Eaton Launches LumenSafe Video Monitoring

Power management company Eaton of Peachtree City, Georgia USA, launched the LumenSafe™ Integrated Network Security Camera system. The system enables cities, municipalities, public facilities, and businesses to integrate connected video technology onto Eaton’s LED-based outdoor lighting fixtures.

Improving outdoor lighting quality and brightness is known to increase visibility, which can translate to increased safety in areas where the lighting is installed. Eaton has taken this safety improvement resulting from enhanced visibility a step further with the addition of a connected video monitoring capability with specific outdoor luminaires.

Eaton introduces LumenSafe video monitoring system.

LumenSafe Video Monitoring Works with Navion and Galleon™ LED Luminaires

“Outdoor camera systems can help cities and municipalities make their communities safer spaces where people want to live, work and play, but typical systems can require complicated solutions to provide a source of power, communication, and mounting location,” said Brad Paine, vice president and general manager, Connected Communities and Homes, Eaton’s Lighting Division.

“Lighting upgrades are a simple step to help improve community safety and we’ve developed the LumenSafe system to deliver lighting and security cameras in one package as an integral part of attracting and retaining customers, employees, residents and tenants.”

Eaton’s LumenSafe system allows for the integration of security cameras into existing Eaton outdoor lighting products, and it can use existing outdoor lighting poles. The company claims that the system is simple and easy for electrical contractors to install. So, in addition to improving illumination, the installation of the system adds video monitoring for safety. Notably, the video monitoring capability also gives security integrators the chance to expand their service offerings and build their businesses.

The LumenSafe system applies long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, minimize the need for maintenance, and deliver a quicker return on investment. So far, Eaton has released the LumenSafe camera technology for its Navion and Galleon™ LED luminaires.