DOE Publishes Latest Updates to SSL R&D Plan

The DOE published these updates in the form of two documents, 2017 Suggested Research Topics and Supplement to 2017 Suggested Research Topics. The second document offers context and background for the first, including information drawn from economic, market, and technical studies. The suggested priority topics are not guaranteed issues addressed in the annual DOE SSL R&D funding opportunity, but they serve as a “short list” from which DOE may choose to select.

The DOE says that all of the updated R&D topics are fundamental to the SSL field, which is still an immature technology.

The DOE developed both new documents in conjunction with industry experts through inputs from roundtable meetings during the September and October 2016 and at the DOE SSL R&D Workshop held in February 2017 in Long Beach, California. The discussions covered foundational R&D demands for both OLED and LED technologies.

Luxeon High Power

According to the DOE, these documents represent SSL stakeholder inputs about key R&D topics that will increase efficacy, reduce cost, remove impediments to adoption, and add value for OLED and LED lighting solutions during the next three to five years.
The documents also discuss the applications that drive and prioritize the specific R&D.

The updated SSL R&D plans include:

  • Upgraded LED and OLED performance projections.
  • An expanded analysis of the impacts of SSL (energy savings, production, and marketing).
  • A new review of the relationship between technical progress, scientific understanding, and societal benefits that SSL enables.
  • The plan features a discussion about the new directions in lighting development and design that SSL enables including enhanced lighting performance, as well as new levels of control for lighting, and new possibilities for integrating SSL into building automation systems.
  • The latest thinking in connected lighting, and a translation of LED performance for horticultural lighting performance projection and metrics.Updated analysis of LED and OLED performance and barriers that guides prioritization of DOE R&D funding.
  • Updated analysis of LED and OLED performance and barriers that guides prioritization of DOE R&D funding.


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