends in their budget,” said Verfeurth.

The model T fixture is on the DLC Qualified Products List.