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Commentary: LEDs Opening New Doors for the Science of Light
... It's really incredible to realize that light has been a subject of intense scientific curiosity for hundreds of years, but we still don't know many of it's secrets. Not that it's all that surprising, in the sense that we had sand for millions of years, and only learned how...

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Everlight Adds High-voltage Packaged LEDs to Portfolio
LIGHTimes News Staff

July 29, 2014...Everlight Electronics has introduced the XI3030HV family of packaged LEDs. The XI3030HV family serves as a high-voltage addition to the company's standard XI3030 line. The company packages both the XI3030HV and the XI3030 line in a 3×3-mm plastic packages. The product family ranges from mid- and high-power segments to some models that operate in excess of 1W. The company asserts that the new high-voltage LEDs can simplify the design of the LED driver electronics and reduce solid-state lighting (SSL) system costs.

High-voltage LEDs combine multiple emitters/junctions in series or several parallel strings of a number of LEDs in series. Some packaged LEDs connect separate chips that are packaged together with bond wires. Others make the electrical connection to multiple emitters on one monolithic chip that forms separate emitters at the end of the LED manufacturing process.

The higher-voltage input can provide several advantages. The lower difference in line-to-LED voltage reduces the component count in drivers and can increase energy efficiency. Everlight says that its XI high-voltage LEDs deliver efficacy of 120 lm/W at 3000K CCT, very good but not top-level performance at the warm end of the color spectrum. The LEDs have a minimum 80 CRI and a 115-lm maximum flux output.

So far Everlight has just 3000 hours of test data on the brand new products. However, the company said LM-80 testing is in progress. Everlight has begun an initiative that follows a recent trend in LEDs, producing particular packaged LEDs for specific applications in terms of voltage input levels, package features, and optical performance. Everlight calls the initiative "The Right LED for the Right Application." The company said it plans to provide custom versions of the high-voltage arrays at any voltage that customers require.

Philips Lumileds Introduces Luxeon CoB Arrays with CrispWhite Technology for Retail Applications
LIGHTimes News Staff

July 9, 2014...Philips Lumileds launched its proprietary CrispWhite Technology, which the company says makes colors appear saturated, and whites appear vivid and bright. Luxeon CoB arrays with CrispWhite Technology are designed to create more inviting and attractive displays with retail downlights and spotlights.

Lumileds points out that proper lighting is essential for the perception and evaluation of goods and is also an important component of branding, promoting and presenting merchandise and creating an inviting space for shoppers. According to Lumileds, the company's CrispWhite Technology, acts like daylight, giving all colors, including the white, the best saturation.

“CrispWhite delivers the light quality that retailers have been seeking for some time,” said Eric Senders, product line director, Philips Lumileds. “Shop owners have told us that CDM sources do a fine job of rendering warm colors but they would like to save energy and take advantage of the longer lifetime of LEDs.”

The new CrispWhite LEDs are said to maintain high CRI and bring out the white color in merchandise. According to the company, the CrispWhite LEDs like CDM lamps have a second peak in the blue spectrum for optimal illumination of retail displays. Luxeon CoB arrays with CrispWhite Technology come in lumen packages ranging from 800 lumens for MR16 and PAR lamps, up to 7000 lumens to replace 70W and 100W ceramic discharge metal halide solutions.

LED Chipmakers Epistar and Formosa Epitaxy Plan Merger
LIGHTimes News Staff

July 1, 2014...LED chip suppliers Epistar Corp and Formosa Epitaxy Inc reported that the companies plan to merge through a share-swap later this year, according to Taipei Times. The companies expect the merger to improve their operating efficiency and competitiveness in the global market.

Epistar, Taiwan's biggest LED chipmaker, indicated that the company plans to issue more than 170 million common shares in exchange for 586.16 million ForEpi shares based on a share-swap ratio of 3.448. The share swap is scheduled to take effect on Dec. 30, according to the companies. Once the transaction is completed, ForEpi will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Epistar. The merged entity will hold more than NT$11 billion (US$368 million) in paid-in capital and have a total of 6,700 employees.

In a filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange the companies noted that the merger would expand Epistar's business scale, integrate Epistar and ForEpi’s resources, and lower their management costs. Based on Epistar’s closing share price of NT$74 Monday and ForEpi’s NT$18.25, Epistar is offering to purchase the ForEpi shares at a price that is 17.6 percent higher than Monday's closing price. The deal is still subject to approval by the two companies’ shareholders at their respective meetings on Sept. 1.

According to market research firm TrendForce Corp., Epistar has 385 metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) machines for producing LED chips. Along with ForEpi’s 103 MOCVD units, Epistar will reportedly have nearly 500 MOCVD systems by the end of the year.

Streetlights to Power Demand for High-Power LED Shipments Through 2017, according to NPD DisplaySearch
SSL Design News Staff

June 26, 2014...Shipments of high-power LED chips used in streetlights, direct backlit LCD displays, spotlights, and other applications that require higher brightness are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13% between 2014 and 2017, According to NPD Display Search.  The NPD DisplaySearch  forecasts that demand for  high-power LEDs will increase from 18.5 billion in 2014 to 27 billion in 2017. Streetlights are projected to have a 28% share of total high-power LED shipments in 2014. Streetlights are closely followed by TV backlights and spotlights with 27% each; however, streetlights are expected to dominate the high-power LED market in 2017 (41%), followed by spotlights (21%) and TV backlights (15%).

“The LED lighting source makes up a small part of the total material costs, and that is driving growth in high-power LED shipments,” said to Steven Sher, LED research analyst at NPD DisplaySearch. “While prices for high-power LEDs are higher than prices for typical LEDs, these lighting systems are still affordable, and demand for energy-efficient, brighter lighting continues to grow, as energy costs rise.”

NPD DisplaySearch notes that high power LEDs now use ceramic substrates instead of the polyphthalamide material formerly used in the manufacturing process. to improve thermal conductivity. The company also points out that glass lenses have replaced silicone lenses to reduce humidity.

“Effectively managing the thermal issue is very important for high-power LED applications, because it influences the reliability of the technology,” according to Sher.
“High-power LED boasts excellent sell-through, and we expect to see an increased penetration rate in the general lighting and display application category this year,” Sher said. “Only a few big LED component makers will continue to dominate the market, however, including Philips Lumileds, Osram, and Cree.”

Bridgelux Opens Xiamen R&D Facility and Shanghai Applications Center
LIGHTimes News Staff

June 12, 2014...Bridgelux announced a significant expansion of its China operations. The company plans to utilize the expansion to better serve its rapidly growing customer base in China. Bridgelux has opened a major R&D center in Xiamen. The R&D center is dedicated to developing and producing new solid state lighting products including extensions to its V Series Chip-on-Board (COB) product line.  In addition, Bridgelux plans to open an applications lab in Shanghai’s Hongqiao district. Bridgelux intends to use the application lab  to assist its China customers in designing and enhancing lamps and fixtures that integrate Bridgelux’s LED light source products.

“Our customers in China are playing an increasingly important role in the global lighting market,” said Tim Lester, Bridgelux’s vice president of operations and chief financial officer. “We are committed to supporting them in their rapid growth and worldwide expansion by dramatically increasing our local in-country capabilities.”

Bridgelux’s Xiamen R&D facility, which opened earlier this year, is co-located with Kaistar Lighting, a strategic supply chain partner and company investor. Within just a few months of operations, Bridgelux has hired several engineers and installed a pilot production line and test equipment. Bridgelux reportedly plans to continue building critical engineering and product development capabilities at the Xiamen facility through 2014 and beyond. Bridgleux plans to use the Xiamen facility to support the development and manufacture of products for the Chinese market. The company will work closely with Kaistar and taking full advantage of the Kaistar’s manufacturing assets in the region.

Bridgelux’s existing office location in the Hongqiao area of Shanghai will be the home for the new Shanghai applications lab.  The Shanghai applications lab will be modeled after the Livermore, California-based Bridgelux Application Test (BAT) lab that offers application design support, including  mechanical, optical, thermal, and certification testing services.  
“Bridgelux has established an impressive reputation as a leading provider of high performance, cost competitive LED light sources and has been rewarded with a rapidly expanding China business,” said Lester. “With our new Xiamen and Shanghai investments, we are further demonstrating our commitment to the success of our China customers.  With the help of local Bridgelux resources, our customers will be better positioned to participate in the rapid replacement of legacy technologies with high quality, cost effective LED lamps and fixtures in China and throughout the world.”

Bridgelux will be exhibiting its most recent product releases, including the V Series LED light sources at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition from June 9-12.

Cree Debuts XM-L2 with 38 Percent Performance Improvement Over XM-L
LIGHTimes News Staff

May 29, 2014...Cree, Inc. has introduced the new XLamp® XM-L2 EasyWhite® LED. The multi-chip, packaged LED provides over 1,100 lumens from a 5mm x 5mm package. The XM-L2 enables 38 percent more light output and efficacy in the same footprint as the EasyWhite XM-L. The XM-L2 can serve as a drop-in upgrade to the first-generation XM-L EasyWhite LED.

“The new XLamp® XM-L2 EasyWhite® LED offers greater optical control and an immediate performance boost to our existing designs using the XM-L EasyWhite LED,” said Tom Tang, Chairman, Tons Lightology Inc. “Having a drop-in replacement eliminates the need to redesign existing products, which lowers costs and helps speed our time to market.”

Cree developed the XM-L2 to be a single component for compact lighting designs. The XM-L2 EasyWhite LED reportedly emulates the appearance and matches the color consistency of halogen lamps. The XM-L2 EasyWhite LED provides 4-step and 2-step MacAdam ellipse bins for the best color consistency, which museum, retail, residential, and hospitality applications require.

“We were the first to introduce an LED optimized for 50-watt halogen performance with the XLamp® MT-G EasyWhite® LED. Now with the XM-L2 EasyWhite LED, Cree delivers the same amount of light with the best color consistency in a package that’s 70 percent smaller, reducing the system cost for LEDs in halogen replacement applications,” said Paul Thieken, director of marketing, LED Components, Cree, Inc.

Cree characterizes the XM-L2 at 85°C, and it is available with forward voltage configurations of 6V or 12V with 80 and 90 minimum CRI options and color temperatures ranging from 5000K to 2700K. Cree points out that the XM-L2 EasyWhite LED is a “successor” to the XM-L EasyWhite LED. Therefore, EnergyStar® qualification requires just 3,000 hours of LM-80 data, which is half the testing time that the DOE usually needs.

XM-L2 Easy White takes advantage of same improvements that we used to improve the performance of the XLamp XP-E with the XLamp XP-E2. It'sa combination of all three basics: brighter chips, more efficient and reliable phosphors, and better packaging technology. The performance jump was large because we are continually researching brighter LED technology and have made improvements ever since the EP- E2 announcement last year," Paul Scheidt said.

Bridgelux Expands of V Series(TM) Line of LED Chip on Board Products
LIGHTimes News Staff

May 28, 2014...Bridgelux of Livermore, California USA, will introduce its new V10 and V15 LED arrays at Light Fair International (LFI) 2014 show in Las Vegas. The new products further expand the company's V Series(TM) line of LED Chip on Board light sources. The V Series extends the technology and performance of the compact and high flux density Bridgelux(R) Vero(TM) line of LED arrays. Bridgelux says that the V10 and V15 products are well suited for commercial and residential lighting applications requiring high quality and tight beam control.

The new V10 and V15 LED light sources boast a total cost of ownership advantage compared to fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent technologies with greater efficiencies and projected lifetime of over 20 years. The V10 and V15 products deliver up to 118 nominal lumens per watt (lm/W). Typical applications for the V10 and V15 light sources include spot and track lighting, down lights, and landscape lighting. The V15 product is reportedly a perfect replacement for 35W ceramic metal halide luminaires. The light sources' nominal lumen outputs range from 1,000 to 3,000 lumens for V10 and V15 respectively.

The V10 and V15 chip on board LED products are available in a variety of CRIs and color temperatures and are compatible with commonly available holders, drivers, and optics. The company has 9,000 hours of LM80 test data and R9 values that exceed California Energy Commission requirements for luminaires and lamps. The new V Series arrays support Energy Star and other rebate programs. ANSI compliant 3-step binning ensures high quality white-point light.

Next week at LFI (Las Vegas) Bridgelux will also showcase several new additions to the Vero Series COB LED, which has a 10 year warranty. The additions include multiple cool white and ultra-high CRI light combinations, as well as specific CCT/CRI combinations for entertainment, bakery, grocery, deli, textile, and healthcare applications along with new Zhaga options.

Osram Opto Semiconductors Adds Two New Duris S 5-LEDs with Greater than 90 CRI
LIGHTimes News Staff

May 27, 2014...Osram Opto Semiconductors has added two models with excellent color rendering to the Duris S 5 family. The two new LED models have a CRI of greater than 90. The new LEDs are reportedly perfect for the home in downlights or LED retrofit lamps.

“The Duris portfolio has been expanded with the addition of two new LEDs with an impressive CRI of more than 90. This product family now offers customers even greater flexibility in terms of performance, areas of application and technology than ever before," said Janick Ihringer, product manager for general illumination at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

While the previous Duris S 5 versions of the family already had a color rendering index of more than 80, a high CRI makes the new LEDs particularly ideal for applications in which the colors need to appear as natural as possible. The company expects their main use therefore to be in the home. The company points out that the light from the new Duris S 5 models can make the colors of wooden dining tables and flooring, for example, look rich and natural. Other applications for the LEDs may also include shop lighting where natural color rendering also plays an important role, whether for food or clothing.

The new Duris S 5 can also provide high output. The two-chip version offers up to 83 lm at 150 mA (typically at 3000 K) with a typical forward voltage is 6.35 V. The two-chip GW PSLPS1.CC comes in a package measuring 3.2 mm by 3.0 mm and offers 83 lm at 150 mA with a typical forward voltage of 6.35 V. The single-chip GW PSLMS1.CC comes in the same size and provides 20.5 lm at 65 mA with a typical forward voltage of 2.90 V.

The new Osram LEDs are part of the company's famous Duris product family. The E, P and S series contain LED versions that offer different qualities of light and for all output ranges (high-power, mid-power, and low-power respectively). All of the Duris product family feature a compact design with a robust plastic package and a particularly homogeneous light distribution. Additionally, all the products in the Duris S range also have a particularly low cost per lumen output along with high efficiency.

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