Echelon Expands Lumewave by Echelon Lighting Control Platform

Echelon Corporation, a independent control networking company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), reports that the company has expanded its range of outdoor lighting control products. The company also announced that effective immediately, that it will now sell all of its wireless and wired connectivity solutions for lighting control under the Lumewave by Echelon brand.

“As lighting systems transition rapidly to LEDs, lighting connectivity and control applications can add tremendous value for customers—from saving energy to enhancing safety, reducing maintenance costs and improving asset utilization,” said Ron Sege, CEO and chairman of Echelon Corp. “Echelon’s converged lighting control platform offers options to connect virtually any fixture, any place, wired or wireless, around the world.”

The company debuted several new wireless, radio frequency (RF) Lumewave by Echelon products at LIGHTFair for adaptive outdoor lighting controls for the North American markets.

Luxeon High Power

Echelon has also come out with a wired architecture system for places in which RF signals and transmission are poor such as subway tunnels. A wired arrangement connects a cloud-based monitoring and data analysis center to a segment controller. Then a segment controller connects to a breaker panel through a power line. The breaker panel connects with PL Light controllers. According to Echelon, the wired system improves safety, offers failure notification, and supports maintenance by revealing which lights need to be repaired or replaced.

The new products include what the company claims to be the first Bluetooth-enabled very long-range radar-based microwave sensor and controller, specifically designed for controlling pathway, street, and area lights. The Lumewave microwave sensors use true Doppler Radar and fast Fourier transform (FFT) techniques to differentiate between vehicles and pedestrians in real time.

According to Echelon, the Lumewave,radar-based microwave sensors can detect approaching vehicles at more than 400 feet and pedestrians at 100 feet and then adjust lighting accordingly. The company claims that the MWX-LVE-90U and the MWX-LVE-180U radar-based microwave sensors have 10 times the reach of infrared (IR) sensors, while remaining unaffected by harsh environmental conditions.

Echelon is also now offering 480V support for the company’s popular TOP900 wireless lighting controller. The controller employs a power supply that operates in the full range from 100V to 480V. Echelon contends that the voltage range saves installation costs for applications including parking areas and car dealerships that require higher voltages.

According to the company, the 480V TOP900 products control all types of dimmable lights. In addition to LED lighting, they can control induction, eHID, and plasma lighting. The company says that they also feature flexible options for communicating with gateways such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and cellular. The TOP900 Series Controllers and the LumeStar 5.0 control management system supports California’s Title 24 requirements for parking garage daylight zones. The 480V TOP900 series controllers also include embedded GPS.

Echelon says that it designed its lighting control platform for commercial and industrial environments such as cities and municipalities, roadways, office buildings, parking areas, university and corporate campuses, and stadiums.

Echelon contends its IIOT-ready intelligent lighting platform is easy to deploy, commission, manage, and use.  It supports standards-based protocols and functions to enable integration of indoor and outdoor lighting, light and building automation, and wired and wireless operation.

The platform’s flexible design reportedly supports all major types of outdoor lighting scenarios including integrating a variety of sensors, use of both lighting controls and asset monitoring, and operation in multiple geographic regions. The platform provides what the company describes as the industrial-strength security needed for IIoT applications. It reportedly supports LED drivers for color and white tuning. The system also enables big data analysis from sensor, module, and operational data.

While LEDs can save 50 percent on the cost of electricity, Echelon says that with its control platform customers can save an additional 30-45 percent.

The concluded the company’s presentation saying, “We are committed to ‘You have it, we can control it’ Wired & Wireless, Indoor/ Outdoor, including converging BA silos.”