ellumi Introduces Bacteria-, Mold-, and Fungi-Killing Recessed Shower Light

A really dirty shower can make you wonder if you’ll come out clean or dirtier than when you started. And, bacteria, fungi, and mold on surfaces can spread disease. For this reason, ellumi introduced an LED-based bacteria-killing light that the company claims can disinfect your shower for you.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, active measures for preventing the spread of diseases include thoroughly washing your hands, getting immunized, and disinfecting your surfaces, which is what ellumi  LED lights are said to do. The company’s products come from the bacteria-killing technology of Vital Vio and the luminaire manufacturing capability and know-how of Evolution Lighting, LLC.

Ellumi- bacteria-, fungi- and mold-killing Recessed Shower Light Kit

Ellumi– bacteria-, fungi- and mold-killing Recessed Shower Light Kit

ellumi™ Bacteria-Killing Under-Cabinet Light was First Product

ellumi says that its first product, the Bacteria Killing Under-Cabinet Light, launched in March 2018, was the very first of its kind. Then, just five months later, ellumi brought the technology into your bathroom. Now for just $89, Ellumi’s Recessed Retrofit Light can banish fungi, mold, and bacteria with the flick of a switch.

Luxeon High Power

Technology Uses White LEDs instead of UV Light or Chemicals

Vital Vio’s technology uses white LEDs, rather than UV light or chemicals. So, the light can kill the bacteria, fungi, and mold, but it is also completely harmless for people as well as pets. Most powerful disinfectant sprays and other bacteria killing lights can’t make the same claim.

The light uses specific wavelengths of visible light that have been proven to inhibit reproduction and destroy cells of bacteria, mold, and fungi. According to the company, this mechanism is effective on Strep, Staph/MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and 21 other bacteria. Through photo-activation, the light excites specific molecules in harmful microorganisms. Over time, these molecules produce Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), eventually causing cell wall damage and death for the harmful microorganisms.

So, while this microorganism killing power is not instant (it takes eight hours), the continuous use of ellumi’s LED lighting can help ensure a crucial environmental factor that is part of a healthy home.