Earthtronics Launches LED Flat Panels

Earthtronics has launched a line of flat panel LED luminaires that have a similar appearance to OLED panels. However, they are much larger than is economically feasible to make with OLEDs. They are also much brighter, last longer, and are more efficient.

The three new Earthtronics LED flat panel lights can directly replace fluorescent fixtures in existing and new construction ceiling applications. The panels come in sizes of 1′ by 4′, 2′ by 2′, and 2′ by 4′. All three of the new flat luminaires come in 4000 K color temperature.

Earthtronics LED flat panel luminaires from left to right -- 2' by 2', 2' by 4', and 1' by 4'

Earthtronics LED flat panel luminaires from left to right — 2′ by 2′, 2′ by 4′, and 1′ by 4′ models

Flat Panel Performance

The 2′ by 2′ and 1′ by 4′ panels each consume 40 Watts and produce 4000 lumens across their areas. Their output and power consumption translate to 100 Lumens Per Watt (LPW). The panels provide white light at 82+ CRI. The panel lights feature 120/277v dual voltage operation and come standard with a 0 – 10 Volt continuous dimming driver that can work with any standard 0 – 10 Volt control/dimmer. 347-volt models are available for use in Canada. The 2′ by 4′ panel consumes 50 Watts and produces 5000 lumens over its larger surface area.

Luxeon High Power

Flat Panel Construction

Earthtronics constructed all three models of its LED flat panel luminaires with an extruded aluminum frame and an impact resistant acrylic lens that enables a wide light distribution pattern. Earthtronics says that these panel lights are perfect for use in schools, offices, healthcare, and many other commercial applications.

Flat Panel Lifetime and Warranty

The LEDs within the panels have a rated lifetime of 50,000 hours. The company backs the panel luminaires with a five-year warranty.

According to Earthtronics, the LED Flat Panel Lights are approved by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC), Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Also, the lamps may be accepted for utility rebates in many markets.