DOE Explains Latest Energy Star Revisions for LED-based Outdoor Area and Roadway Lights

In a webcast conference call today, representatives from the US Department of Energy explained the latest revisions to the draft Energy Star criteria as it applies to outdoor area and roadway solid state lighting. The third draft version of the criteria is set to be released.
The second draft version of the Energy Star criteria for outdoor SSL applications was released July 1, with stakeholder comments accepted through July 31.

After reviewing the public comments and questions, the DOE made several revisions, including reducing the required efficacy of the luminaire from being at least 20 percent above the efficacy of the 75 percentile of high intensity discharge lights in the same applications. The new requirement mandates the SSL source to merely perform as well as the 75th percentile of HID incumbents.
Additionally the DOE decided to add pole-mounted (decorative) luminaires, wall mounted luminaires, and ceiling mounted luminaire subcategories to category A. PDF Slides of DOE Energy Star Revisions

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