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LED Lighting Applications News
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Commentary: What We Can and What We Still Cannot Do with LEDs
... In recent years, the LED makers have raised the bar on performance of their LED chips and modules. One of the biggest changes has been in lumens per dollar. In both the high-power and mid-power LED chips and modules. Cree, Osram, and Philips have been at the forefront of...

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Osram Presents First OLED Application for Car Interiors
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 16, 2014...Osram has launched an OLED-based reading lamp for car interiors, reportedly the first OLED product ever for car interiors. The OLED Reading Light from Osram with matt aluminum housing provides a warm and uniform light. "With the launch of the Osram OLED Reading Light in the fall we are once again providing evidence of our technological leadership and powers of innovation in the automotive lighting sector," said Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO of the Osram Specialty Lighting Business Unit.

Osram notes that an OLED’s homogeneous light neither casts shadows nor dazzles (blinds a person temporarily), making OLED technology ideal for applications requiring eye focus for a long time. The OLED’s color temperature of 3300 kelvin is very warm, and it has continuously variable brightness. According to Osram, the OLED Reading Light has been optimized for use in a car and can be recharged via a USB cable. An indicator at the USB port shows the status of the battery charge. A clip allows it to be easily attached to the sun visor for example.

The OLED reading light comes with a five-year guarantee and will be available from fall 2014 in a limited edition at www.shopyourlight.com, among other places.

Hilton Minneapolis Saves Energy with Lunera Lighting
SSL Design News Staff

September 9, 2014...Lunera® Lighting, Inc., released a hotel case study which demonstrated the positive impact of the company's Helen Lamp in the hospitality industry. Lunera says its Helen Lamp, which produces beautiful, quality light, saves 50-70 percent on energy, while reducing lamp maintenance cycles five-fold.

The Hilton Minneapolis wanted an easy-to-install lighting solution that would raise guest experience, lower energy usage, and reduce maintenance costs. While a custom-made guest corridor fixture was previously designed for use with a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL). However, the quality of light was not as beautiful as the Hilton Minneapolis had hoped. Lunera says that its Helen Lamp was ideal for the lighting application.

"Every day, we challenge ourselves to push the envelope of guest experience. The clean, bright, quality light from the Helen Lamp met that challenge and has been a big hit with our guests and employees," Dennis P. Cavner lead engineer, Hilton Minneapolis.

The Helen Lamp also replaced CFLs in the property's 850 guest room entry foyers. In total, the Helen Lamp replaced 2,350 CFLs, which immediately lowering the hotel's lighting energy bills by more than 50 percent. A long 50,000-hour lamp life is five times that of a CFL.

The Helen Lamp replaces 2- and 4-pin CFLs. Each Helen Lamp consumes 13 watts and provides 900 lumens at 2700K to 4000K and 84 CRI. The lamp employs the company's BallastLED technology, which allows use with existing fixtures and ballasts.

Replacing the 2,350 32-watt CFLs with the 13-watt Helen Lamps translated to over 16,000 annually in energy cost savings for the hotel.

"The hospitality industry was one of the first markets to aggressively engage the Helen Lamp," said Tom Quinn, Lunera vice president of sales and marketing. "Too often when businesses make a sustainable choice, they give up something in return. In the case of the Helen Lamp, the product far exceeds the performance of the incumbent CFL lighting technology and does so while improving business performance and environmental impact. This is what draws hoteliers to the Helen Lamp."

Dartmouth's Leverone Fieldhouse Gets Intelligent Lighting System from Leading Edge Design Group
SSL Design News Staff

September 9, 2014...Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire is close to completing the installation and implementation of an intelligent LED lighting with an advanced wireless control solution for its Leverone Fieldhouse. The college expects that the lighting and controls will dramatically reduce costs in addition to allowing instant on-and off.

Previously, the fieldhouse employed 1000W metal halide high bay light fixtures running at 100 percent output when the space was occupied. The keypad stations at each entrance allowed occupants to turn lights on, but users of the metal halide light system had to wait for it to reach full power. The system had a connected lighting load of 151.364 kW and cost Dartmouth $68,566.00 to operate last year.

Leading Edge Design Group designed a fully automated, intelligent LED lighting and control system for the field house. Each fixture has an integrated occupancy sensor, and daylight harvesters communicate wirelessly throughout the lighting system network. The system is expected to reduce the annual energy consumption in the Leverone field house by 482,300 kWh and save Dartmouth more than $50,000 per year.

Dartmouth plans to program the system for specified events and will configure the lighting profiles to accommodate the daily activities in the field house. For track and field events, a single button can run a program that brightens light levels on the track surface to match NCAA guidelines, for example.

“The new lighting system is completely automated, which allows lights to come on automatically upon motion to prescribed light levels or to be set to a specific lighting profile to accommodate specific functions, activities etc. And the light system has power monitoring capabilities that verify actual energy usage,”said Jay Boucher, principal at LEDG.“We are pleased to be able to provide Dartmouth with a sustainable solution that is customized to the specific needs of their field house. I applaud their commitment to investing in such cutting edge technology and appreciate their faith in Leading Edge Design Group to provide them with a turnkey solution that best meets their needs.”

Future Lighting Solutions and Tairis Complete City Park LED lighting Project in Brazil
SSL Design News Staff

September 4, 2014...Future Lighting Solutions announced the completion of a project with Tairis., Tairis installed the new solid-state LED lighting fixtures for a new city park located in Vinhedo in São Paulo, Brazil. One of the project's primary goals included demonstrating the many advantages of solid-state lighting technology to the city mayor and other officials. The demonstration was to particularly show LED lighting energy savings and reduced maintenance costs, as well as city beautification.

Philips Lumileds and Future Lighting Solutions played a critical role in the development and proof of concept for the new outdoor fixtures. Tairis handled the manufacturing and installation. Future Lighting Solutions’ exclusive Usable Light Tool (ULT) provided the data needed for the project to determine the most effective and efficient products to be implemented.

The new 12,500-square-meter park in the city of Vinhedo is used as a recreational area for the local population. Tairis installed 39 poles with 4 LIRA 8 models in each one for a total of 156 x 75W fixtures. The fixtures use 1,247 Luxeon M for their lumen/W and lumen/$ ratios. The lighting also employed Philips Xitanium drivers and LEDil's Strada optics.

Tobin Center for the Performing Arts Gets Architectural Veil with Incorporated LEDs
SSL Design News Staff

September 4, 2014...Tobin Center for the Performing Arts opened its doors to the public on Thursday. The opening kicks off a month-long festival of special events, beginning with a performance by the Tobin’s resident companies (symphony, ballet, opera). The festival culminates in an intimate concert by Paul McCartney. The world-class facility has revitalized downtown San Antonio and the River Walk.

LMN Architects in partnership with Marmon Mok designed the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. While retaining the Municipal Auditorium’s treasured historic façade, the Tobin Center adds a new 183,000-square foot facility to its framework of public space including a 1,750-seat Main Performance Hall and a 231-seat flat floor studio theater. The architects added a porous, shimmering metallic veil with integrated LEDs. The veil serves as an environmentally responsive architectural element. It begins low at the River Walk, and rises through irregular sheer planes to form an unmistakable new architectural presence in the San Antonio skyline.

“We drew inspiration for the architectural form and detailing from the Spanish Colonial style of the original 1926 Municipal Auditorium, as well as San Antonio’s rich vernacular of color, pattern, and public celebrations,” said Mark Reddington, lead designer and partner at LMN Architects.

As night falls, the River Walk transforms into a festive, carnival-like atmosphere. The veil's internal, programmable LEDs give it a second life, allowing facility programmers to create custom light displays expressive of the evening’s performance. The LED lit veil provides a vibrant connection between the city’s main cultural venue and the River Walk.

The expansion also created a large, flexible, multi-use performance space with acoustics comparable to the world’s finest concert halls and restored the historic building for future generations.

“We couldn’t be happier with the LMN/Marmon Mok partnership,” said J. Bruce Bugg Jr., Chairman of the Bexar County Performing Arts Center Foundation, which was established to own and operate the new performing arts center. “They gave us a striking, new landmark for San Antonio’s downtown, took full advantage of the River Walk site and provided us with an extraordinary and acoustically excellent performance space.”

The H-E-B Performance Hall is equipped with a fully automated movable floor system that can be changed from raked theater seating to a flat floor, or any number of other seating configurations, in just 15 minutes. The floor is unique in the United States and enables Tobin to host multiple, different types of events on the same day. A giant video screen is incorporated into the veil, allowing venue programmers to simulcast live performances, host outdoor cinema, music, and other curated events.

Robe Lighting Used at Club India in Trinidad
SSL Design News Staff

September 4, 2014...Michael Pereira of Trinidad & Tobago firm Streamline Systems specified Robe and Anolis lighting fixtures for a new installation at Club India Nex 5.0HD in Chaguanas, Trinidad. The lighting from Robe and Anolis was integral to the major refurbishment and technical upgrade to the 800 capacity club, which has enjoyed great success over the last five years. The owner wanted a fresh new look for the club.

Pereira chose 10 x ROBIN LEDBeam 100 moving lights and two Robe Faze 800 FT Pro hazer for atmospherics. Pereira installed 72 x Anolis ArcSource 4MC LED fixtures in the ceiling grid. An additional 16 ArcSource 4MC fixtures downlight a set of dangly glass-bead chandeliers in the club.

The LEDBeam 100s were placed at the front and back of the stage areas. They are used for lighting both club nights and live performances and for their wash, strobing and beam effects. The LEDBeam 100s feature authentic color temperature whites that can effectively provide lighting for performing artists. The grid of 72 x Anolis ArcSource 4MC downlighters is positioned above the lighting rig on the stage. Users can program the downlightes to produce mesmerizing matrix effects. Pereira chose the LEDBeam 100s because of their small size and low weight of less than 9 pounds each. “They really stand out and make a statement in the space,” he stated.

The owner previously employed 575W moving lights. Each of the moving lights had to have its own electrical circuit. The owner could not quite believe it when Pereira said all 10 LEDBeam 100s could run on one circuit … and still have headroom!

“It’s dramatically reduced the heat and electricity used, as well as increased the reliability and comfort for everyone using the stage and dancefloor,” he said.

A house lighting engineer uses a LightJockey system to controls the lights. Robe’s US headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida supplied all of the Robe and Anolis fixtures. Pereira worked closely with Robe’s own club lighting specialist, David Chesal. Pereira has used Robe and Anolis products in his work for about two years, and Robe has quickly become his favorite lighting brand. The club is the Pereira's four installation in which he specified Robe lighting.

“Just opening a Robe box, you can immediately see the excellent build quality and are instantly at ease – without even considering the three year warranty!” he said. He added that selected club owners and operators in the Caribbean are willing to pay more to have the premium kit.

“Like with everything in life, quality products reflect the status of your venue and your commitment to your public and their experience.”

The LEDBeam 100 is one of Pereira’s favourites right now. ”It’s without doubt the smallest, lightest and fastest moving head I’ve ever used! It’s versatile enough to tour with Armin Van Buuren yet still within the budget for Caribbean nightclub installations." He said, "EVERY time they blow the clients away!” , adding that they are also a joy to install because of the neat size and tiny weight.

GE Lighting Specifies LED Lighting Solution for Davao Medical School Foundation
SSL Design News Staff

September 2, 2014...GE Lighting devised an LED solution for Davao Medical School Foundation in The Philippines. GE says that the LED solution offers greater energy efficiency, reduces maintenance downtime, and significantly improves illumination across its facilities. The Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) was founded in 1976 in response to the lack of doctors serving rural communities and lack of specialists in the urban centers of Mindanao.

The lighting project which cost almost US$20,000, entailed the fitting about 2,000 luminaires in the school’s current building as well as a new four-story extension. GE's LED T8 tubes retrofitted existing fluorescent lights and magnetic ballast system in current school classrooms. The school’s new extension which houses Audio Visual lecture rooms and Dental Laboratories features LED Eco downlights. The retrofit work was completed in July last year while the lights at the new building were fully implemented in March this year. The new GE lights have brought the school improved illumination and reduced classroom downtime due to maintenance requirements.

Ditas Alipao, country product manager of GE Lighting, commented, “Our client is a non-profit organization approved by the Commission on Higher Education. All expenditures must therefore be considered carefully and each dollar prudently spent. GE Sales Manager Vincent de Veza held intensive presentations to the school, with demonstrations of the proposed products to boost our client’s understanding and confidence in the full solution. A cost analysis quickly showed the benefits of using GE’s lights which offered higher lumens, enhanced product durability and more cost efficient pricing in the longer term. The GE team continues to liaise closely with the school to provide a high level of support during and post-implementation.”

“Davao Medical School Foundation is an institution that molds and trains students in the medical field of Dentistry and Medical Doctors. It is best that we give our students a well-lit environment that is conducive for their studies,” commented Carlos Salazar, chief of engineering department at Davao Medical School Foundation. “We used to spend nearly US$ 49,000 on electricity bills per annum. Compared to the old fluorescent lights, GE Lighting’s new LED solution at the current school building will give us an estimated energy savings of about US$31,600. This is a significant benefit for a school like ours. The faculty members and students are also enjoying improved illumination across the school facilities and vastly reduced maintenance downtime.”

The installation includes 289 x LED T8 19W tubes and 715 x LED T8 18W at the current school building. Additionally, 898 x LED Eco Downlight 10W and 73 x LED Eco Downlight 15W luminaires were installed at the new Audio Visual Building GE boasts that its LED T8 lights have up to 40,000 hours of rated life and efficiency of up to 97 Lm/W. According to the company this translates to lower retrofit and maintenance costs with an estimated 40% energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent lamps.

GE's LED Eco Downlight delivers up to 85Lm/W with a color rendering index of Ra80+. The company says that the LED Eco Downlight's integrated aluminium reflector shade with die casting aluminium radiator structure enables good heat dissipation. The Eco Downlight has an average lifetime of 25,000 hours.

Digital Lumens Intelligent LED System Greatly Reduces Lighting Energy Use at Ace Hardware Retail Support Center
SSL Design News Staff

August 28, 2014...At its 1,000,000 square foot Retail support center in Rocklin, California, Ace Hardware corporation has upgraded some of its lighting with a Digital Lumens system. Since the installation in October 2013, Ace Hardware has saved an average of 81% on its lighting-related energy use of the upgraded lighting.

“As a member-owned cooperative, every dollar we save using the Digital Lumens system directly benefits our member stores,” said Reid Barney, Facilities & Loss Prevention Manager for Ace Hardware. “And since lighting is our single biggest energy warehousing expense, reducing lighting-related energy usage by an average of 81% since installing the system translates into extraordinary bottom-line savings."

Barney added, "With higher quality light, we’ve more than doubled the foot candle readings within our facility, resulting in enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction – all while saving massive amounts of energy.”

Ace Hardware replaced the facility’s 1,653 fixtures (1,551 T5 fluorescent and 102 metal halides). The replacement reduced the company's power usage per square foot by 39.56%. The company also improved the light quality and illumination levels throughout the facility.

Ace Hardware preceded the installation with an eight-month, in-depth pilot project by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). The research project quantified the effect of installing LED lighting and having increasing levels of control on energy efficiency. PG&E partner TRC Solutions conducted the study that isolated the variables contributing to energy efficiency. The study examined daylight harvesting, occupancy, and dimming both individually and collectively, in a real-world scenario at Ace’s Rocklin facility. TRC documented the extreme energy savings from the highly integrated and controllable lighting systems at the industrial facility.

The PG&E study found that compared to basic LEDs, systems with “aggressive advanced controls,” like the Digital Lumens system, provided 43% more energy savings. The LEDs and energy saving controls reduced the electricity consumption for lighting by 93% compared to the previously installed metal halide fixtures. TRC Solutions chose the Digital Lumens system for its research study because it was the only available system that could both isolate and aggregate all the variables that battery of tests.

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