Eaton Expands WaveLinx Commercial Smart Lighting System

Peachtree City, Georigia-based power management company Eaton, announced the expansion of its WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting System. The company says that its has broadened the application of its WaveLinx system from individual buildings to include networks of multiple buildings.

With the company’s Lighting Xpert Insight software, WaveLinx connects with other Internet of Things (IoT) and smart building management systems to reveal deeper level insights and offer wireless control of outdoor and indoor lighting to property owners and commercial facility managers. Also, the latest WaveLinx mobile app enhancements help reduce system commissioning updates by up to 30 percent.

“Just as we expect any building to have a Wi-Fi network today, connected lighting systems are becoming a standard for newly constructed or renovated facilities,” said Ken Walma, vice president and general manager, Connected Buildings, Eaton’s Lighting Division. “With enhanced insights into facility data, such as light level, occupancy, power consumption and device status, we are helping facility directors and sustainability officers leverage lighting to make more proactive, informed decisions. This establishes a foundation that can expand to incorporate additional data analytics needs and capabilities.”

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WaveLinx Integrates With Eaton’s Lighting Xpert Insight 6.1 Software

The wireless connected lighting system integrates with Eaton’s Lighting Xpert Insight 6.1 software to connect with building automation control network (BACnet) and energy management systems at locations ranging from office parks, and medical buildings to college campuses. Additionally, the WaveLinx system uses standard API protocols to connect to third-party applications. According to Eaton, this connection with third- party applications helps users to better manage the overall health of connected devices and make adjustments to fit pertinent facility data based on their unique needs.

Eaton claims that WaveLinx also offers the industry’s first “Smart Tips” capabilities, which lets the system provide alerts in real-time and suggests steps to address them, thereby reducing the time and cost of troubleshooting.

The company designed the system for plug-and-play connectivity with automatic energy code compliance. Commissioning enhancements of the WaveLinx system include automatic firmware updates as devices join the network. These automatic updates further reduce installation time for electrical contractors and gives the system greater flexibility for expansion or updates.
Eaton’s WaveLinx system expansion includes: Insights Manager Pro, Enterprise, and Virtual; Halo RL56 downlight for light commercial settings; 347-volt switchpack; 7-pin outdoor lighting control module; 20-amp controlled receptacle; open loop daylighting sensor; and several commissioning updates and user enhancements to the mobile application.