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Commentary: The Light We Do, and Don't, Want
... In a mostly annual trek into parts mostly unknown (to us, anyway) to see what is going on with lighting in the real world, we were struck two things. 1) There still isn't all that much of the light we want, and 2) There is still a lot of...

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Digital Lumens Intelligent LED System Greatly Reduces Lighting Energy Use at Ace Hardware Retail Support Center
SSL Design News Staff

August 28, 2014...At its 1,000,000 square foot Retail support center in Rocklin, California, Ace Hardware corporation has upgraded some of its lighting with a Digital Lumens system. Since the installation in October 2013, Ace Hardware has saved an average of 81% on its lighting-related energy use of the upgraded lighting.

“As a member-owned cooperative, every dollar we save using the Digital Lumens system directly benefits our member stores,” said Reid Barney, Facilities & Loss Prevention Manager for Ace Hardware. “And since lighting is our single biggest energy warehousing expense, reducing lighting-related energy usage by an average of 81% since installing the system translates into extraordinary bottom-line savings."

Barney added, "With higher quality light, we’ve more than doubled the foot candle readings within our facility, resulting in enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction – all while saving massive amounts of energy.”

Ace Hardware replaced the facility’s 1,653 fixtures (1,551 T5 fluorescent and 102 metal halides). The replacement reduced the company's power usage per square foot by 39.56%. The company also improved the light quality and illumination levels throughout the facility.

Ace Hardware preceded the installation with an eight-month, in-depth pilot project by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). The research project quantified the effect of installing LED lighting and having increasing levels of control on energy efficiency. PG&E partner TRC Solutions conducted the study that isolated the variables contributing to energy efficiency. The study examined daylight harvesting, occupancy, and dimming both individually and collectively, in a real-world scenario at Ace’s Rocklin facility. TRC documented the extreme energy savings from the highly integrated and controllable lighting systems at the industrial facility.

The PG&E study found that compared to basic LEDs, systems with “aggressive advanced controls,” like the Digital Lumens system, provided 43% more energy savings. The LEDs and energy saving controls reduced the electricity consumption for lighting by 93% compared to the previously installed metal halide fixtures. TRC Solutions chose the Digital Lumens system for its research study because it was the only available system that could both isolate and aggregate all the variables that battery of tests.

LEDs and Daylight Harvesting Employed in PointofView Lighting Project in Austrailia
SSL Design News Staff

August 28, 2014...Australian lighting design consultancy PointOfView was briefed to relight the lobby and satellite lobbies of Chifley Tower, Sydney. While only changing the lobby lighting, PointofView wanted to give the once iconic Sydney landmark new standing in the 21st century. Although the bankers, bondsman, traders, developers and lawyers who passed through its imposing entrance daily admired the building, many admitted that they thought it was looking "a little tired".

Chifley Tower is located on one of Sydney's most expensive sites, (no mean feat in a city not short uber expensive sky scraper launching pads). The now defunct Bond Corporation paid $306 million for it in 1988. Renowned New York architects Kohn Pederson Fox were responsible for its design. The opulent and luxurious building follows the curvature of the Parisian style square it dominated. However, the building is now showing its age. Current owners, GIC Private Limited engaged PointOfView for the project.

"Chifley Tower has such a strong aesthetic," said Mark Elliott, Principal of PointOfView, "it required not only sensational lighting to rejuvenate it, we designed the fittings to light it with. A totally bespoke solution." PointofView thoroughly researched the development of other respected, art deco buildings including the Chrysler, searching for the inspiration.

The new lighting in the lobby had to fit with design and the palette of materials used in the foyer in the original KPF design, which included an exquisite stone collage, marbles and granites, and stainless steel detailing. "We had to freshen the space during the day," said Elliott, "to enhance the daylight ingress, while at the same time creating a much more dramatic, after dark appearance. It can not be too strongly stated that whatever we designed, had to match perfectly, the existing architecture."

"Fundamental to the design of this bespoke lighting solution was understanding the scale, proportion and detailing of the building. We couldn't create the relevant symmetry or rhythm without utilizing this language," added Amara Clarke, senior designer at PointOfView.

"We washed the foyer's rear wall to draw the eye through the full height of the glazing and into the interior. By bouncing light off the walls we dramatically lit the space and together with up lighting to the ceiling, created a sense of volume," continued Elliott.

The existing suspended square light fixtures in the wing shaped lobby were thought to be too small and awkward. PointOfView custom designed a series of stainless steel rings. The rings offer up light to the ceiling during the day and deliver focused down light at night. PointofView tested the grade, brushing, direction, and weight of the stainless steel to perfectly match the existing stainless steel details. The custom fittings with a custom cluster of pendants was suspended over the reception desk to anchor the desk area and give visitors a point of destination.

"The lift lobbies suffered from a 'cave effect," said Elliott, "Previous wall light and down light combinations had left the space unacceptably dark. Lift lobbies are a critical part of the journey through to the offices above. These transition spaces should not be forgotten."

A new stainless steel beam, was architecturally integrated by connecting existing lateral beams. The new beam holds up lighting to lift the ceiling and wash light along the stone wall cladding. Down lighting from the beam enhances the stone floor's diamond patterns.

The upgrade of Chifley Tower relied entirely on lighting. "This kind of solution can only be achieved through custom designed solutions," said Elliott. "The work we pride ourselves on." "We light spaces, but we also create beautiful objects to light from." "This project demonstrates the effect a lighting designer alone can have on dramatically changing a space."

LED and lighting control systems harvest daylight and help ensure energy-efficient illumination, saving close to 75 percent compared to the previous lighting.

"It's amazing to see the change in architecture from the eighties to today," said Elliott. "But KPF are great architects, and great architecture always stands the test of time. It just took a lighting face lift, albeit a very well considered bespoke one, to bring this gem back to life"

Elation EZ4 LED Display and Elation LED Luminaires Installed at Qzone in Quil Ceda Creek Casino
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 26, 2014...Quil Ceda Creek Casino, located on the Tulalip Indian Reservation north of Seattle, installed an Elation Professional EZ4 LED video screen in addition to Elation Platinum Spot LED II moving heads and EPAR Series LED fixtures. Opened in April 2014, Qzone functions as a music venue, sports bar, and café and even holds corporate meetings occasionally. The space, which originally started as a nightclub before its convertion to a gaming room and now Qzone, is located just off the main Quil Ceda Creek Casino gaming floor. The client wanted to offer customers different options and events in order to draw them onto the property.

Agility was called in to design, build and install the lighting and video package six months prior to opening. Agility initially planned on a 6 mm pixel pitch panel for the centerpiece LED video screen. “Venues of this type are relying more and more on LED walls,” said Agility’s Rob Johnson, account manager on the project. “Because the LED screen in Qzone was to be the centerpiece of the room and be used for a variety of purposes, we were a bit concerned about the pixel pitch. We took a trip to the Elation headquarters in L.A. where we had the chance to compare the 6 mm screen with the 4 mm and came away convinced the 4 mm EZ4 was the best choice for this install.”

Elation's 8 ft. x 12 ft. EZ4 LED screen was installed directly behind a 20 ft. wide by 13 ft. deep stage served as the primary presentation platform and hosts live music and assorted acts. The LED screen is hard to miss from the venue’s entrances. “It’s the focal point of the room and looks great when you enter. It even looks good when you’re close to it at the front of the stage,” Rob stated. Rob cites the EZ4’s easy assembly, price point, and versatility as factors in its choice. “The old club had a projector and screen but you can’t use that type of technology when you have a performer or speaker on stage. The EZ4 is a real multipurpose screen for a multipurpose room and gives the venue a lot of options.”

The EZ4 is the company's highest resolution LED panel. It offers high density of 10,816 pixels (104 x 104) per panel for sharp and clear picture with vivid colors. The EZ4 screen can serve as a visual jukebox to play music videos or simply to watch TV. It also acts like a big computer screen for corporate meetings and presentations.

Guests to Qzone can get up close and personal to their favorite sports teams with the display’s superior image quality and 1,200 Nits of brightness. The display also serves as the the high quality visual backdrop for bands and performers who need to run video and graphics. Elation Media Master Express media server manages and plays back video and graphics for performances and events.

Rob specified LED lighting for its many benefits including power savings. The Qzone lighting system includes Elation 135W Platinum Spot LED II color and pattern changing moving heads and the EPAR Tri LED lights, which are both mounted on a Global Truss system hanging over the dance floor and stage. Rob chose the Platinum Spot LED II’s positioned on finger trusses over the dance floor, for their compact size and attractive price. Their compact size fit in well with the room and its short trim heights. “They actually make the room look bigger and taller,” he said.

EPAR Tri RGB LED lights used for band washes provide color wash from 20 ft. upstage and downstage trusses. The EPAR QA fixtures with their added amber LED for extended color range and effective color temperature control, highlight speakers on stage. Qzone hosts bands, DJs, comedy acts and other events and performances that test the reliability and versatility of EZ4 LED screen and the LED lighting daily. Rob reports that since its installation earlier in the year, the system has held up very well.

US National Archives Saves Electricity with LED Luminaires from Lumenpulse
SSL Design News Staff

August 26, 2014...The US National Archives and Records Administration has employed Lumenpulse luminaires to upgrade the lighting system for the Rotunda of the Charters of Freedom. Lumenpulse's Lumenbeam Small and Lumenbeam Medium luminaires helped improve the quality of light and reduce maintenance costs for the historic space, which houses the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.

Boston-based design firm Available Light designed the new LED lighting system that has won a 2014 AL Light and Architecture Design Award for commendable achievement. The design reduces energy consumption by 84%. It requires 4,700 watts at full intensity and just 1,800 watts at its current dimmed state. At the same time Available Light says it provides a brighter, more comfortable viewing experience for Rotunda visitors.

"The Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom is hallowed ground, housing the most precious artifacts in American history. We're very proud to have been involved in the improvement of the lighting system," said Francois-Xavier Souvay, president and CEO of Lumenpulse. "With the dimming capability and digital control of our luminaires, the space can adhere to evolving conservation requirements and maintenance needs, while still providing a great experience for visitors," he said.

Available Light chose Lumenbeam Medium luminaires to illuminate the two large murals from opposing sides. The luminaires have a very high color rendering index and a custom color temperature that bring out the colors and quality of the artwork and architecture. Lumenbeam Small luminaires serve as controllable accent lights for temporary exhibits in the main rotunda.

"We determined that a custom 2850K color temperature and a CRI above 93 were critical...and Lumenpulse were the only company that could customize luminaires to meet these strict performance criteria," said Steven Rosen, principal at Available Light. "The Lumenpulse luminaires maximized illuminance at the floor level, while still maintaining 0.9 footcandles at the document cases. It's much brighter than it was previously, and conservation criteria for the documents have been improved," he said.

Badger Meter Gets ROI with Seesmart LED Lighting at Facility in Just 1.6 Years
SSL Design News Staff

August 26, 2014...Badger Meter located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, wanted to improve the lighting of its 315,000 square-foot manufacturing and administration facility. The company chose Sustainable Solutions LED to be their exclusive partner and Seesmart to be their LED lighting maker. Badger hoped to save energy and reduce cost, yet maintain or even increase light levels. Sustainable Solutions LED answered all the detailed and technical questions Badger had before implementing the solution.

“We did our homework, and Sustainable Solutions did theirs, too. They could answer all the technical questions and be our strategic partner,” said Brian Rogers, facility manager at Badger Meter.

Badger and SSLED tested different lighting for office spaces, bathrooms, and manufacturing areas and got feedback from management and workers. Over the course of testing, brightness levels, color temperatures, light out patterns, wattages, and even light rotations were previewed, modified and ultimately approved.

Sustainable Soutions team worked together with Seesmart to devise a retrofit program in which every single old technology bulb was replaced LED lamps. In total, 8,571 Seesmart 4-foot 15-watt clear LED tubes were installed throughout the enormous building.

“No one believed me when I told them how much time we had spent changing out light bulbs. Now, it’s practically maintenance free,” said Brian Rogers, facility manager of Badger Meter.

Sustainable Solutions was willing to guarantee 50,000 hours for each LED bulb. The new lighting increased the general light levels by an average by 16 to 18%. Badger Meter also realized energy savings of well over 50%, and Sustainable Solutions says Badger Meter achieved a ROI for the entire retrofit in just 1.6 years.

Texas Hospital Achieves First LEED Platinum Certification in the World with Help of Acuity Brands LED Lighting and Controls
SSL Design News Staff

August 21, 2014...Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas chose integrated LED luminaires and controls `Acuity Brands, Inc.. Acuity Brands' healthcare solutions portfolio helped the hospital achieve its goal of becoming LEED Platinum® certified for healthcare building construction and design. The new lighting system fulfills the needs of the hospital's facilities including automatic illumination in hallways and patient rooms and multiple dimming options for nighttime lighting when emergency buttons are activated.

"The hospital set a goal to achieve LEED-Platinum certification for Healthcare, as part of its push for the organization to be environmentally-friendly and to be good stewards of sustainability," said Brian Horras, Project Manager at Beck, the specifying engineering firm that supported the project. "Because this is a new facility, and the client wanted the latest and most effective technology, they advocated for state of the art LED luminaires. Another bonus is from a maintenance cost standpoint; you don't have to replace lamps as often with the LEDs."

VT Series LED luminaires from Lithonia Lighting® light the common areas and hallways of the new 72-bed, 85,000 square-foot patient tower and hospital, which was an addition to the existing hospital campus. The hospital chose the VT Series LED luminaires because they are cost-efficient and energy-saving LED luminaires that can be paired seamlessly with Acuity Controls' nLight® control devices. In addition to offering a range of dimming options, the lighting controls can also track energy savings.

"We chose the Acuity Brands lighting and control system based on its performance specifications and capabilities," said Horras. "These specific LED luminaires and controls even proved to be less expensive than a comparable high-performance fluorescent system."

In patient bathrooms, the hospital installed the LED Step Light from Winona® as a night-light. It features amber lighting technology to help avoid disturbing patient sleep cycles.

Boston University's Track and Tennis Center Gets GE LED High Bay Lighting
SSL Design News Staff

August 20, 2014...Boston University's Track and Tennis Center upgraded to LED high bay lighting, which is estimated reduce the center's overall energy use by 40 percent. The Track and Tennis Center is home to a variety of events and athletic practices, commencement ceremonies, and more. The Center required a lighting solution that was as flexible as the facility itself. The 127 metal halide fixtures that were installed when the center was constructed had become outdated and required increased maintenance. Boston University wanted a lighting upgrade for its Track and Tennis Center that would increase the light levels and reduce energy consumption as part of its ongoing energy-efficiency initiatives. The University's Building Automation Services team knew they needed an LED high bay lighting solution.

"We really did our homework and rigorously tested several lighting solutions before ultimately deciding on GE's Albeo™ LED high bay lighting fixtures," said Elijah Ercolino, the BU director of building automation services. "The benefits extended beyond the energy efficiency of the fixture—we were also fans of the modern aesthetic and exceptional durability for the application."

GE's Albeo ABHX Series LED high bay lighting fixtures have a rated lifetime of 100,000 hours. GE says that the LED luminaires provide greater foot-candle performance, increasing light levels while reducing energy consumption and maintenance burdens of the facility. Additionally, the Track and Tennis Center employs an integrated, smart lighting system with wireless controls thanks to the dimming and precise control that the Albeo lighting fixtures provide. Each of the seven unique zones of the facility has its own controls where light levels and on/off timing preferences can be controlled independently of one another, creating an infinitely flexible lighting solution that greatly reduces energy usage.

The university expects to save about 770,000 kilowatt-hours annually. This represents a 40 percent reduction in the center's overall energy use. GE points out that the fixtures also cut down on maintenance costs. On top of these financial savings, the Albeo lighting fixtures have eliminated the noise created by the previous metal halide fixtures.

DRSA Wins Contracts to Refit Yauchts with LED lighting
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 19, 2014...DRSA, a supplier of marine LED lighting, recently secured more than 12 major contracts to refit yachts ranging between 100’ and 175’ with LED lighting. According to DRSA, refitting yachts with LED lighting that have dimming capabilities is now in high demand because the technology for LED lighting has finally made its way to the yacht industry.

“We have dramatically increased our focus on designing, creating and sourcing LED light products over the past year as we have seen significants benefits in the marine industry,” said DRSA president Cathy Smith. “LED lights are smaller in size, brighter in appearance and lower in heat emissions. Also, we have now been able to identify solutions to properly dim LED lights on board, so anyone with a yacht going thru a refit - or a used build - is well advised to look at these alternatives,” Smith added. For more than 25 years, DRSA has designed, developed, manufactured, and imported luminaires, light bulbs and LEDs to illuminate entire vessels from bow to stern.

DRSA will be showcasing its products at the International Boatbuilders Exhibition and conference (IBEX) 2014, September 30-October 2 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.

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