EarthTronics Launches T8 LED Tubes

EarthTronics of Muskegon, Michigan, has launched “Plug and Play” and Direct Wire linear LED tubes that can replace T8 fluorescent bulbs. The LED tubes are for retail, office, hospitality, restaurant and long-term care locations.
The new linear LED tubes are Design Light Consortium (DLC)-listed bulbs. The LED tubes feature glass tube construction for proper system cooling.

The luminaires have a 50,000-hour rated life. According to EarthTronics, the luminaires consume 30 percent less energy than conventional T8 fluorescent tubes. The long lifetime and energy savings provide a quick return on investment, the company says. Total lifetime savings can exceed $88 per lamp at an 11¢/kwh energy, according to the company.

Luxeon High Power

The “Plug & Play” design allows the LED to work with any fixture that accepts T8 fluorescent lamps that uses an instant start electronic ballast. Consequently, the company says no electrician and no outside labor are necessary. Simply changing the lamp can save you money.

The company’s Direct Wire LED employs an internal driver to eliminate the ballast from the circuit. With the Direct Wire LED, installation only requires that you cut the ballast out of the circuit and “direct wire” to the 120 or 277 volt power supply.
Both T8 LED tubes come in 1800 and 2200 lumens models and three color choices, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. All feature color rendering of over 80. A nearly 300° beam spread delivers even illumination. The lamps use just 16-to 18 watts.