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Commentary: The Light We Do, and Don't, Want
... In a mostly annual trek into parts mostly unknown (to us, anyway) to see what is going on with lighting in the real world, we were struck two things. 1) There still isn't all that much of the light we want, and 2) There is still a lot of...

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Texas Hospital Achieves First LEED Platinum Certification in the World with Help of Acuity Brands LED Lighting and Controls
SSL Design News Staff

August 21, 2014...Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas chose integrated LED luminaires and controls `Acuity Brands, Inc.. Acuity Brands' healthcare solutions portfolio helped the hospital achieve its goal of becoming LEED Platinum® certified for healthcare building construction and design. The new lighting system fulfills the needs of the hospital's facilities including automatic illumination in hallways and patient rooms and multiple dimming options for nighttime lighting when emergency buttons are activated.

"The hospital set a goal to achieve LEED-Platinum certification for Healthcare, as part of its push for the organization to be environmentally-friendly and to be good stewards of sustainability," said Brian Horras, Project Manager at Beck, the specifying engineering firm that supported the project. "Because this is a new facility, and the client wanted the latest and most effective technology, they advocated for state of the art LED luminaires. Another bonus is from a maintenance cost standpoint; you don't have to replace lamps as often with the LEDs."

VT Series LED luminaires from Lithonia Lighting® light the common areas and hallways of the new 72-bed, 85,000 square-foot patient tower and hospital, which was an addition to the existing hospital campus. The hospital chose the VT Series LED luminaires because they are cost-efficient and energy-saving LED luminaires that can be paired seamlessly with Acuity Controls' nLight® control devices. In addition to offering a range of dimming options, the lighting controls can also track energy savings.

"We chose the Acuity Brands lighting and control system based on its performance specifications and capabilities," said Horras. "These specific LED luminaires and controls even proved to be less expensive than a comparable high-performance fluorescent system."

In patient bathrooms, the hospital installed the LED Step Light from Winona® as a night-light. It features amber lighting technology to help avoid disturbing patient sleep cycles.

Boston University's Track and Tennis Center Gets GE LED High Bay Lighting
SSL Design News Staff

August 20, 2014...Boston University's Track and Tennis Center upgraded to LED high bay lighting, which is estimated reduce the center's overall energy use by 40 percent. The Track and Tennis Center is home to a variety of events and athletic practices, commencement ceremonies, and more. The Center required a lighting solution that was as flexible as the facility itself. The 127 metal halide fixtures that were installed when the center was constructed had become outdated and required increased maintenance. Boston University wanted a lighting upgrade for its Track and Tennis Center that would increase the light levels and reduce energy consumption as part of its ongoing energy-efficiency initiatives. The University's Building Automation Services team knew they needed an LED high bay lighting solution.

"We really did our homework and rigorously tested several lighting solutions before ultimately deciding on GE's Albeo™ LED high bay lighting fixtures," said Elijah Ercolino, the BU director of building automation services. "The benefits extended beyond the energy efficiency of the fixture—we were also fans of the modern aesthetic and exceptional durability for the application."

GE's Albeo ABHX Series LED high bay lighting fixtures have a rated lifetime of 100,000 hours. GE says that the LED luminaires provide greater foot-candle performance, increasing light levels while reducing energy consumption and maintenance burdens of the facility. Additionally, the Track and Tennis Center employs an integrated, smart lighting system with wireless controls thanks to the dimming and precise control that the Albeo lighting fixtures provide. Each of the seven unique zones of the facility has its own controls where light levels and on/off timing preferences can be controlled independently of one another, creating an infinitely flexible lighting solution that greatly reduces energy usage.

The university expects to save about 770,000 kilowatt-hours annually. This represents a 40 percent reduction in the center's overall energy use. GE points out that the fixtures also cut down on maintenance costs. On top of these financial savings, the Albeo lighting fixtures have eliminated the noise created by the previous metal halide fixtures.

DRSA Wins Contracts to Refit Yauchts with LED lighting
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 19, 2014...DRSA, a supplier of marine LED lighting, recently secured more than 12 major contracts to refit yachts ranging between 100’ and 175’ with LED lighting. According to DRSA, refitting yachts with LED lighting that have dimming capabilities is now in high demand because the technology for LED lighting has finally made its way to the yacht industry.

“We have dramatically increased our focus on designing, creating and sourcing LED light products over the past year as we have seen significants benefits in the marine industry,” said DRSA president Cathy Smith. “LED lights are smaller in size, brighter in appearance and lower in heat emissions. Also, we have now been able to identify solutions to properly dim LED lights on board, so anyone with a yacht going thru a refit - or a used build - is well advised to look at these alternatives,” Smith added. For more than 25 years, DRSA has designed, developed, manufactured, and imported luminaires, light bulbs and LEDs to illuminate entire vessels from bow to stern.

DRSA will be showcasing its products at the International Boatbuilders Exhibition and conference (IBEX) 2014, September 30-October 2 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.

Over 1000 Elation LED luminaires Light Up Bikini Berlin Concept Mall
SSL Design News Staff

August 14, 2014...Bikini Berlin (not a swimwear company) is a culturally protected Grade II listed building in the German capital. The company's recent revitalization included the installation of over 1000 Elation Professional LED luminaires. Bikini Berlin is a unique concept shopping mall located next to the Berlin Zoo that has stores cinema, hotel, and offices. The mall that targets style-conscious consumers opened in late 2013 after a 3-year renovation.

The centerpiece of the complex is the historical 200-meter long Bikinihaus, an open colonnade that is an architectural symbol of Berlin’s west cityscape. The building known as Bikinihaus due to its two-tier architecture that reminded some architects of the two-piece swim garment. The building’s lower three floors contain a variety of retail stores and restaurants unique to Germany with no international chain stores. An integral part of the space contains modular wooden specialty shops known as Bikini Berlin boxes.

B+M Elektrobau GmbH of Berlin provided complete electrical planning and implementation for the space, including lighting for the long, open Bikinihaus hall. B + M employed 1000 Elation Opti Tri White and 50 Opti Tri RGB LED luminaires.

“There was only one requirement really, and that was for all the lighting fixtures to be reliable LED lamps,” states Maik Simmchen, project manager at B+M Elektrobau. “The Elation Opti Tri lights fulfilled that and much more.”

Elation's Opti Tri White is a high-CRI, high-output LED luminaire that blends 18x 9W cool white, warm white and amber LEDs create a uniform projection of flat white light. The track-mounted rows of fixtures beneath the Bikinihaus ceiling, illuminate the commercial, retail, and walking areas below including the staircase up to the second level.

The fixtures, which complement and match the natural light that floods in from the steel building's abundant windows, draw a total power of only 160 watts per unit. The LEDs in the fixtures have an estimated life of over 50,000 hours. A standard 20° lens with an adjustable rigging yoke and swivel head can precisely cover the space with easy lighting adjustments if needed. An optional barn door can be added to the fixture for even more accurate illumination.

On the ground floor, color-changing Opti Tri RGB LED luminaires were installed to add a touch of dynamic color for the holiday shopping seasons or special events. P-65 rated Elation ELAR 180 Par WW luminaires operate from a sixth-floor position. Their warm white light projects down onto the second-floor outer deck. More ELAR 180 Par WW fixtures light up the forecourt of the Zoo Palast, Bikini Berlin’s historic cinema, with additional fixtures used at the 24-hour Hotel.

Five Elation Art SSC lighting controllers with expansion module ART IO units control the entire system. The low-maintenance 1024-channel Art SSC control solution uses minimal power because all operating and programming is done through a web interface.

CrossCountry Trains Chooses Novah’s LED Lamps
SSL Design News Staff

August 12, 2014...CrossCountry Trains has selected a variety of Novah’s LED lamps to illuminate many of its offices and crewing operations in the UK. Over the past few years, CrossCountry Trains installed the Novah products, which include various flood lights and lamps, to help the company save money on energy and maintenance.

The CrossCountry rail network is reportedly the most extensive passenger rail company in Britain. The rail network stretches from Aberdeen to Penzance, and from Stansted to Cardiff and includes over 100 stations. CrossCountry used Novah's LED lighting products for office lighting upgrades and to replace or retrofit existing lamp fittings. The company used the Novah products in key locations including Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, and Birmingham.

Andrew Porter, property manager at CrossCountry Trains said, "The Novah product range is superior to other units we have tried -- we still have original Novah LED lamps that were installed over three years ago in daily use. By supporting the development of best practice and using innovative lighting solutions where we can, such as Novah's LED lights, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our operations."

Vision Accendo helps Illuminate St. Mary's Stadium
SSL Design News Staff

August 12, 2014...Vision Accendo supplied LED floodlighting that was installed at St Mary’s stadium ahead of the 2014/15 soccer (football) season of the South Hampton Football club. The new lighting system will be meet the higher light output levels that the Premier League requires. St Mary's will be among the first stadiums in Europe with LED floodlighting. Vision Accendo says that the new system will provide a higher quality of broadcast lighting and significantly reduce the amount of energy used when compared to conventional metal halide floodlights.

The new LED floodlight system is expected to vastly reduce flicker during slow-motion broadcast replays. Premier League regulations require that clubs' floodlights have a flicker rate no higher than 6%.

Testing on the new system recorded a flicker rate of just 0.2%. The system uses considerably less energy than the club’s previous halide lighting. Vision Accendo says the installation of the system is now underway and will be completed well in advance of the 2014/15 season, which begins in mid-August.

Mark Humby, Stadium Facilities Manager at Southampton Football Club, said, "Our first issue was to make sure the stadium roof structure could take the added weight of the new floodlight system required to produce the correct lighting levels. During this process I have been introduced to the technical term 'flicker' which only causes an issue during slow motion and super-slow motion footage. By using a top quality LED product we have all but removed this issue which can be seen on the majority of sporting footage that's produced under floodlit conditions.

"We can now look forward to installing a superior innovative lighting solution that will enhance the viewing experience of both the fan in the stadium and the armchair supporter."

Ian Williams, Chief Technical Officer at Vision Accendo, added, "The supporters of Southampton Football Club will see the new installed floodlighting positioned 360 degrees around the stadium, while television broadcasters and viewers will also see the benefits of our installation at St Mary's in the coming season."

Minneapolis Institute of Arts Gets LED Lighting Makeover

August 7, 2014...A two-year project at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts replaced about 8,300 light bulbs in its galleries with LED lighting for a cost of around $388,000. The walls needed to be painted because of the light's different color. The lights combined with the grey wall make the artwork standout and bring out the purple, blue, and green colors, according to an article in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

Aproximately $240,000 of the project's funding came from rebates and grants through the National Endowment for the Arts and Xcel Energy Inc. of Minneapolis. A study by Xcel Energy predicts that the LED lighting could save the museum about $149,000 per year. With additional savings of 2000 hours of work time devoted to bulb replacement over five years. Besides the savings, the bulbs emit no ultraviolet rays that could damage the artwork.

Chauvet Professional Helps Illuminate Cokesbury United Methodist Church
SSL Design News Staff

August 7, 2014...Cokesbury United Methodist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, is mega church with three distinct campuses that draws over 3,500 worshippers every week. The church offers a blend of contemporary and traditional services. Two days a week, Cokesbury has broadcasting capabilities for live streaming of services with outstanding audio systems throughout all three campuses. Most recently, the church now features a new LED lighting system, that Ken (“KP”) Patterson of a Tennessee lighting company, designed.

The lighting system employs a variety of LED fixtures from Chauvet Professional and Chauvet DJ, giving Cokesbury Church the flexibility to go from dramatic visual effects to soft accents for the varied mix of contemporary and traditional services held at (and broadcast from) its three campuses. The LED lighting also helps the church get the energy and cost savings benefits.

“We used primarily existing locations from the old lighting rig to hang the new fixtures,” said Patterson. “The positions already had power and were located so as to give good angles and also good front light for the cameras. The church does quite a bit of live stream broadcasting, so this was an important factor. We control the lighting in Epworth via an ETC Ion console with 4 DMX universes and Ethernet distribution. The other two rooms have Strand 250 ML consoles utilizing two DMX universes. The Data Stream 4s are used for DMX distribution all over each building.”

“The church has three very distinctively different areas for services, and the church leaders want all of them to have modern lighting technology to complement their extremely high powered audio system and sophisticated television production capabilities,” said Patterson. “My goal was to give the church a lot of bang for its investment in lighting by providing it with a versatile LED lighting design. I elected to go with Chauvet fixtures, because I’ve had good experiences with the company and its products.”

Patterson chose to use 70-watt moving yokes, 26 COLORado 2-Quad Zoom Tour wash fixtures, 12 Q-Spot 460-LED , and 12 SlimPAR Pro RGBA washes as well as 8 COLORdash Accent RGBW LED effects from Chauvet Professional, 6 Data Stream 4 optical splitters, 2 Intimidator Spot LED 250 moving fixtures from Chauvet DJ, and dozens of Chauvet DATA cables and Chauvet’s great CLP-15 clamps throughout.

Patterson points out that the Chauvet fixtures have features that make them well suited for broadcasting including having high color rendering, smooth dimming and being quiet and flicker free.

Patterson especially liked the COLORado 2-Quad Zoom Tour, a powerful RGBW 10-watt LED unit with a zoom range of 6°-31° and five dimming curves. “This fixture has a good zoom range, and the latest version with single four-color chips is even brighter than before and there are no color shadows. The dimming seems to be smoother with every new fixture. Smooth dimming is absolutely a necessity for me in choosing a fixture with this much impact on the overall lighting.”

Patterson installed the COLORdash Accents all over the three Cokesbury campuses. “We have distributed DMX downstage right and left, as well as upstage right and left,” Patterson said. “The church changes its sets weekly, and they use the Accents very nicely to ‘color things’ close up."

“There’s an excellent tech team at Cokesbury and they love working with the lighting equipment,” continued Patterson. “This team consists of a main lighting tech and three part-time staff, all of whom know their technology. They know how to utilize every facet of the lighting system, but at the same time they’ve also reduced some operations to simple button stations so that a Mom leading a Bible study can still have good light.”

The new LED system is has a low power draw. “I converted lots of existing 20 amp dimmer circuits to non-dim and changed the connectors from stage pin to Edison NEMA 5-15 female, to end up with 10 times more power than I could possibly use,” said Patterson. “Power was never a factor. When you have a large incandescent system in place already, you have plenty of copper everywhere. The power draw requirements of the LED system are much, much lower.”

“Everyone loves the lights,” said Patterson. “I’m happy with the way the equipment has performed, and the church is happy to have a lighting system in place that meets the high standards they established with their audio system and broadcast capabilities.”

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