Eaton Ephesus LEDs Sports Lighting Installation at Jacksonville Jaguars Practice Facility

Daily’s Place, a 5,500-person capacity amphitheater and 94,000-square foot covered flex field adjacent to EverBank Field, will serve as the indoor practice facility for the National Football League’s (NFL) Jacksonville Jaguars Power management company Eaton reported that its Ephesus LED sports lighting and controls system is being installed at Daily’s Place. According to Eaton, the Ephesus system reduces energy consumption by up to 75 percent and enhances the viewing experience for spectators.

Eaton Ephesus LED fixtures Illuminate Daily's Place

Eaton Ephesus LED fixtures Illuminate Daily’s Place

Daily’s Place was constructed during phase two of the City of Jacksonville’s $90 million investment in EverBank Field.
The amphitheater opened on May 27, and the covered flex field is scheduled for the opening of the Jaguars training camp in July.

“We’re very happy with our choice in Eaton,” said Nik Sobic, director, Strategic Initiatives, Jaguars. “We’ve compared their products to competitors in the market and feel like we’ve received excellent value regarding performance. Eaton offers solutions for sports and color-changing effect lighting, both of which are sure to complement fan and player experience at our new facility.”

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The company’s LandBurst wired DMX system will control the soon-to-be completed installation of Eaton’s Ephesus All Field fixtures. The control system will allow the simultaneous control of both outdoor color lighting across the entire facility and the white indoor lighting over the flex field. Additionally, Ephesus Prism RGBA fixtures will illuminate the roof of Daily’s Place. These Prism RGBA fixtures will enable a myriad of options for colorful lighting and entertainment.

Eaton Ephesus LED Sports Lighting Boasts High Quality, Uniform Light

Eaton says that its Ephesus LED sports lighting product line provides optimal lighting that illuminates more uniformly on the playing surface. Furthermore, the company contends that the lighting enhances the gameplay for players and the viewing experience of fans watching live and on high-definition television.

The system boasts easy installation, and Eaton claims it can operate at low cost compared to conventional sports lighting systems and requires little to no maintenance for years.

“Since we installed one of the first solid-state lighting systems in a North American sports arena, facility operators and team executives have come to understand that our digital lighting solutions offer a distinct advantage when compared to conventional LED lights in creating an enhanced stage for fans and performers,” said Mike Lorenz, president, Eaton’s Ephesus Lighting business. “The versatility of our system will provide visitors to Daily’s Place with the highest quality lighting and unique and entertaining light shows.”