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Commentary: Having Some Fun: Smart Lighting is going to be messy
... Don't let the headline worry you... 'smart' lighting is going to be great, and it will work well, but it is most assuredly going to be a somewhat messy process to go from today's versions of controllable lighting, to tomorrow's actual smart lighting. In terms of impact players, Philips...

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Tim Hortons Restaurants Across North America to Get LED Lighting from Philips
SSL Design News Staff

April 22, 2014...Tim Hortons, a restaurant chain in Canada and the United States, announced an initiative to replace all of its existing light in its more than 4,400 restaurants with LED lighting from Royal Philips. In 2014 alone, the conversion program will outfit 485 restaurants with LED lighting, for an estimated savings of 6.4 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of power.

The existing fluorescent and halogen lights at all newly-built and renovated Tim Hortons restaurants will replace their current lighting with Philips LED fixtures that use up to 40 percent less energy than fluorescent bulbs while lasting a minimum of 50,000 hours.

Acording to Tim Hortons, a standard 2,500 square-foot restaurant with more than 60 lights (including exterior signage, illuminated menu boards, and overhead lighting in the washrooms, dining room, and kitchen area can save an estimated 18,336 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually, which is equivalent to the total annual energy consumption of 400 single-family homes.

"At Tim Hortons, we are always looking to new technologies and designs to improve energy efficiencies in our restaurants and reduce our overall environmental footprint," said John Macey, manager, sustainable design, Tim Hortons Inc. "Switching to LED lighting is an easy way to save energy while improving the light quality and atmosphere in our restaurants to ensure the best possible guest experience."

Philips Illuminates Baron Palace in Cairo with LED-based Digital Lighting
SSL Design News Staff

April 22, 2014...As part of its fifth consecutive pan-African Cairo to Cape Town roadshow, Royal Philips unveiled a lighting makeover of the historic Baron Palace, one of Cairo's oldest buildings. A combination of warm and cool daylight colors from Philips’ latest LED technology highlights the palace’s features. The LED Lighting allows energy savings of 80% over the traditional lights currently used in the Palace. The LED lighting has a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

Belgian industrialist, Baron-General Edouard Louis Joseph Empain (1852-1929) had the Baron Palace constructed between 1907 and 1911. He chose the prominent location in Heliopolis and ordered French architect Alexander Marcel to build him a palace with a unique architectural style. The architect designed the palace to be made with reinforced concrete over an unusual rotating base that revolves the palace to face the sun in all directions. Today, the palace, an architectural masterpiece which is located close to the Belgian presidential Palace, is a tourist attraction.

“The lighting up of the Baron Palace creates an almost mythical atmosphere around the palace that brings history to life. Philips is very proud to have placed its know-how and technology at the service of this iconic monument. For us the challenge was to devise effective lighting while respecting the authenticity of this monument. The lighting had to enhance the beauty of the site without overwhelming it. We are very proud of the final result and hope it will improve the tourism value of the Palace," said Tamer Abol Ghar, CEO, Philips Egypt and General Manager, Philips Lighting Egypt & Sudan.

The Baron Palace is the latest world-famous site in Egypt to get LED lighting from Philips. The company's lighting reportedly illuminates the Cairo Tower, Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, and the Nile West Bank in Luxor in addition to the Hibiz Temple in the Western Desert. Philips has promised to use LEDs to illuminate one monument in every city visited during the roadshow.

Stockholm Concert Hall Gets LED Lighting
SSL Design News Staff

April 17, 2014...The famed Stockholm Concert Hall (Konserthuset) has been retrofitted with Global Design Solutions' ArcSystem. The project includes LED lighting for the facility's multiple entertainment venues and audience areas. Above the largest hall's main stage, 50 LED fixtures replaced 160 legacy lighting units. This switch alone reduced power consumption from 68 kW to 7.5 kW.

The Stockholm Concert Hall is the home of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Nobel Prize Ceremony. Completed in 1926, it is one of the few instances of neo-classical architecture in Sweden. The facility includes three separate halls with a total seating of more than 2000 people. The halls received an acoustical retrofit in 1971. However, the hot lighting needed an upgrade due to low efficiency, the need for more uniform lighting and the need for better controls.

The concert hall contracted GDS and partner Anderson & Co Sweden AB for the LED-based lighting upgrade. In the Main Hall, the largest and most famous in the Konserthuset, the lighting system with cooler-running LEDs is more comfortable for performers and reduces electricity and air conditioning costs. GDS installed 32 ArcSystem luminaires over the Main Hall's seating area.

“Sometimes amongst the figures and the specifications it is easy to overlook the fact that the purpose of the technology is to enhance the conditions in which performer and audience alike engage with the arts,” said Andy Duffield, international sales manager at GDS. “In the case of the Stockholm Concert Hall, here was another example of a magnificent historic building, hobbled by an outdated system, being transformed for the benefit of every user by the installation of ArcSystem. Of course, the extremely positive environmental data cannot and should not be overlooked — it’s quite dramatic — but ultimately, at the Konserthuset, perhaps the real story is about sitting comfortably and seeing clearly.”

Along with the ArcSystem fixtures, GDS installed its wireless control platform called ArcMesh. The controls allow the concert hall to set light levels for the stage area while also allowing lighting above the audience to be dimmed during performances and raised for audience entry and exit.

Ecopoint Donates LED Lighting to Maungaraki School
SSL Design News Staff

April 16, 2014...Ecopoint, of Wellington, New Zealand announced that it has given LED retrofit lights to Maungaraki School library. The donation is part of a pilot program undertaken in partnership with the Dynamis Project which uses schools to demonstrate and test new technologies. One of the Dynamis Project’s key goals is reducing school power consumption. A partnership with Ecopoint is logical because using LEDs is relatively easy way to significantly reduce electricity usage.

Paul Wilton, Ecopoint’s director, said, “We are excited to be involved in this initiative, and we hope it will lead to more schools getting on board. Educating the public on the many benefits of LED is important. So, we didn’t have to think too hard about sponsoring Maungaraki School. There are so many benefits to installing LED lights, and educating children about LED lighting technology is a great place to start! Our role in the initiative was straightforward – we replaced all of the library’s fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. Now, the energy savings can begin for Maungaraki School!”

Maungaraki School Library is in two sections. Prior to the LED lighting installation, light measurements were taken from the larger area of the library. The existing fluorescent lights left the library quite dull in the center. Light measurements of the old lighting at Maungaraki School Library ranged between 142 and 320 lux, which is far below the light level that the Ministry of Education recommends of between 300-500 lux. The company's LED replacements had lux readings ranging from 350-520; an average increase in lux of 103% overall.

The company claims that the LED lights reduce power consumption by up to 70%. The LED lights' 50,000 hour life expectancy ensures a substantial reduction in maintenance and replacements costs. Additionally, Ecopoint LED lights are reportedly simple to retrofit, are 100% recyclable. They have a (minimum) three year warranty. Ecopoint has recently also launched a schools-based fundraising initiative in which schools can secure a commission for selling Ecopoint LED lights.

Maungaraki School Principal Lisa Cavanagh said, “We are thrilled with the results already! The lighting levels are now much higher and more even throughout the room. The lights turn on instantly and do not flicker, which was a common problem with our old fluorescent lights. The LED units are also much safer, as they are made of shatterproof polycarbonate and not glass – there was always a concern that in an earthquake, the older fluorescent tubes could shatter. It is also reassuring to know that there are no nasty things like mercury in our new LED lights."

A.C. Special Projects Provides Exterior LED Lighting for Madame Tussauds London
SSL Design News Staff

April 10, 2014...UK company, A.C. Special Projects (ACSP) Ltd. provided a custom color-changing LED lighting solution for the exterior facade of Madame Tussauds London, an iconic visitor attraction. The museum with 154 locations including New York, Sydney, Hollywood and Hong Kong as well as London, enables guests to get up close to some of the world's most famous people. ACSP had to design an energy efficient, flexible lighting solution to help bring light to the exterior facade at night.

ACSP Project Manager, Lance Bromhead, he said, “Up until now Madame Tussauds London had minimal exterior lighting. The attraction was looking for a versatile solution where lighting could be set to suit different events in its calendar – for instance washing the building in red, blue and white to mark the birth of the Royal Baby.”

Lance had met with Madame Tussauds London at The Arc Show, which led to a demo at the attraction. “We used a selection of Pulsar exterior LED products,” continued Lance. “The attraction was impressed with the demo and, following the scheduled refurbishment of the building's exterior, ACSP were employed to supply, install and commission the lighting solution.”

ACSP specified nine Pulsar ChromaFlood 200 IP66 tricolor floodlights to uplight the columns of the facade. Additionally, eight ChromaBatten 200 IP66 tricolor battens uplight the flat-rendered panels in between the columns. The scheme can bring dynamic color changing or fixed color looks to the facia of the building as needed.

“Each fixture is individually controllable via a Pharos system with a built-in astronomical clock,” explained Lance. “The fixtures and cabling are installed on a hard canopy which runs the length of the now illuminated building facade. The Pulsar fixtures were specifically chosen for their outdoor IP66 rating, high output levels and spread - they have to evenly light the facade to a height of 10-12m - as well as their colour-mixing capabilities and energy-efficient low power consumption.”

ACSP worked alongside Pulsar to develop a custom cabling solution that would provide power and enable DMX control through single cables that link back to a central 240v power and data distribution box. The cabling solution eliminates the need to install additional 240v power sockets along the roof canopy to bring power to the fixtures. ACSP supplied fixtures with a RAL color finish to blend with the exterior facade's color.

ACSP pre-programmed the Pharos system with some popular color presets to service Madame Tussauds London’s special events. For example, the attraction has a green for St Patrick's Day, red for Chinese New Year, and plain white for day to day operations. A simple eight-button panel inside the building allows Madame Tussauds staff to select the Pharos system presets. The color presets automatically default back to pre-set program the next day. So the staff does not need to switch it back themselves.

ACSP also supplied ChromaStrip X3 LED strips to illuminate the inside of the refurbished sphere on top of the building's famous domed roof. A cool white ChromaFlood 200 to illuminates the signage on the side of the building facade.

Dave Joy, Project Manager, Madame Tussauds London, commented, "ACSP’s approach from the design stage to completion was excellent. We had a dedicated ACSP project manager who spent many evenings on site trialling various fittings and their location, to achieve the best results. They also liaised with our approved contractor to ensure the installation was carried out to ACSP’s specification and saw the project through to the programming stage, to ensure the project brief was met. The after-sales support has also been excellent and Madame Tussauds London would not hesitate to use ACSP on any future projects."

Walmart to Install GE LED Lighting in 200 New and Remodeled Stores Globally
SSL Design News Staff

April 9, 2014...Retail giant, Walmart announced plans today to purchase LED lighting fixtures from GE Lighting for new supercenters in the United States, stores in the Latin American and Asia, locations in the United Kingdom. The new fixtures are projected to use about 40 percent less electricity than the lighting historically used in the stores. The new lighting is also intended to help Walmart reach its goal of reducing the kWh of energy per square foot of floor space for its buildings globally by 20 percent by 2020.

“We have worked to find and scale energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that are cost effective and high quality, and now working with GE, we’re paving the way to make this a mainstream solution for the retail industry,” said Doug McMillon, president and chief executive officer of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. “LEDs have become an integral part of our energy efficiency model for our stores and play a key role in achieving our overall sustainability goals. Just as important, the energy cost savings coming from these innovations will help us maintain the low prices our customers depend on us to provide.”

Walmart says that its main sales floor lighting represents about 90 percent of the total lighting for each building. Walmart expects that the installation of LED lighting in its stores will reduce energy use per store by more than 5 percent in the U.S. alone. The company projects further savings from the lights' longer life spans than traditional lighting fixtures as the result of significant savings in maintenance costs.

GE says that with 200 Walmart stores installing GE's LED ceiling lighting over the next two years, the stores can save an estimated 620 million kWh over the next ten years. Installation of the new GE LED ceiling lighting will kick off this month at Asda, Walmart’s business in the U.K.

According to estimates Walmart and GE project: the 30 stores being remodeled in Brazil will average 41 percent energy savings; the 10 new stores in Central America will save an estimated 54-59 percent in electricity; 24 new stores in China and 16 store remodels will average 42 energy savings; the 37 new stores in Mexico will average about 45 percent energy savings; the 10 new stores in the UK will achieve 45-51 percent energy savings; the 30 new stores in the U.S. will average about 15 percent energy savings.

The switch to LED ceiling lighting in the U.S. is projected to produce energy savings of 340,000 kilowatt hours per store for savings of more than $34,000 per year in each store (calculated at 10.13 cents per kWh). Walmart expects to pass on the savings to customers through low prices. The total energy savings projected over the next ten years is estimated to be equal to eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions of about 68,000 passenger vehicles or the energy consumption of almost 30,000 American homes for one year.

“We’ve had a long and successful relationship with Walmart, increasing our environmental efforts together,” said Jeff Immelt, GE Chairman and CEO. “A leader in seeking energy efficiency in the retail industry, Walmart’s energy-conscious focus allows the company to attain substantial cost savings in electricity. We value our longstanding relationship with Walmart and are proud to work with them in reducing their environmental impact."

Walmart decided to install GE LED lighting after a successful pilot program with an all-LED lit supercenter in South Euclid, Ohio that was launched in October 2013. The stores will employ a variety of GE LED technologies. Wallmart will prominently use GE's Lumination™ IS Series Luminaires for ceiling lighting. Walmart and GE have a history of collaboration including Walmart's adoption of GE LED lighting for its signs in 2003, freezer case installations of GE LEDs in 2005, LED lighting installed at store parking lots in the U.S.and abroad.

Meizhou Dongpo’s First U.S. Restaurant Gets Custom LED Lighting Solution from LED Source
SSL Design News Staff

April 8, 2014...Meizhou Dongpo opened their first restaurant in the United States using LED lighting from LED Source with a color concept for lighting interior and exterior walls. Rob Thompson, a partner at LED source provided the colorful lighting which accented the flavorful food of the restaurant. The ceilings and walls were turned into expressive canvases of color in the new Century City restuarant.

“They were looking for somebody in the States; it was their first location and they wanted to do something quite different, it being their flagship store,” Thompson said.

After seeing photos of another LED Source project in Miami, Florida of Meizhou Dongpo officials called Rob Thompson in March 2013, nine months before the restaurant opened in the Westfield Shopping Mall.

They had an idea of what they wanted. They had something similar in China,” Thompson said, adding they sent him plans and he contacted the architect.

Meizhou Dongpo wanted to brighten both interior and exterior walls and planned to employ 475 lit vases set in glass-lined cubby holes along interior walls. The officials expected to be able to control the colors for each cubby. Thompson said it was just a matter of figuring out which LED Source lighting products would work best.

“I’ve got a team of pros who’ve seen a lot of different scenarios,” he said. “It really came down to experience.”

Gavin Cooper, a lighting designer who co-founded LED Source in 2005 with lighting industry veteran Marcel Fairbairn and LED Source’s Applications Engineer Lee Braddock, helped design and build the lighting system. LED Source’s “Red, Green, Blue” lighting system sets Meizhou Dongpo apart from other establishments and reduces energy and operating costs while offering a comfortable atmosphere.

Philips's OneSpace Luminous Ceiling Brings to Life Issac Asimov Prediction of 50 Years Ago
SSL Design News Staff

April 8, 2014...In 1964, Science Fiction writer Issac Asimov looked to the future and made some predictions. In his 1964 New York Times article looking ahead at technology possibilities, he wrote that “By 2014, electroluminescent panels will be in common use, and ceilings and walls will glow softly..."

Philips unveiled just such a luminous panel that can fill an entire ceiling with homogeneous white light. The panel, known as the OneSpace luminous ceiling was displayed at Light + Building in Frankfurt. The Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling integrates LED lights with fabric to form a white light ceiling surface that hides the light's source completely for a smooth and ceiling that produces uniform light.

“This innovation will redefine how light can be used in architecture and design. Light is now an architectural component – it is no longer an add-on in a space, ’’ said Antoon Martens from Philips Lighting. ‘’The ceiling is not often seen as a design element – now, it is transformed by this minimalistic ultra-thin panel of light into a design statement.’’

The panel plays the dual role of ceiling and light. It employs LEDs placed in a mesh-like arrangement combined with textile to create a sound absorbing panel that gives off white light. The OneSpace panel reportedly meets all building and safety requirements.

Architects who took part in the validation workshops of Philips’ OneSpace luminous ceiling described the ceiling's effect as “peaceful", “serene”, and “sky-like”. The ceiling emits white light similar to natural daylight. It can be dimmed or used as safety lighting and also can be connected to building management systems for control from a centralized location. Philips’ OneSpace luminous ceiling is available in customized sizes up to 10 x 3 meters. It is especially suited for flagship retail stores, car showrooms, and public spaces like airports, hotels and conference facilities to create a striking and calm space.

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