DOE Discontinues Lighting Facts Label Program Due to Budget Uncertainty

The U.S. Department of Energy issued a letter to manufacturers and lab testing partners about the Lighting Facts Label program discontinuation. The letter pointed out the pivotal role LED lighting Facts played in the development of solid-state lighting technology since the program began about ten years ago.

The program reportedly started as a way to verify performance claims of LED products. According to the DOE, the program has transformed into a data-rich product database with user-centric analytical tools to assess the range of performance and product innovation over time. The LED Lighting Facts Label database reportedly currently includes 72,197 products. Unfortunately, the DOE says that due to continued federal budget and funding uncertainty, the department will no longer be able to support the program.

Lighting Facts Label Program Not Accepting Submissions after March 1

The DOE says that consequently, after March 1, the LED Lighting Facts program will no longer accept product submissions, and the website will be shut down on March 30th. The DOE noted in the letter that after the March 1 submission deadline, manufacturers and lab testing partners will continue to have access their accounts until the final website closure.

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The organization also advised the Lighting Facts Label manufacturers and lab testing partners to download their labels and product lists.

Instructions for downloading the Lighting Facts Label associated with manufacturer’s account

The DOE letter instructs, “Log into your account, navigate to your Manage my Products page, click on the product you need a label for, and then click the “Generate Labels” button on the top of the submission form.”

The letter also indicated that for further information people should email