Elation Launches RGB LED Beam/Spot Fixture

In one application that was not previously possible even with the latest LED technology, Elation Professional now offers the DARTZ 360™, a compact, narrow-beam RGB LED beam/spot fixture. Elation, which specializes in theater and entertainment lighting, says that the DARTZ 360 is the first RGB source beam/spot to couple such high output with smooth color-mixing, effects, gobos, and sharp optics in such a small package.

Elation Professional launches DARTZ 360

Elation Professional launches DARTZ 360

The DARTZ 360 uses a single-source 50W RGB LED engine to produce a powerful and tight 3-degree beam that the company says can offer smooth, color-mixed beam effects comparable to a discharge lamp. The spot fixture delivers an impressive output of 29,000 Lux at 5 meters. Elation contends that the device operates more efficiently in lumens per watt than similar products on the market.

According to Elation the combined LED light engine and source optics package provide brighter output than the previous multi-chip LED “beam” solutions, and the light is also noticeably more homogenous. The DARTZ 360 is reportedly safe to use at any distance and is perfect for smaller clubs and smaller events.

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The company says that the smooth, full spectrum color output combines with fourteen fixed gobos and effects to create perfect color-mixed beam or image projections. The device uses remote focus to form a perfectly smooth color-mixed beam with exceptional light quality. The focusable beam effect is similar to that of a discharge lamp source but in a fixture that allows full LED color mixing with an remarkably flat field of light and gobo and projection effects.

Effects packages for the DARTZ 360 also include 6- and 8-facet independent rotating prisms, which can be overlaid to produce new morphing effects. An included linear frost filter can soften the beam when a wash effect is desired. The DARTZ 360 uses lightning-quick motors for its continuous 360° pan and tilt movements that add intense energy to any show. The system comes also comes with a high-speed electronic shutter and strobe.

The LED light engine can be dimmed steplessly from 100 percent to 0 percent. Also, the unit includes five dimmer curve modes to fit any specific dimming requirement. The spot luminaire offers user-adjustable LED refresh rate and Gamma brightness settings that enable it to operate absolutely flicker-free.

The device is controllable via standard DMX controls and is RDM ready. Also, the DARTZ 360 can operate via Art-Net, Kling-Net or sCAN protocols. With Art-Net, users can pixel map multiple units and easily add into matrix displays the added features of beams and effects.

The device’s full-color LCD menu display with a multi-button touch control panel is 180-degree reversible. A multi-voltage universal auto-switching power supply consisting of professional grade 5pin XLR, RJ45 etherCON, PowerCON TRUE1 in/out connections are included. The DARTZ 360 luminaire can also receive wireless DMX commands via the integrated Elation E-FLY™ system.