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Commentary: We’ve Just Scratched the Surface – Adoption, Science, Integrated controls
... The US Department of Energy recently held its annual Market Development Workshop in Detroit, Michigan, with a few key takeaways for anyone in attendance. We’ve just scratched the surface on adoption – When you’re immersed in the industry, it’s easy to understand the compelling case for LED lighting versus...

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Lighting Science Group Completes Initial LED Streetlight Installation in Brazil
SSL Design News Staff

December 16, 2014...R20 Regions for Climate Action, Lighting Science Group, and Pegasus Capital Advisors reported that they have installed an initial set of 52 LED streetlights in Nova Friburgo, Brazil. The well-attended ceremony illuminated the city’s central square. The group along with their other local partners hope to implement large-scale street lighting projects across Brazil by minimizing the upfront cost of installing new LED streetlights. The streetlights are expected to save over 50% compared to previous energy usage.

Politicians and business leaders and hundreds of citizens turned out for the event to see the 52 fixtures illuminated for the first time. Now a permanent element of the Nova Friburgo street lighting system, the “mini” is a welcomed addition to the collection of traditional street lights spread around the city.

The streetlights employ Lighting Science’s LED technology and minimalist design The mini lasts over 10 times longer than traditional lighting, reduces the maintenance costs associated with street lighting, and avoids the waste associated with fixture component replacement. Light Science boasts that the mini uses 75% less material and is 50% more energy efficient than traditional lighting solutions.

The group is building relationships with local financing partners and leveraging Pegasus’ experience in structuring complex transactions, to establish a first-of-its-kind financial structure that makes LED adoption as seamless as possible.

“Efficient energy usage is a key tool that we will need to employ in the fight against climate change – by helping developing economies become more energy efficient while saving them money we can drastically reduce the environmental impact associated with economic development,” said Terry Tamminen, the R20’s chief strategic adviser and former director of the California Environmental Protection Agency.

“Our focus on sustainable development using unique technology and the fantastic partnerships we have built drive the success of this project. By integrating multiple groups, each with a valuable skill set, has proven a great way to create fundamental value, especially in developing economies where local knowledge is a highly critical driver of success,” said Craig Cogut, founder and chairman of Pegasus Capital Advisors.

“The transformation of light to a digital technology enables us to completely change the way we think about designing lighting fixtures,” said Fred Maxik, CTO of Lighting Science. He continued, “No longer are we confined to the traditional cobra head design for street lighting. This revolutionary change enables us to integrate additional functionality and build greater efficacy into lighting solutions.”

Lighting Science Group’s Technology to Help NASA Astronauts on International Space Station
SSL Design News Staff

December 16, 2014...Lighting Science Group reported that their GOOD NIGHT™ and AWAKE AND ALERT™ lamps were recently featured in Consumer Reports magazine. The article explains some of the science of the lamps and points to their link to NASA and the International Space Station astronauts. Lighting Science worked in conjunction with NASA to design the LED lighting system that is scheduled for installation in the International Space Station in 2016. Good Night™ and Awake and Alert™ LED Lamps are derivatives of this system.

A key focus of the development effort was on the importance of how blue light affects human circadian rhythm.

“We were thrilled to see the article, ’Sleep Like an Astronaut’, in Consumer Reports which emphasized our advanced bio-spectrum Good Night™ and Awake and Alert™ LED lights,” said Robert Soler, Director of Lighting Research. “This suggests that our consumer is becoming increasingly aware and knowledgeable about the impact light has on our human physiology. The effect that these two LED products can have on the body’s natural melatonin production and circadian rhythm can impact sleep and overall wellness.”

Ed Bednarcik, Lighting Science’s CEO, agrees. “Our ongoing investment into innovative biological LED technology is a key component of our success in this area."

Bednarcik continued, "We are excited that our groundbreaking design and technology are being recognized by consumers, enabling them to change the way they feel in their everyday lives.”

Costa Cruises' Fleet of Ships Gets LED Lighting from Philips
SSL Design News Staff

December 16, 2014...Royal Philips is supplying new LED lighting to upgrade the lighting of the fleet of Costa Cruises ships. Costa Cruises is replacing more than 300,000 light fittings across 10 ships with the Master LED and CorePro LEDTube solutions from Philips. The lighting project promises energy savings of up to 80 percent in addition to a large reduction in fuel consumption.

"We are proud to have incorporated Philips' experience and solutions into such a technologically advanced project," said Roberto Brambilla, professional commercial director, Philips Lighting IIG. "Philips has always been committed to improving people's lives through considerable and valuable innovations. This project furthers the LED revolution with technology that requires less energy and has a far smaller environmental impact than traditional lighting solutions."

In addition to greatly reducing energy consumption, Philips points out that the LEDs emit excellent quality white light that resembles natural sunlight, with fittings that stay at room temperature. Philips contends that the newly installed lighting solutions provide a brighter environment and create a more welcoming and relaxing atmosphere than the previous halogen bulbs.

Stefania Lallai, Costa Cruises sustainability and PR director, stated, "This initiative between two companies engaged in issues regarding the preservation and protection of the environment represents another step forward by Costa Cruises in the field of sustainability and is part of the projects undertaken to attenuate the impact generated and to reduce energy consumption on board."

Philips is working with the Travel Foundation and climate groups to implement green technologies within the travel industry.

West Palm Beach VA Medical Center Saving Energy with LaMar's VO-LED Luminaires
SSL Design News Staff

December 11, 2014...All U.S. Federal facilities are tasked with reducing energy intensity by 3% annually or by 30% in total by 2015 with 2003 as a baseline. West Palm Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center of West Palm Beach installed the VO-LED Series of luminaires from LaMar Lighting as part of renovation to reduce energy consumption. The medical center also wanted to reduce maintenance and improve illumination. The VAMC offers primary and secondary level healthcare to eligible veterans in a seven-county area along Florida's Treasure Coast.

The VO-LED Series fixtures are members of LaMar’s occu-smart® family of motion-controlled bi-level lighting. LaMar Lighting says that the fixtures can provide a safe and well-lit environment while potentially saving up to 88% of energy costs. The West Palm Beach VAMC has been doing a number of projects to reduce energy consumption and costs, and the lighting retrofit is the latest in a series of improvements.

Originally the 1-32W fixtures in staircases were on at full 38W output all year round to provide emergency egress, even though staircases typically have low occupancy patterns. Now, during unoccupied times, the VO-LED luminaires offer multiple low-light levels and time delay options, which can be adjusted by the installer.

The project replaced the existing fixtures with the VO-LED units on five floors. The medical center set the VO-LED occu-smart luminaires to standby light levels of 8W output when staircases were unoccupied. Then, occu-smart’s ultra-sonic motion sensor switches on to full illumination output of 24W whenever someone enters the space.

“The legacy fixtures sent the light primarily downward while the VO-LED units have a nearly 180-degree distribution for a more uniform illumination, which is also brighter than it was previously,” said Andres Dieppa, principal, Genesis Lighting, who assisted contractor Gulf Building, Ft. Lauderdale, with finding the best solution for the VAMC’s lighting needs.

The VO-LED fixtures are rated for more than 50,000 hours. Therefore, in addition to reducing energy costs, they requiring little maintenance. At the VAMC, a total of 270 48-inch-long units in the standard 4,000K color option were wall- and ceiling-mounted on every staircase landing. The medical center installed the VO-LED units over about two weeks. LaMar Lighting’s staff supplied detailed instructions to the installer about how and where to install each fixture.

“LaMar’s occu-smart product is truly a perfect solution for stairwells,” said Dieppa. “It provided the right amount of light, allowed cost-savings due to the occu-smart feature, reduced maintenance needs, offered a five-year part-replacement warranty, and had the right price to make the ROI work.”

Red Streetlights Tried in Australia to Protect Nesting Turtles
SSL Design News Staff

December 11, 2014...Red Streetlights that are touted as being turtle friendly are being tried at the new Rifle Range and Windermere Rds roundabout in Queensland, Australia. Uniquely the LED street lights emit at 610 nanometers. The lights, which reportedly meet Australian Standards for street lighting, are being studied to evaluate their effectiveness for wider use in the coastal district, according to an article from News Mail of Australia.

While a number of areas in Queensland that attract nesting turtles use this lighting, some area residents have found that the red color of the lighting reduces visibility. The LED lighting uses about a third of the power of the previously used low pressure sodium lights. However, some area residents have complained that some drivers may have trouble seeing the contrast between the brown road and the surrounding area.

Greg Barnes, a divisional representative, said the lack of consultation with the community and elected members regarding the trial was concerning. Barnes indicated that more should have been more done to warn people of the new red lighting that most have never encountered before.

NTL Lemnis's Pharox LED Striplights Illuminate 'Sunstar' in Cape Town
SSL Design News Staff

December 4, 2014...An artwork on top of Cape Town famous Signal Hill symbolizes the transition from past to future. NTL Lemnis Africa, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTL Lemnis BV, helped illuminate the artwork that will act as a beacon for all to see. Cape Town based artist Christopher(Chris) Swift designed the artwork called the “Sunstar” that forms part of a project themed “the PharoX”. It is a five-story-high tetrahedron star shape.

The Sunstar incorporates old fencing reclaimed from the Robben Island prison. The artist employed NTL Lemnis’s Pharox LED strip and approximately 22,600 individual light sources to form of an “X” shape viewed from different angles. At night,Cap Towns citizens, visitors, and incoming aircraft can clearly see the Illuminated structure from as far as 25km’s away.

The structure consumes little energy, and the weatherproof Pharox LED strip lights use a completely off-grid PV generation platform that Eldo Energy engineered and provided allows nightly operation without consuming any grid supplied electricity, and with minimal impact on the surreal surrounding of Signal Hill.

Francois van Tonder, CEO of NTL Lemnis Africa, said, “We have been a part of the sustainable social investment initiatives across Africa and we are happy to partner the “Sunstar” project in Cape Town. The project showcases our commitment to provide the most environmentally friendly lighting source and how it has the capability to transform lighting options seamlessly.”

UK Appliance Maker GDHA and Trumeter Develop LED Lighting for Ovens
LIGHTimes News Staff

December 2, 2014...At IFA Berlin, a tradeshow for consumer electronics and home appliances, the privately owned UK manufacturer of cooking and refrigeration brands GDHA, unveiled a prototype LED lighting product for ovens. GDHA worked with UK-based LED lighting product maker Trumeter to develop the prototype which incorporates Trumeter's trulite technology.LED lighting at the front of the oven replaced the conventional rear-placed lighting. The front-placed LED lighting reportedly allows food to be observed more while it is cooked, without needing to open the oven door and lose heat.

GDHA contends that the prototype LED oven lighting offers reduced energy costs along with a cleaner and crisper light. GDHA’s Managing Director, Jonathan Casley, commented, "The reaction from our customers to the new LED lighting has been very positive."

"We’re still in the development phase of this project with Trumeter and with their support and focus, we’re looking forward to getting this new technology to market as soon as possible," Casley added.

Alf Jones, Trumeter group sales and marketing director, commented, "Having employed the skills and experience Trumeter has gained working in other industries, notably the automotive sector, we’ve created a revolutionary LED lighting product."

Foshan City of China Saves Energy with Rongwen's Smart Networked LED Street Lights
SSL Design News Staff

December 2, 2014...The Utilities Department of Nanhai District, Foshan City contracted Guangdong Rongwen Energy Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd to reduce energy use and streetlighting costs. Guangdong Rongwen Energy Science and Technology group (Rongwen) is a leading ESCO company in China and LED street lighting provider. Rongwen, which is managing 180,000 smart LED street lights, is retrofitting 14,051 units of LED streetlights in Foshan City, a prefecture-level city in the People’s Republic of China’s central Guangdong province. The city's jurisdiction covers 3,840 km2 (1,480 sq mi) and has a population of 7.1 million, with 3.6 million inside the city limits.

The Utilities Department of Nanhai District tasked Rongwen with creating the best solution for the city’s energy saving program, and supplying LED streetlights, as well as installing, monitoring, and verifying the system. The utilities department wanted a minimum of 66 percent energy savings with only a 2% failure rate and with the average illumination above the national standard during the 10 years EMC contract year.

The project called for the power line based streetlight network to be shared by devices such as traffic lights and electric signs, risking signal interference to the iLon Smart server. The company had to replace High wattage HPS streetlights with lower wattage “DL” LED streetlights using a LonWorks control and management system. The proposed system could save up to 70 percent of the energy consumed compared to the existing system.

Rongwen was responsible for the management and maintenance of the streetlights, poles, cables, cabinets and IOT smart control system. The system included products provided by Rongwen, Streetlight Vision and ECHELON. Prior to installation, Rongwen had to investigate potential power line interference, collect previous power consumption data, investigate 3G coverage, design a cost-effective and energy-efficient LED streetlight network

Rongwen deployed RW series COB LED streetlights (180W/150W/120W/90W/65W) to replace the HPS (1000W/400W/250W) and add a control system. The streetlights from Rongwen integrate Bridgelux’s COB chips and offer at least 130 lm/w efficacy with a 3000K color temperature and RA above 70. The streetlights have a patented fixture design constructed with die-cast aluminum for ideal heat dissipation of the LED chips. Each LED streetlight has an integrated intelligent control module that can enable the city to manage and maintain the street lights by sending data to the iLon Smart server.

StreetVision supplied the Customer Management System (CMS) That Rongwen uses. The CMS supports different dimming scenarios, which the city government requires. Rongwen also uses this CMS to support “smart city” applications and other sensory systems that the government needs such as cameras and light sensors.

Yiqiang Lee, CEO of Rongwen, was looking for a solution that was reliable, efficient, and environmental-friendly. “The key reason for us to continue using LonWorks control technology in our projects is it guarantees the best performance, which is very important for EMC projects,” Lee said. “By integrating CMS into the project, it can significantly reduce electricity consumption at least by 30 percent and lower maintenance cost by at least 40 percent. That’s a total of at least a 70 percent savings in energy when we combine COB LED streetlights, LonWorks, and CMS technologies.”

So far the street lights and the monitoring and sensor system have reduced energy consumption by 66 % to 75% and saved 13.50 million Kwh per year. Additionally, the system has reduced maintenance costs by 30% and lowered installation costs by 20%.

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