Eaton Sports Lighting Survey Found that Adoption Has Increased Tremendously

LED sports lighting adoption among four professional sports has increased greatly in the last few years, according to an Eaton survey. LED lighting company Eaton, looked at the use of LED lighting among the 123 of what they term North American major league teams including 30 Major League Baseball teams, 30 National Basketball Association teams, and 32, National Football League teams, and 31 National Hockey League teams. The survey did not include professional soccer fields or other indoor and outdoor arenas such as those at the University Level.

Eaton Sport Lighting Survey infographic

Among these numerous professional sports teams that they looked at, a total of 44, or 35.77% of those surveyed now use LED-based sports lighting. This number is up 2500 %  from their findings in 2013 in which they found that just one of the teams had switched to using LED lighting.

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While more and more sports venues are switching to LEDs. Some have still not switched to LED lighting. According to Eaton, typically, the teams that have not switched either installed HID lights somewhat recently and felt it would be too soon to upgrade to LEDs, or they believed that the upfront costs would be too high.

In addition to the installation in many of these facilities, Eaton LED sports lighting has been deployed in numerous other sports facilities around the country, including municipal arenas and fields to college arenas and stadiums.

The company expressed their firmly held belief that “LEDs are simply a better product than HID lighting. It delivers better quality light, offers more control and is in keeping with professional sports team’s goal of enhancing the viewing experience for their fans.”

Eaton says that on average the teams that they surveyed that used LED lighting saved about 75% on electricity compared to their previous lighting.

Wireless Control and Monitoring Now Offered with Eaton Sports Lighting Systems

The company further points out that LED lighting technology has continued evolving since 2013 and that now such teams ask for controllability to enhance the fan viewing experience. Also, the company now offers wireless and remote control options for many of our LED lighting solutions. Additionally, the company offers predictive maintenance that alerts owners about potential technical before they happen.

Eaton says that the future of sports lighting goes beyond the company just offering individual LED lights to providing complete cloud-based control and monitoring systems. The company pointed out, “Once we reach that level, the sky is the limit on opportunities to innovate.”

In another recent installation, the company supplied its sports lighting for Martinsville Speedway, which Eaton likens to the Wrigley Field of NASCAR.

So far, Eaton says it has installed hundreds of lighting systems in sports facilities to date.