Empire Theaters in Queensland, Australia Gets Flexibility of Robert Juliat Dalis LED Cyclorama Lights

Ben Hunt, the head of lighting at Empire Theaters in Toowoomba, in Queensland Australia had been looking for a powerful LED-based color changing light with conventional asymetric flood lights for several years before finding the Robert Juliat Dalis LED cyclorama lights. When he first fired up their new Robert Juliat Dalis LED cyclorama lights, his first impression was “finally we’ve found something up to the task.”

Robert Juliat Dalis Cyc used at Empire Theater in Queensland Australia ©Ben Hunt

Robert Juliat Dalis 860 Cyc used at Empire Theater in Queensland Australia — ©Ben Hunt

Theater lighting maker Robert Juliat Lighting reportedly created the Dalis cyclight to provide smooth, yet powerful coverage with an enormous variety of pastel and saturated colors, and still operate silently, which is demanded in theatrical applications.

“It’s no secret that to light a cyclorama with conventional asymmetrical floods is going to require some serious power along with its consumable lamps and color filters – especially when you’re lighting a fourteen-meter by nine-meter cloth,” commented Ben.

Luxeon High Power

He had previously tried using some powerful, yet very inefficient conventional light sources. “That task had been dealt with by sixteen, four cell Selecon Aurora cyc floods and you could hear the power meter groan every time we flicked the switch on!” he exclaimed.

For some time, Ben had been looking for an LED cyclorama that would produce high-quality light and give them ultimate flexibility in how and where they use them at their venues.

“We wanted something that could light a cyclorama one day, light a three-act ballet with multiple scenic cloths the next, and finish off the week in another room theming a corporate function; something that would require a special unit to achieve.”

Ben and his team elected to evaluate all possible product contenders onsite with varying usage scenarios and spacing options.

Ben Hunt, along side Robert Juliat Dalis Cyc rig at Empire Theater -- © Kris Stewart

Ben Hunt, along side Robert Juliat Dalis 860 Cyc rig at Empire Theater — ©Kris Stewart

“During the ‘shoot-out’ phase there were several things that we really wanted to see from the unit of choice,” he explained. “Firstly, it needed to be bright enough to light our large cyclorama, even if ground row wasn’t installed it should be able to hold its own. It also had to be able to light multiple cloths on multiple bars at different depths from the one lamp location ….. this really set the testing units apart. It had to be quick to install/uninstall and move about the precinct and it needed to provide a superior quality of light control and additive color mixing.”

According to Ben, the Dalis 860 cyclorama light was the only unit that they were testing that could meet every requirement and accomplish all that they needed it to do. Consequently, the theater bought twenty Dalis 860 cyc lights along with clamps cases and cables to fit their needs. As a default, the units are configured in ten top cyc and ten ground row, but this light arrangement can be reduced to eight and eight to permit the use of other units elsewhere.

Ben Immediately Impressed with Quality and Ergonomic Design

Upon first using the new product, Ben was instantly impressed by its quality construction and ergonomic design.

“When you first pick one of these units up, without even having powered them up you can tell that Robert Juliat have really outdone themselves,” he remarked. “It’s the simple things like its footprint in a fly space, its exterior robust construction and its quick release rigging system that makes putting it in varied configurations a breeze. Obviously, its light quality and its eight color mixing system is impressive, but also take them off the bar and its standalone features allowing you to quickly set a fixed color temperature and throw the units in for a photoshoot really adds in the units flexibility around the precinct.

Dalis Cycle Light Offers DMX Control Flexibility

The system offers the amazing flexibility of DMX controls.
“The unit’s network DMX options also help in managing its parameter footprint in a way that allows us to quickly change from their full out 4 cell 16bit mode (72 channels a unit) to a touring DMX merge that we can give an operator their simple RED/GREEN/BLUE/AMBER if required. Going from sixteen channels of conventional Cyclorama control to over 1400 needed to be simple and not a ‘scary’ concept,” Ben said.

Robert Juliat products including the Dalis cycle light are distributed exclusively in Australia by Show Technology www.showtech.com.au.