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Commentary: LEDs Opening New Doors for the Science of Light
... It's really incredible to realize that light has been a subject of intense scientific curiosity for hundreds of years, but we still don't know many of it's secrets. Not that it's all that surprising, in the sense that we had sand for millions of years, and only learned how...

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Seoul Semiconductor Files Patent Infringement Complaints Against Curtis International and Craig Electronics
LIGHTimes News Staff

July 29, 2014...On July 22, 2014 in Florida Southern Court, U.S., Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) filed a LED TV patent infringement lawsuit against Curtis International, a Canadian consumer electronics company in according to numerous legal publications. Seoul Semiconductor filed a separate, but related lawsuit against Craig Electronics Inc.

Both of Seoul Semiconductor's complaints allege that the defendant companies have infringed U.S. Patent Nos. 6,007,209, 6,473,554, 6,942,731, 7,572,653, 7,964,943, 8,314,440. The lawsuit (1:14-cv-22729-CMA) alleges that Curtis International. has been manufacturing and selling TV products infringing the above listed patents in the Florida Southern district. The lawsuit, (1:14-cv-22728-RNS) alleges that Craigs Electronics has been selling and distributing infringing products.

PNC Arena to be First U.S. NHL Venue to Feature LED Lighting System
SSL Design News Staff

July 22, 2014...PNC arena, home of the Carolina Hurricanes, will soon feature LED lighting. The lighting is a first for a National Hockey League arena in the U.S. Dave Olsen, executive vice president and general manager of PNC Arena, reported that the Centennial Authority is working with LED lighting company Musco. Musco plans to install its Show-Light Green™ LED system in the coming weeks.

“In partnership with the Centennial Authority, we continue to explore opportunities to improve PNC Arena,” said Olsen. “In working with Musco Lighting to install their state-of-the-art LED lighting system, we are able to showcase Carolina Hurricanes hockey and NC State men’s basketball games in a cleaner light while also reducing our energy and maintenance costs.”

The lighting system will reportedly reduce glare and improve playability for the athletes. Also arena spectators and fans watching HD broadcasts will notice the brighter light and improved visability. The PNC Arena is also expected to significant reduce energy consumption and operating costs for lighting. Musco products have been employed in retrofits of several important college indoor arenas with LED systems in the past year alone. The LED systems have reduced energy consumption by an average of 70 percent at those venues.

Additionally, Musco’s warranty will ensure reliable performance and further reduce the annual operating costs at the arena. The new system will employ efficient lighting controls with instant on/off and dimming capabilities that will enhance special effects during player introductions.

"We are proud to once again partner with the PNC Arena, and provide an innovative, sustainable LED solution," said Musco Lighting's vice president of developmental sales, Jeff Rogers. "Our unique system design offers superior light control to put light where it's needed to create a theater effect on the playing surface and reduce glare for players and spectators."

The Musco team has utilized LEDs for famous structures such as the White House in 2008 and the East Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in addition to indoor arenas and outdoor sports fields like those at the largest sports vacation destination, LakePoint Sporting Community.

On Sunday, September 21, visitors to PNC Arena will enjoy their first game under the new LED lights when the Carolina Hurricanes host their preseason opener.

Dartmouth Upgrades Lighting at Baker-Berry Library with LED Retrofit kits from Terralux
SSL Design News Staff

July 22, 2014...Dartmouth initiated a campus-wide project to improve efficiency and make university operations more eco-friendly. A primary focus of the effort was installing more efficient lighting. The Baker-Berry Library was among the buildings targeted for a lighting upgrade.

The maintenance staff, which would perform the upgrade, faced the challenge of having perforated metal in some areas of the ceiling and solid sheet rock in others. Therefore, the new LED light fixtures would have to identically match the current openings cut into the ceiling. Ideally, Dartmouth needed a lighting solution that would allow the college to leave the current fixtures in place and retrofit them to be more efficient. Dartmouth discovered that 8-inch LED can light fixtures are not available, only 6-inch can fixtures. The search turned to LED-based retrofit kits. Ultimately, Dartmouth chose Terralux’s Linear LED Retrofit Kits for the project.

“We selected Terralux for the LED retrofit project in Baker-Berry Library because its products could be installed so easily from below without needing access from above in the ceiling,” said Sam Zucker electrical engineering designer at Dartmouth College. “Once the old bulbs and ballasts were removed, we simply screwed the Terralux units in, twisted together a few wires and the installation was complete, each fixture only took a few minutes.”

The Linear LED retrofit kits chosen were 4-inch dimmable and non-dimmable 16-watt dual units. The dual unit linear LED light engines produce 800 lumens and consume 16 watts (8 watts per driver) and have a 2700K correlated color temperature. The linear retrofit kit is a UL Recognized Component and is UL 1598C Classified Retrofit Kit certified.

Zucker and his staff first removed the compact florescent bulbs and the ballast. Terralux's DLH7 4-inch, 16-watt dual units replaced the two 26 watt pin-based CFLs that powered each can light in the library. Some of the lights were also retrofit to enable dimming.

The improved lighting quality and output from the Terralux Linear LED Engine allowed Dartmouth to eliminate 100 fixtures. Removing fixtures and the improved efficiency of the the LED light engines resulted in a 2/3 energy savings.

Chauvet LED Fixtures Illuminate Musical Act Pentatonix
SSL Design News Staff

July 17, 2014...The group Pentatonix first captured the public attention when they won first prize in NBC-TV's hit program The Sing Off in 2011. Since then, the group has released a YouTube video that got over 10 million views in one week, had a number-one hit on the Billboard charts, and performed in front of the sellout crowds worldwide. The five young cappella artists from Texas, have created real magic on stage, according to LD Darien Koop of Darko Design of Nashville, Tennessee. Koop served as the lighting designer for stars such as Incubus, Sara Bareilles, and Cee Lo Green.

At the group's concert in Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, Koop employed LED fixtures from Chauvet Professional to help the group make a memorable and stunning performance. The Nashville-based lighting designer used 24 COLORado Batten 72 Tour linear LED effects and nine Legend 230SR Beam moving yoke fixtures and in a lighting rig for Pentatonix's performance.

"I selected the Legend 230SR Beams because of their feature set-to-price point ratio. In a test between all of the moving fixture equivalents, I found that I far preferred them over anything else. Without a doubt, I will be using them again," said Koop.

He arranged the nine Legends in his rig on a ground row across the upstage portion of risers. At a height of five feet, the arrangement allowed him to create aerial looks and bring light down to the floor. The beam shaping effects, vivid colors, and intense output of the Legend 230SR Beam commands immediate attention, said Koop. He utilized the Legend 230SR Beams selectively at specific points during the group's performance to add to the lighting's effect.

"I don't use the Legends until the sixth song," he said. "At this point they end up being the main featured look and fixture for that entire song. Then on the next song they dropout completely, and I feature mainly the Battens. I know plenty of other designers who would either agree or disagree with me on this topic, but in the final analysis, I like to be very selective on how many moving fixtures I used as well as how often I used them, because this tends to work better to accent the performance of the artists on stage."

During the Pentatonix concert, Koop used the COLORado Batten 72 Tour fixtures more frequently. The pixel mapping of these LED fixtures helped accent Koop's design.

"A big part of the design was our custom LED Piano Keys set piece," he said. "I designed a modular fixture that we could carry around the world with us that is filled with LED tape and consists of 120 pixels. I decided that the best way to complement this piece and to fill the space around the stage was to move towards an LED bar fixture."

"I wanted to use the bar fixture both as eye candy and also side light," said Koop. "In the end the Batten 72s proved to be a useful fixture for both applications. I essentially ran all of them in 3-pixel mode. By doing this I matched the low-resolution pixels of the set piece; therefore when I was pixel mapping the entire rig, it all worked seamlessly together for one cohesive look on stage."

Koop hung the COLORado Batten 72 Tour fixtures vertically with six along a pipe running down from the upstage truss descending on either side of the set piece. He then placed more units under the risers to "bring the look down to the floor." He also used pipe and base to arrange six of the batten fixtures on each side of the set piece in the same descending pattern as the upstage units to work as a side light and also to create some interesting beam looks.

Koop's light show for Pentatonix conveyed an uplifting expectation like the cappella performance they illuminated.

Koop said, "Designing the tour for 2014 was a fascinating process. I was able to merge my ideas with the band's creativity, as well as work with our choreographer to build the show from the ground up. When it all came together, it was truly a group effort."

"Even our Tour Manager Esther Kaplan was able to lend ideas that led to great moments which I am unaccustomed to from a TM," continued Koop. "My tech Ryan Court was indispensable. Our account rep at Elite Multimedia, Jason 'Cannonball' Jenkins, and June Birmingham and Steven Chase of Xtreme Trucking also helped a great deal. The tour was the result of a dedicated team, and I am grateful to be a part of it."

Home of Ottawa Senators to Install LED Arena Lighting from Ephesus Lighting Before Next Season
SSL Design News Staff

July 15, 2014...The Canadian Tire Center, home of the National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators, has chosen Ephesus Lighting’s LED Arena Lighting. The center will be the first NHL venue to be lit with Ephesus LED lights.

“Sports and entertainment facility operators appreciate that LED lighting is the natural evolution of arena and stadium lighting because it provides an optimal stage for events in person and on high-definition television,” said Amy Casper, CEO of Ephesus Lighting. “The success of our lighting solutions and testimonials from fans, players, broadcasters and facility operators reinforce this fact and prove that LED is ready for the big leagues.”

The 19,153-seat, Canadian Tire Centre, which is located in the suburb of Kanata, in Ottawa, Ontario, serves as a multi-purpose arena. The venue also hosts a variety of other major events including entertainment, music, and sports.

Facility operators chose Ephesus after conducting a side-by-side comparison with LED lighting solutions from three other lighting companies. The facility operators found that the Ephesus Lighting solution greatly exceeded all of the other solutions in every category including amount of light reaching the ice surface (lux), light uniformity, ease of installation and instant on and off capabilities.

“In our side-by-side test, it was clear that the Ephesus Lighting solution made the most sense to us for a variety of reasons,” said Tom Conroy, vice-president & executive director at Canadian Tire Centre. “Our facility operators will benefit from the versatility of the system and the fact that it is practically maintenance free. But most importantly, our fans at Canadian Tire Centre and watching at home will clearly see a better game. Additionally, this new lighting system will allow our game entertainment team to create an enhanced presentation and better fan experience.”

The Arena 600 and Arena 300 lights from Ephesus will replace the center's metal halide system. The center also plans to incorporate Ephesus’ wireless control system for the lights that can create effects for a unique fan experience. The solution reduces the number of fixtures by more than one-third, but it will greatly increase light intensity and uniformity and provide a projected energy savings of more than 70% compared to the metal halide system it replaces.

Ephesus points out that it produces only the Design Lights Consortiums certified arena-designed lighting solution. The DLC certification allows facilities to receive energy incentives from utility providers.

Wayne State University Chooses Energy Focus LED Lighting
SSL Design News Staff

July 15, 2014...Wayne State University picked tubular LED lighting from Energy Focus, Inc. to replace its existing T12 fluorescent lighting. Wayne State Univeristy is a renowned metropolitan research institution. The university has about 29,000 students and 100 buildings with a total of over one million square feet of floor space.

"We are proud to be the first university in Michigan to replace our existing fluorescent lighting with tubular LED lamps," said Larry Fodor, Director of Utilities & Energy Management at Wayne State University. "Energy conservation and sustainability are very important initiatives to Wayne State. As educators of future leaders, we believe it's essential to set a good stewardship example to our students by conserving global resources. “

Mr. Fodor notes that the reliable LED lamps that the university purchased from Energy Focus are expected to reduce the university’s lighting energy consumption from T12 fluorescent lighting by 60 percent while improving the light quality.

James Tu, executive chairman and CEO Energy Focus, Inc said, "The lamps we are providing to Wayne State offer the industry's highest standard of LED technology and are the result of more than ten years' experience developing and producing tubular LED lamps for military and commercial applications.”

Mr. Tu added, “This initial Wayne State University installation represents 35,000 lamps and covers certain key facilities with long daily burn hours. We look forward to supporting Wayne State throughout this LED lighting initiative and will continue to provide state-of-the-art technologies and design assistance."

Bossa Nova bar at Trump Doral Resort gets Facelift with Nu World Customized LED lighting
SSL Design News Staff

July 10, 2014...Nu World Custom Lighting designed and built custom LED panels for the Bossa Nova Bar at Trump Doral Resort. The panels create a bold new look that is already beginning to gain attention in Miami. Since the Trump family purchased the Doral Resort in 2011, the family has undertaken a massive renovation to completely transform the resort be a more vibrant, modern destination. The reported $250 million renovation has turned the Dorsal into a flagship 5-star resort with 700 rooms and world-class golf course. The renovation of the Bossa Nova bar was high on the list of priorities. Nu World's custom LED lighting, in addition to the bar's backlit onyx and illuminated stone has completely transformed the appearance of the aging hotel bar.

Nu World owner Mathew Barlett, who is proud to the Bossa Nova renovation, said, "The Bossa Nova bar is by far one of the nicest projects we have done to date, the perfect even illumination of the bar is a testimony to our team's passion for the fine details." He goes on to explain the secret of their success: "We work closely with our design and construction partners to make sure that the client is always taken care of, we are often asked to build unique lighting systems and we are always up for a challenge."

Nu World began this project in the third week of January. The company had to design and supply the onyx bar top illumination for the resort. The company worked closely with the team at the Doral resort to ensure that the project was quickly, beautifully completed within budget.

Nu World custom built 16 LED light panels to specification, including two custom corner shaped LED panels to provide even illumination at the 90-degree bends of the bar countertop. Three of the custom-built LED panels illuminate a custom built onyx bottle tower. The entire project needed to be completed quickly because the resort was hosting the WGC Cadillac Championship in the first week of March.

A spokesperson for Trump Doral Resorts loved the renovation's results. "Nu World delivered the order in a timely manner and has impressed all those who had the chance to visit the Bossa Nova bar during and after the WGC Cadillac Championship." The spokesperson went on to sing praises about the Bossa Nova's new look: "They made the installation of the faucet, sinks, and electrical look effortless and created the illusion that they are just growing out of the stone. It is a great, smooth look that really pulls the entire venue together."

Philips Selecon PLprofile1 LED Luminaires Provides 'Magical Light' for Installation
SSL Design News Staff

July 10, 2014...Australian lighting designer Flynn Talbot employed three colorful Philips Selecon PLprofile1 LED luminaires to add to his latest light installation 'Primary' at the PSAS gallery in Perth. 'Primary', a three-sided triangular wall installation made from cardboard, explores the three primary colors of light - red, green and blue. Flynn designed its structure to fragment the light and demonstrate how colored light is mixed.

"For this project I needed intense color and absolutely pure light," said Talbot. "The installation is purposefully designed to break up light into many shadows but unless the light source was completely even, the effect and the magic would have been lost. I needed a smooth and color-rich shift between primary colors, so I chose the Philips Selecon PLprofile1 LED luminaires. I was then able to illuminate all three sides of the structure and create a moving and immersive environment for the audience."

The LED-based PLprofile1 with precision optical design does not require changing of lamps or color filters. The luminaire's single source RGBW LED chip provides limitless color mixing capabilities and variable color temperature. Its homogenized, fully mixed light can reportedly prevent multiple color shadows.

Talbot mounted one PLprofile1 luminaire to the gallery's ceiling and mounted two on the floor on each side. He spaced them equally from the central point of the installation to generate a uniform shadow. Talbot created a custom program for the three luminaires that go through a ten-minute light show to demonstrate the color mixing, shadows, and various moods.

"It was integral for this project that the triangles to appear to glow," said Talbot. "This meant I needed a luminaire with the ability to shape the beam to precisely the edge of each triangle as any spill light would detract from the effect. The PLprofile1 luminaires delivered a perfectly defined beam, even at their widest beam angle of 44º, which was ideal for lighting the large structure from a relatively short throw distance."

The PLprofile1 has precise beam control with variable beam options and pattern projection from a high-output beam. It comes in 18º-34º or 24º-44º beam angles.

Talbot worked hard to ensure that each perspective of 'Primary' was unique visually. The structure appears 2D from a long view, and transforms to 3D the closer the audience gets. Talbot also designed a soundscape to complement the installation for a fully immersive experience.

"It took a lot of time and preparation to design the quantity and depth of the polygons, to ensure my vision of intense and dramatic color mixing was fulfilled," explained Talbot. "I performed a series of on-site tests, physical models and 3D visualizations to ensure there were no surprises when we got to the space to set up. Everything went smoothly with no problems at all, leaving me very pleased with the installation and the performance of the Philips Selecon PLprofile1 luminaires."

Talbot is currently looking for the right space to exhibit 'Primary' again at different lighting festivals around the world.

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