Eaton Joins Smart Cities Council

Power management company Eaton of Peachtree City, Georgia USA, reported that it is joining the Smart Cities Council (SCC) as a North American Associate Partner. The Smart Cities Council membership is part of the company’s effort to simplify the path for community adoption and deployment of connected solutions. According to Eaton, the collaboration brings its connected lighting expertise to crucial smart city stakeholders, helping create solutions for their specific needs.

The Smart Cities Council is comprised of the experts and leading global companies in the smart technologies field, who serve as resourses and advisors. The goal of the Council is to hasten the growth of smart cities worldwide by giving city leaders access to technology counsel, financial tools, policy frameworks, visibility campaigns, and advocacy.

“We look forward to working with the Smart Cities Council as they help cities tap into the transformative power of smart technology,” said Patrick Walker, vice president and general manager, Outdoor and Architectural Products, Eaton’s Lighting Division. “IoT-connected smart devices can help build safer, more efficient communities – and it all starts with connected lighting. By using the physical light fixture to connect buildings and outdoor spaces, cities can have full system control and optimization at their fingertips, making it easier than ever to rise to the municipal challenges of today and tomorrow.”

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Connected Street Lights Key to Bring IoT Solutions to Cities

Because of their ubiquity, and their prominent positions, connected street lights can be the key to bringing IoT-connected solutions to cities, communities, and neighborhoods. For this reason, Eaton says it offers cohesive, reliable and simplified full-spectrum solutions for cities’ connected lighting needs.

“The Smart Cities Council is working to advance cities’ livability, workability, and sustainability across the globe,” said Jesse Berst, chairman, Smart Cities Council. “Eaton’s expertise will help us increase our understanding of the role lighting plays in connected communities while providing our smart city stakeholders with solutions to advance their smart initiatives.”

Eaton previously launched its ConnectWorks Connected Lighting System powered by CIMCON provides that it says gives cities, utilities, departments of transportation and universities simple, easy-to-manage, interactive solutions for outdoor street, roadway and utility lighting.

The ConnectWorks system combines LED fixtures, wireless lighting controls, wireless gateways, and software services. According to Eaton, the ConnectWorks system lets cities harness the full system control of parking lot, street and highway lighting, while saving up to 30 percent on the cost of electricity for the lighting and up to 50 percent on maintenance.