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Commentary: What Hath Our IoT Lighting Doth Wrought?
... Last time around, "News Staff" offered some tie-together insights on why we might expect lighting to find itself at as the eyes and ears of the IoT. Makes sense. It has a good view of the space, constant electricity (and if not, it's a pretty correctable decision), and we're...

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Philips Entertainment LED Lighting and Controls Bring new Life to Lighting for the Centennial Covenant Church
SSL Design News Staff

March 5, 2015...After 18 years in the same location, the congregation of Centennial Covenant Church found that their church in Littleton, Colorado needed a total architectural and entertainment lighting renovation. The Church commissioned Cuningham Group Architecture, which turned to The MH Companies to create their dynamic new lighting design.

“We moved into this site a long time ago and with two services every Sunday and multiple events consistently taking place during the week, we needed a full lighting renovation,” began David Dillon, Music Director, Centennial Covenant Church. “In the early stages of the design, the church was mainly looking at the architectural lighting, but we also needed to address the entertainment lighting as well. We were looking for fixtures that could provide great color and clean gobo patterns, and the lighting and controls package from Philips Entertainment is working great.”

The MH Companies' design consisted of seven Philips Selecon PLprofile1 LED luminaires, 18 Showline SL PAR 150 ZOOM LED luminaires, a 250ML lighting control console from Philips Strand Lighting.

Tom Seymour, Controls Engineering Manager, The MH Companies placed four of the PLprofile1 luminaires and all of the SL PAR 150 ZOOM luminaires in the main front area. He then positioned two PLprofile1 luminaires on the stage, and placed one PLprofile1 further out from the stage to be used as a spot for the center stage area.

The die-cast aluminum Showline SL PAR 150 ZOOM utilizes nine 15 watt RGBW LED’s to produce over 3200 lumens. The manual zoom can vary the beam angle from 15°-70°, and the Showline's split yoke bracket enables easy hanging or floor mounting. For replacement of conventional theatrical PAR fixtures, Showline's rugged construction, internal power supply, and ease of use make the SL PAR 150 ZOOM a natural fit.

Philips Selecon's PLprofile1 LED luminaire enables precise beam control and allows pattern projection from a high output beam. The PLprofile1 LED comes in 18-34° or 24-44° beam angles, and is designed to replace 500 watt profile fixture. It has a maximum power consumption of just 150 watts, and it uses an RGBW light engine to enable a nearly Infinite array of color choices or in color temperatures from 2700K to 5600K in white.

Seymour commented, “With a house full of incandescent PAR cans and a layer of HID’s that were part of the original construction, the old lighting was anything but energy conscious, so we really had to do a full renovation and Philips Entertainment had the perfect package of lighting and control.”

Seymour continued, “... I brought down two LED fixtures, the Showline SL PAR 150 ZOOM and a Philips Selecon PLprofile1 luminaire, for a demonstration to the renovation committee. Since they were already familiar with using PAR type fixtures, I wanted to show them what these LED luminaires could really do and they were immediately impressed.”

Seymour explained further, “For their lighting control console, they previously had a two-scene preset desk. Since we were now replacing the old rig with LED fixtures we needed more control and the 250ML was the best option. With operators who were excited to run a system with LED fixtures, the intuitive nature of the 250ML was a great advantage and makes the system easy to program and run.”

The Philips Strand Lighting 250ML lighting control console offers four encoders and has an LCD display screen for easy LED and automated lighting control. Along with the standard features of a preset desk, the 250ML control console allows control of a combination of both LED and conventional lighting instruments.

“With our new lighting system, it’s a night-and-day difference,” concluded Dillon. “Previously, our worship services were static light with only an adequate stage wash. There was no creative color and the system was basically on or off. Now, we have a completely transformed system and it’s opened up a new ministry opportunity for someone with an eye for lighting to truly create on Sunday mornings.”

West Coast Customs Commissions Revolution Lighting Technologies to Upgrade Lighting at its New Car Design Center and Showroom
SSL Design News Staff

March 5, 2015...West Coast Customs (WCC), a custom automotive styling company, hired Revolution Lighting Technologies to upgrade the lighting at its Burbank, California showroom and design center. Revolution Lighting supplied the LED flat panels, LED tubes, and other LED products that now illuminate the entire 60,000 square foot facility and parking lot. The lighting upgrade is expected to reduce WCC’s energy usage by 64% for savings of more than $26,000 annually.

“Our new facility is now truly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. After in-depth review of energy efficiency options, the benefits of LED lighting were obvious and Revolution Lighting’s LED solutions were superior to all other options,” said Ryan Friedlinghaus, CEO of West Coast Customs. “In addition to using less energy and saving a ton of money, the LED upgrade has provided superior lighting conditions that give the WCC team better vision to bring clients’ dreams into reality.”

In addition to being more efficient, the LED luminaires operate at up to 90% cooler than the original fluorescent fixtures. Revolution Lighting claims that the LED luminaires in the 12 custom workshop departments emit a brighter and cleaner light enabling higher visibility and increased precision for custom projects. In the showrooms, thin panel, overhead LED fixtures help highlight the exquisite details of each of the custom die-cast cars below.

“The nice thing about an LED retrofit is that you can do a quality, one-for-one swap using 65% less energy,” said Vincent Alonzi, VP network sales, RVLT. “We are a 100% LED company; we are trying to create a higher quality of light with a significant cost savings.”

“WCC is the industry leader in custom auto styling solutions - with only the cleanest, most innovative and design-conscious solutions for their business. This retrofit design redefines what automobile showroom lighting can be,” said Ken Ames, VP sourcing, RVLT.

India to Replace Floodlights with LEDs on India-Pakistan Border

March 3, 2015...India's government plans to upgrade its entire floodlight system along the India-Pakistan border with LED-based floodlights, according to a report from indiatvnews.com. In a pilot project, the government will first install LED-based floodlights on a 14 km section of the border in Punjab.

The Home Minister has also asked the Border Management Division to complete the pilot project soon and has already begun soliciting bids for LED lighting along the nearly 2000 km of the international border in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The use of LED-based floodlights will consume much less electricity than the conventional floodlights that they replace. In addition to consuming less electricity, LED bulbs are said to have a life between 25 and 50 times that of ordinary bulbs. The Home Ministry reportedly expects that the LED-based floodlights will pay for themselves with energy and maintenance savings.

Indoor Soccer Center Gets Custom LED Lighting from Noribachi
SSL Design News Staff

February 26, 2015...An LED lighting solution from Noribachi now illuminates the Outbreak Soccer Center in Signal Hill, California. For the project, Noribachi custom engineered 16 indoor LED lighting fixtures to replace the existing warehouse metal halide lighting. Each proprietary Highbay.N indoor fixture has full dimming controls, and the fixtures include an uplight, with a 3,129 lumen output and a downlight with a 35,448 lumen output. The layered square design with aluminum housing and hanging chain attachments complements the soccer center's modern feel. The luminaires also feature durable acrylic lenses.

“The facility was a former industrial warehouse that was converted to an indoor soccer center. After we bought the building, the first thing we did was upgrade the lighting,” said Trent Bryson, owner, Outbreak Soccer Center. “We offer soccer training, pickup games and speed and agility sessions. Our goal is to provide an environment that encourages fun and soccer skill building, and proper lighting is key to that. With the installation of the new lighting, we have functional LED lighting for soccer that looks cool and will provide a long-term reduction in our fixed costs.”

“We have engineered indoor sports LED lighting for a variety of facilities and know how to build to specific requirements to ensure proper illumination and safety,” said Troy Hesselgesser, vp of business development, Noribachi. “This was an exciting project for us because it gave us the opportunity to design the indoor LED lighting fixtures as well as engineer the LED light engines to provide the perfect lighting solution for the Outbreak Soccer Center and their members.”

Construction Companies Partner with ALT to Promote "Healthy Residences"
SSL Design News Staff

February 26, 2015...Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), a Taiwan-baseed manufacturer of high-power LEDs is for the first time cooperating with a contraction company. The cooperation is to construct “healthy residences” that use energy efficient LED lights.

The goal of the "healthy residences" is to attract clientele such as new urban residents, medical professionals and environmentalists, along with consumers who have high demands for quality living environments. The construction companies have agreed to adopt LED luminaires from ALTLED® for lighting public areas. The luminaires incorporate intelligent cloud-control.

ALT worked diligently with construction companies to create boutique lighting that went into numerous world-renowned structures, hotels, commercial, and industrial buildings. The lighting projects included the Candlebark School Library (2012 Timber Design Awards Winner), the British Royalty Lancaster House, and Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok. The Lancaster house employed more than a thousand of ALT’s Dimmable Chandelier Lights. The British royal family also adopted luminaires from ALT to provide energy efficient illumination for other mansion and villa construction projects.

ForceField's ESCO Subsidiary Gets Two LED Street Light Conversion Projects in Connecticut
SSL Design News Staff

February 24, 2015...ESCO Energy Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ForceField Energy Inc., announced that its ESCO subsidiary has entered into letter of intent agreements for two LED street light conversion projects. The projects are part of the company's previously announced selection to participate in the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities ("CCM") Street Light LED Conversion Program. The installations of the projects in Plainville and Cromwell, Connecticut, which have an estimated value of more than $1 million, are expected to be completed by Q3 2015. The combined initial installation in both towns initial installations will include the conversion of more than 2,600 street light fixtures. The fixtures in total are expected to deliver an estimated annual savings of about $225,000.

As previously disclosed, ESCO is in active discussions with more than 20 communities among CCM's 153 member-communities. The company currently estimates the revenue generation potential of the streetlight projects being discussed to be between $25 and $30 million over a three-to-five year period.

Mitch Barack, ESCO's President and CEO stated, "We are excited to have been selected by Plainville and Cromwell, the first towns in Connecticut to implement an LED street light conversion under CCM's statewide municipal Street Light Conversion Program. We believe our ability to deliver a fully integrated street light acquisition and LED conversion program that incorporates an array of financing options provides us with a competitive advantage as we aggressively pursue other communities in Connecticut as well as the significant opportunities in other states and communities across the US."

Mitch Barack added, "With increased state and federal initiatives including the Presidents Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting and the DOE's Better Building Program, we believe we are only in the early stages of this multi-billion dollar market opportunity to switch to high-efficiency lighting for streetlights and other outdoor applications."

Esco's Municipal LED Street Light Conversion Program helps communities buy existing, utility-owned streetlights, and then converts them to LED-based street lights. The program includes assessment, planning, implementation and maintenance. It also allows cities and towns to fully manage their own street lighting operations with Noveda Technology's street light management controls and monitoring.

Esco contends that the management controls and monitoring software helps to "future-proof" a community's investment in LED lighting. The management system offers full control, individual energy metering, dimming, scheduling, and energy monitoring. The system can wirelessly connect to central monitoring & controls that give clients access to a GPS mapping user interface that shows the location and status of each fixture and supplies a portal to maintenance records. In addition, the analytics, dashboards, and the user interface, give clients a full monitoring system. An optional pole-hit detection technology and a host of other sensor inputs can further enhance public safety.

ESCO's Municipal Street Light Conversion Program typically requires no initial capital investment. The company says that savings from the conversion completely pay for the program, and municipalities can expect immediate positive cash flow. Additionally, ESCO also offers tax-exempt municipal lease financing to support the municipality's potential LED project funding needs.

Big Four Bridge Shines with Royal Philips LED Luminaires as Part of Louisville Waterfront Revitalization
SSL Design News Staff

February 24, 2015...At a special ceremony, Louisville, Kentucky Mayor Greg Fischer flipped the light switch connected to the LED lighting on the Big Four Bridge. Dynamic, color changing lighting from Royal Philips helped to transform the bridge into a nighttime art piece and a backdrop for waterfront events. The project is part of Mayor Fischer’s six-year plan to create a green, inclusive environment through the use of energy-efficient LED technology. The addition of the dynamic lighting further cements the bridge as an iconic symbol of Louisville and the surrounding vibrant community.

Railway companies originally built the historic Big Four Bridge in 1895 to transport goods across the Ohio River. The bridge was used until 1969, when it was essentially decommissioned. With the aid of a public-private partnership, the bridge was re-opened in 2013 as a pedestrian and bicycle path that reconnects Louisville with Jefferson, Indiana and revitalizes the waterfront area. Since it re-opened, the mile long bridge has had about 1 million visitors including locals and travelers.

After its reopening, Louisville’s Waterfront Development Corporation sparked an initiative to add color changing lighting to enhance the bridge’s appeal into the evening hours. The LED-based system can display over 16 million colors and an infinite array of patterns that can enhance local events such as concerts, fireworks, and other occasions.

“This was a strategic opportunity to leverage LED technology to further enhance the city’s most popular attraction and continue the momentum of moving Louisville forward as an innovative and independent city,” said Mayor Fischer. “The new lighting will make the bridge safer at night, enhance waterfront events and contribute to the artistic flair and pride of this community.”

Vincent Lighting Systems, the Kentucky-based lighting design company installed and commissioned the more than 1,500 Philips LED-based fixtures on both the interior and exterior of the bridge along with the software-based control system. Pedestrians in the surrounding parks can now watch a dynamic light show from dusk to 12:30 a.m. Louisville joins other cities such as Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Little Rock, and Corpus Christi in revitalizing their bridges with LED lights.

“Illuminating iconic structures creates a meaningful impact in a community, a source of pride for residents that brings people together, attracts visitors and is a reflection of the city,” said Amy Huntington, president of Philips Lighting Americas. “The Big Four Pedestrian Bridge is a shining example of the positive impact that public-private partnerships can have in our communities. We are committed to working with city officials and local organizations to help make neighborhoods more livable.”

Robe Lights Used for Metronomy Tour and Finale Show
SSL Design News Staff

February 17, 2015...Metronomy completed a year of touring their ‘Love Letters’ album. Their finale show stopping was at London’s Alexandra Palace. Ed Warren designed the lighting and set for the entire Metronomy tour. Robe moving lights were featured throughout the tour, and more were added for the finale show. Southampton based rental company, GLS supplied six LEDWash 300s, 14 x Pointes, 39 x LEDBeam 100s, 17 x LEDWash 600s and 26 x ROBIN 600E Spots for the final show.

Ed Warren based the stage design on a ‘futuristic’ 1970’s TV show concept, which he said was partly inspired by the work of his favorite light artists, James Turrell and Dan Flavin, when they experimented with bold neon and block colors. The stage incorporated many color-changing surfaces including riser and keyboard fronts, set pieces, and backdrop which all helped the complete the give the environment a sense of perspective.

The design evolved and morphed over the year according to the section of the tour and and the format such as stage shows or festivals.

In order to pull the audience into the gig and the onstage action, Ed's design extended the lighting over the crowd as far as possible with two 40 ft trusses hung above the auditorium. This essentially made the vast area intimate and cozy like a club.

From above, a U-shaped truss was positioned over the stage with two arms pointing forwards. A V-shaped truss was at the front of Lights to skim up and blast through the double printed cloth were placed on a truss behind the backdrop in addition to the floor package lighting. The Robes luminaires were positioned on all the trusses and on the floor.

The Pointes primarily bounced and reflected light off multiple mirror-balls. The LEDWash 300s highlighted the band and back-lit the backdrop and set pieces. LEDWash 600s served as the principle wash lights up above in the trusses. Ed also used individual LED ring control for special moments and effects. Eight LEDBeam 100s individually up-lit the band. The remaining 31 hung out above the crowd and bounced light around the room.

The front of the truss was rigged for key lighting with six of the 600E Spots, and the rest were on the main truss for the show’s profile looks.

Light from Pointes were projected onto the mirror-balls and for scanning and skimming, and playing into the audience, who did not stop dancing for the long, 24 song set. Ed controlled all the lights from his own ChamSys MQ60 console + Fader Wing. Ian Turner from GLS provided the lighting and served as Production Manager for the gig.

Ed Warren stated,“I’ve worked with Metronomy for 10 years now and it’s never been difficult, never felt like ‘work’. No other band’s music and aesthetic has been simpler to translate with such satisfying results. They’ve never been averse to spending a bit of money on making something special and their input into this is always valuable. I’m so fortunate to have spent the year with my good friends making our dreams come alive. Can’t wait to do it again soon!”

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