Energy Star Lamps V 1.0 Specification Discussed

The 2011 calender year has brought significant changes to Energy Star. On October 21, the EPA released Energy Star Draft 1 of the Lamps V 1.0 specification. The new specification merged the previous specifications into a technology neutral specification to replace the existing specifications for CFLs, Integral LED Lamps, and GU24-based fluorescent lamps.

The EPA sought comment for the specification. The comment period was closed 9 December 2011. On 30 November 2011, the EPA hosted a roundtable discussion and Webinar about the draft specification in which more than 50 stake holders attended and more than 100 participated by phone. The EPA gave partners and stake holders the opportunity to provide feedback to be considered in subsequent drafts. The EPA has made the presentations and audio recordings available at:

The Lamps V 1.0 specification includes:

Luxeon High Power
  • Specification Scope & Lamp Classification
  • Photometric Performance Requirements
  • Lumen Maintenance & Reliability Requirements
  • Luminous Intensity Distribution Requirements
  • Electrical Performance Requirements
  • Lamp Toxics Reduction Requirements
  • Dimensional Requirements
  • Lamp Labeling & Packaging Requirements