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Commentary: Still Plenty of LED/Lighting Breakthroughs Left
... For many in the LED industry who have watched, and lived, the steady march of technology for the last decade, it's pretty easy to get jaded about the technology. Not in a bad way, but just a bored kind of one. "Let me guess," they say, "next year we'll...

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Samsung Ends LED Lighting Business, Continues LED Components Business
SSL Design News Staff

October 28, 2014...Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. reported that it will end its LED lighting business outside of South Korea. The company began the LED lighting business just four years ago, but has seen increasing price pressure from rivals in recent years. Pricing pressure across the industry has also lead Philips of the Netherlands, a Samsung rival, to recently spin off its 100-year-old lighting business, and it has lead Osram another LED lighting business rival to lay-off about 8,000 employees.

A Reuters report cited an emailed statement from the company, "We will remain active in the LED industry through our LED component business," adding that Samsung will focus on backlighting for displays of consumer products like televisions.

Phaenomena LED Street Lights with LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors Illuminate Town of Torraca
SSL Design News Staff

October 28, 2014...The medieval streets of Torraca in the Italian province of Salerno are now illuminated with LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors. Since August, the company Phaenomena has been installing new street lighting with LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors. The Phaenomena street lighting combines the traditional design of the original luminaires with a high brightness, high contrast and cost saving. The street lights employ the highly efficient Osram Opto's Oslon Square LEDs and the dimmable control system, Osram Optotronic OT 3DIM.

Each luminaire in Torraca contains 24 Osram Oslon Square LEDs with a CRI (color rendering index) of 70 and a color temperature of 4,000 Kelvin. A dimmable Optotronic control system. and special programming automatically dims the brightness of the lights from 100 to 70 percent after midnight to add considerable cost savings. Also, the control system will reduce light pollution as prescribed by regional directives. The regional directives state that an integrated clock along with the Optotronic control system will enable lighting profiles with varying degrees of brightness for the different seasons to be implemented.

“The decision to use the Oslon Square LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors in the luminaires was based on four key indicators: the high quality and reliability of the Osram LEDs, the excellent support team and the programmability of the electronic control systems,” explains Angelo Arato, CEO of Phaenomena. Thanks to a new conversion technology that permits the production of much thinner converter layers, the Osram Oslon Squares are particularly resistant to high ambient temperatures. Even with temperatures of up to 135° C in the LED, they still boast a lifetime of well over 50,000 hours. “The improved thermal behavior also increases the luminous efficacy in the application. This, in turn, greatly optimizes the value for money of lighting solutions like the one in Torraca,” says Gabriele Giaffreda, who supervised the project at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

Phaenomena additionally installed a thermal system in the lighting solution to limit the operating temperature of the integrated LED luminaires to 85° C throughout the year. Part of the specification for the new LED lighting was that the traditional design of the original street lights be maintained to conserve the medieval look of the town. Phaenomena's answer was to use the original metal constructions of the street lights, changing only their inner workings. So far, as many as 40 new street lights have been installed along the main street. Another 660 are to follow at other locations throughout the town. Torraca was classed as a model town for LED streetlight use after becoming the first European town to replace its old street lighting with LEDs in 2007. The new LED streetlights use the extremely efficient Osram Oslon Square LEDs.

American Energy Care Adds Lumenpulse LED Lighting and Control System to Historic Building
SSL Design News Staff

October 23, 2014...American Energy Care (AEC), an energy efficiency firm, has partnered with Lumenpulse to revitalize the 112-year-old building at 90 State Street building in Albany. AEC employed Lumenpulse Lumentalk technology and luminaires. The luminaires and control system in the lobby, transform the 14,000 square foot space into a multi-functional banquet hall.

Lumentalk is the company's patented technology that enables digital control of LED lighting over AC power lines. The Lumentalk technology allowed AEC to seamlessly upgrade the 90 State Street lobby to digital controls and LED lighting without expensive and intrusive re-wiring, disruptions or remodeling.

AEC replaced the building's original 1000W HID metal halide lamps with 100W Lumentalk-enabled Lumenbeam Grande Color Changing luminaires. The switch to the LumenPulse luminaires and lighting controls cut overall power consumption in the massive space by more than 40,000 watts. The luminaires can now change the color of the room for different events.

“The building needed a solution that would cut both energy and maintenance costs, while dramatically improving the flexibility and “look” of the space, and being able to install Lumentalk achieved that,” said Jamie Thompson, AEC President and CEO. “Because of the historic nature of the space, we faced numerous wiring limitations and structural issues, and this technology made the conversion process simpler and much more cost effective. That modernization, along with other energy and control improvements, made the project a success,” Thompson said.

“Lumentalk is a gateway to modern lighting and control systems, and 90 State Street is a great example of its impact,” said Francois-Xavier Souvay, president and CEO at Lumenpulse. “By converting to LED lighting and digital control, they’ve increased overall efficiency and flexibility, allowing the banquet hall to host a large variety of events. More importantly, it’s given this grand, historic space a whole new lease on life,” he said.

The banquet hall at 90 State Street is owned and operated by catering company Mazzone Hospitality. “AEC delivered a system that exceeded our expectations for this space. It’s lowered the monthly utility bills, and given us the ability to provide a unique look and feel for every presentation and event,” said Matthew Mazzone of Mazzone Hospitality.

Eaton’s Halo® LED Solutions Add Efficient Lighting to the Greenbuild® LivingHome
SSL Design News Staff

October 23, 2014...Power management company Eaton announced that LED downlights from its Cooper Lighting Division are featured in the 2014 Greenbuild® LivingHome show home.The home, which demonstrates the latest technologies and practices, provides a glimpse of the next generation of sustainable building. The Greenbuild LivingHome was on display at the 2014 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in New Orleans.

“In addition to showcasing exceptional sustainability, this home has been designed to provide a comfortable, healthy, safe, resilient and adaptable environment for its occupants,” said Mark Eubanks, president, Eaton’s Cooper Lighting Division. “We’re proud that our ENERGY STAR®-certified LED downlights met both the advanced energy efficiency performance criteria for this net-zero electricity demonstration home and the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) v4 Platinum standards.”

The installed products were reportedly chosen for their commitment to sustainability, innovation and affordability. After the show, the home will be permanently placed on a Make It Right site in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward to become a part of the organization’s ongoing recovery efforts. Make It Right was founded by Brad Pitt in 2007 to build homes, buildings, and communities for people in need.

The Halo RL4 LED Downlights consume just 11 watts. The all-in-one LED module-trims are can be installed in 4-inch aperture housings. The RL4 LED downlights are suitable for new construction, remodel or retrofit installations. The ENERGY STAR-certified downlight models deliver light output that is reportedly equivalent to a traditional 50-watt incandescent light bulb. The RL4 is damp- and wet-location listed for use in showers and protected outdoor ceilings.

The Greenbuild LivingHome was created in collaboration with Hanley Wood, LivingHomes, Make It Right and International Cradle To Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

Revolution Lighting Technologies Close to Completing New Brunswick Public Schools LED Lighting Retrofit
SSL Design News Staff

October 23, 2014...Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. of Stamford, Connecticut USA, reports that it close to completing the retrofit installation of over 40,000 LED tube lights in all ten New Brunswick Public Schools. Upon completion, the district is expected to be the first New Jersey school system to fully convert to LED lighting. The company's Generation 3 LED tube lights will now illuminate all of New Brunswick the public schools.

The LED upgrade is part of a $16 million Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP), led by Johnson Controls, a global multi-industry company. In addition to installing LED lighting, ESIP is expected to reduce the district’s energy and natural gas usage through the district-wide installation of new cogeneration units, updated HVAC systems, and solar panels. The improvements are intended to cut the school district’s energy usage by 41 percent and its natural gas usage by 25 percent. The district was also able to capitalize on a significant energy efficiency rebate from New Jersey’s SmartStart Building Program.

Revolution Lighting’s Generation 3 LED tube light uses only 15 watts of energy to provide 1,700 lumens. The LED tube light is backed by a ten year warranty. The Generation 3 tube lights are designed with an L-70 of 75,000 hours, New Brunswick Public Schools expect ongoing savings due to decreased energy consumption for lighting and decreased maintenance compared to linear fluorescents and other existing inefficient lighting.

“This project will make our schools more energy efficient, eco-friendly and better for our students to learn and grow,” said Richard Kaplan, Superintendent of New Brunswick Public Schools.

New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill stated, “This innovative project will upgrade the school district’s energy systems without any impact to our taxpayers and will reduce our carbon footprint immensely. Our school community embraces change, and I congratulate Superintendent Kaplan and the Board of Education for taking on this remarkable task.”

Robert V. LaPenta, chairman and CEO, Revolution Lighting Technologies said, “Proper illumination is essential for academic settings and our new LED tube lights allow students to work under much higher quality light than provided by previous fluorescent fixtures. The retrofit will also significantly reduce the school district’s energy use, maintenance costs and operating expenses, while helping the district mitigate the rising costs of electricity for years to come. The substantial savings allows administrators to invest in critical academic priorities. This project is a prime example of the financial and environmental benefits our LED lighting solutions are delivering to our customers.”

LaPenta added, “We are seeing increased interest from school systems that want to reduce their operating costs and improve their learning environments through LED lighting upgrades. We currently have a pipeline of fifteen additional schools in New Jersey alone that are considering partnering with Revolution Lighting to undertake LED retrofit projects in 2015, as well as a near-term pipeline of school projects in the Northeast, representing a $10-$15 million opportunity over the next two years. The education market is increasing its LED adoption and we are actively pursuing school district retrofits in other states and regions across the U.S.”

ForceField Energy Contracted to Provide LED Lighting to the Municipality of Uruapan, Mexico; Acquires ESCO Energy Services
SSL Design News Staff

October 21, 2014...Force Field Energy Inc. based in New York, New York USA, announced the signing of an LED lighting agreement with the municipality of Uruapan (“Uruapan”), Mexico. The company expects that the shared savings agreement will generate about $8.4 million in revenue over a ten year period during which the company will supply and install over 15,000 LED streetlights for all of Urupan's municipal roads and highways. In other Force Field Energy news, the company completed the acquisition of ESCO Energy Services Company of Lenox, Massachusetts USA. ESCO offers energy efficiency upgrades and lighting retrofit projects. The ForceField acquired all the outstanding equity in ESCO for total consideration of $7.5 million.

The LED lighting upgrade project in Uruapan will feature a wide array of state of the art LED fixtures including the 15,000 LED-based street lights. The company expects to begin installing the the LED fixtures at the end of 2014 and conclude by Q3 of 2015. ForceField says it will require financing to fulfill this contract and anticipates utilizing financing programs available from the Mexican government. Additionally Uruapan will provide significant assistance in obtaining this project financing due to its strong credit rating within Mexico.

The retrofit project's 10-year energy savings is estimated to be more than 57 million Kwh. Additionally, the company expects the retrofit to save on maintenance for the lighting.

Mexico’s climate change law, which went into effect in late 2012, mandates that the country significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions and increase the use of renewable energy over the next several decades. Mexico intends to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020, and further by 50 percent by 2050. The legislation also calls for 35 percent of Mexico's energy to come from renewable sources by 2024 and requires government agencies to use renewable energy.

“ForceField’s strong commitment in Latin America and its reputation for providing the highes quality LED lighting products and services made them a strong partner for this project,” stated Ing. Aldo Macias Alejandres, the mayor of Uruapan. “We believe this program will create significant value for the municipality, our business community and our citizens through reduced energy and operating costs, lower CO2 emissions, and improved safety as a result of more reliable lighting. Given the scale of this initiative, it was extremely important for us to contract with a company that has demonstrated their ability to achieve the energy savings and reduced carbon output as outlined in their agreements.”

“We are proud the municipality of Uruapan is undertaking a major energy saving initiative that will provide it with significant economic and environmental benefits for years to come,” stated Richard St Julien, ForceField’s executive chairman and president of LED Operations. “As Mexico continues to implement legislation to promote renewable energy to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, we believe that the success of this project will further support our participation in other large scale programs within Mexico. We look forward to working closely with the municipality to ensure the successful implementation of this project over the coming months.”

ARC Completes Dynamic LED Lighting for Residential and Retail Building in Taipei
SSL Design News Staff

October 16, 2014...Mehas, residential building in Xindian, located near by Xiaobitan MRT Station serves as a combination of residential and shopping building. A total of 16 buildings including 13 residential buildings, 2 commercial buildings and 1 shopping mall cover an area of 28,000 square feet. It adds convenience for the local residents and and helps them meet their needs for shopping and entertainment.

The building’s DMX-based ARC lighting system controls an RGB LED cluster of saturated color, high grey scale and no flickering. The company designed the IP66-rated cluster to withstand the outdoor environment and save on maintenance cost. The flexible ARC LED clusters that are controlled via customized lighting effect software, highlight the facade. Various colors change gradually on regular days and flash on holidays. The lighting makes the complex a landmark of Xindian.

The lighting designers installed installed LED full color cluster along the buildings that uses the ARC control system. The cluster’s flexible string design can accommodate irregular shapes.

Grunzell's LED Luminaires Illuminate Luxury Sports Car Showroom in Singapore
SSL Design News Staff

October 16, 2014...In Singapore, LED projector lights from Grunzell were installed to illuminate some of the most famous luxury cars. Grunzell of Singapore, supplied more than 30 units of their JURA 25W LED flood lights to replace the existing 70W metal halide track floodlights.

The luminaires with a compact design and built-in driver in a thermally separated compartment, come with various beam angle options. Grunzell plans to upgrade the luminaires with a new vivid High CRI COB LED model to enhance the color rendering so customers can see the true colors of the cars.

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