Eaton Introduces New Corelite and Neo-Ray Define Linear Luminaires

Power management company Eaton reported the expansion of its architectural connected lighting product offering. The company says that the new linear luminaires offer new options for architects and designers that want to increase building operating efficiency through the use of controls and data analysis. According to Eaton, the second generation of its Neo-Ray Define recessed and perimeter slot linear luminaires provide uniform lines of illumination for designers and architects. Also, Eaton has added two new Corelite products, Corelite Hugo™ and Corelite Continua™.

Eaton introduced new Corelite and Neo-Ray linear luminaires

“Designers and architects are looking for products that will enhance a space while also maintaining its aesthetic,” said Ryan Rodau, general manager, Architectural Products, Eaton’s Lighting Division. “The latest additions to our architectural line allow architects and designers to better deliver on the design and atmosphere of a space. The streamlined, sophisticated products save on cost while enhancing performance and versatility.”

Neo-Ray Define Perimeter and Recessed Slots

The Define series by Neo-Ray reportedly gives designers and architects simple, minimalist luminaires for almost any architectural application. The Neo-Ray Define Recessed and Perimeter Slot models are powered by Eaton’s linear LED technology, letting architects and designers customize a space with standard trims. Furthermore, the company says that designers can select from five different apertures, which are specifiable to the nearest inch, and can thereby integrate corners and transitions in light distribution seamlessly without ordering custom fixtures.

Also, Eaton says that designers can integrate the Neo-Ray Define with the company’s connected lighting systems, including the WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting System, the Distributed Low-Voltage Power System and LumaWatt Pro Wireless Connected Lighting System powered by Enlighted.

Corelite Continua and Corelite Hugo

Eaton contends that the new Corelite Continua and Corelite Hugo provide high-performance and enhanced versatility, as well as increased energy savings. The Corelite Continua suspended family offers a proprietary, flexible continuous roll lens that won’t ripple or bow over long lengths. The design features a fully luminous bottom aperture, which boasts reduced installation costs.

Corelite Continua can also be integrated with Eaton’s WaveLinx and LumaWatt Pro Wireless Connected Lighting System. Eaton claims that this ability to integrated with the connected systems can offer a deeper level of insights about the space while saving on installation time and costs with out-of-the-box system functionality.

The Corelite Hugo LED boasts cost-effective, architectural quality construction and performance. The Hugo is reportedly useful for a range of commercial environments such as supermarkets, fitness centers, retail, educational facilities, and is ideal for retrofit applications. The Corelite Hugo LED can also be integrated with Eaton’s WaveLinx and LumaWatt Pro Wireless Connected Lighting Systems.