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Commentary: Still Plenty of LED/Lighting Breakthroughs Left
... For many in the LED industry who have watched, and lived, the steady march of technology for the last decade, it's pretty easy to get jaded about the technology. Not in a bad way, but just a bored kind of one. "Let me guess," they say, "next year we'll...

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Mass Production Begins on Seoul Semiconductor’s Acrich MJT 3030
LIGHTimes News Staff

October 14, 2014...Seoul Semiconductor of Seoul, Korea, made available the Acrich MJT 3030 a new LED in the company's Acrich MJT product family. The company says it improves on performance and enables lower system costs. The Acrich MJT 3030 employs Seoul Semiconductor’s high-reliability Acrich MJT technology. According to Seoul Semiconductor, the MJT 3030 LED offers high lm/$ and improved performance compared to previous versions in a mid-power package.

This new Acrich series measures 3.0mm x 3.0mm and delivers 103 lumens at 40mA at 22V, 25° C, 3000K. The 3030 LED can be driven to a maximum current of 60mA at high voltage to provide up to 155 lumens. At high voltage and 60 mA it consumes 1.5 W for over 103 lm/W efficacy. The company designed the LED for high-lumen applications that require high reliability and low cost. Seoul points out that Energy Star® qualification is easier with the already completed 6,000 hours LM-80 data of the Acrich MJT 3030 LED.

The LED uses the company’s high voltage architecture and its Acrich MJT "Multi-Junction chip Technology". The company claims that the Acrich MJT 3030 LED eliminates the tradeoff between size and efficacy. The LED allows operation in either DC or AC mode, depending on your configuration. The Acrich IC reportedly eliminates the need for an AC/DC converter and is said to improve reliability and simplify integration when making lighting fixtures.

The MJT 3030 boasts low THD and a 0.97 power factor both help save energy and optimize designs. In the DC-mode, according to the company, the low-current use of the Acrich MJT 3030 can reduce the cost of the power supply and lower the number of components. The company contends that the Acrich MJT 3030 LED optimizes performance in both AC and DC configurations.

"The new Acrich MJT 3030 LED combines the improved performance and high lm/$ with the reliability of the MJT technology enabling lighting manufacturers to create new innovative solutions to address a wide range of lighting applications,” said Seoul Semiconductor executive vice president of lighting sales, Jay Kim.

Luminus XNOVA chip-on-board LED Arrays Complete 6000 Hr. LM-80 Testing; Company Offers Limited 5-year Warranty on the Arrays
LIGHTimes News Staff

October 9, 2014...Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, Massachusetts USA reports that the company’s XNova COB LED arrays have completed 6000 hour LM-80 testing. The company says that the arrays demonstrated robust lumen maintenance and long term color stability under extreme conditions. As a result, the company has begun offering a five year limited warranty for the XNOVA family of chip-on-board (COB) arrays designed for both indoor and outdoor directional lighting applications.

“Our XNOVA COB arrays have already been recognized by customers as having industry-leading efficacy, value, and quality of light, and now we have long term data and the 5 year warranty to give customers peace of mind knowing that their fixtures and bulbs will comply with Energy Star and deliver consistent performance for many years to come," says Jim Miller, executive, VP of sales & marketing for Luminus. "Our mission is to help our customers achieve new levels of performance in their end products, so that they can gain advantages over their competitors, and this 5 year warranty helps our customers confidently position themselves as providers of robust, long lasting bulbs and luminaires."

Osram Opto Introduces Better Performing Oslon Square LEDs
LIGHTimes News Staff

October 2, 2014...Osram Opto Semiconductors debuted the second generation of its Oslon Square family of LEDs. The company says that the lumen maintenance and color stability of the new Oslon Square versions are significantly better than their predecessors. An increased junction temperature, lower thermal resistance, and an extended range of driving conditions are also characteristics of the new LEDs.

The new Oslon Square are available with three different color rendering indexes (CRI) and come with CCTs (correlated color temperatures) between 2,400 and 6,500 Kelvin. They can withstand high ambient temperatures particularly well as the prior versions did. A further optimized heat dissipation that allows a higher junction temperature. This higher allowable junction temperature translates to an improved lifetime over its predecessors that have shown a lifetime of more than 100.000 hours at typical application conditions. The LEDs are measured and binned at 85 degrees Celsius, which the company says is very close to their temperature in real lighting applications. This hot binning helps ensure uniformity even with high temperatures.

The new line of LEDs is flexible because of its wide range of CRI and CCT options. So, they can be used in applications depending upon the desired CRI and CCT of the product. The CRI 70 versions can be employed in street, tunnel, and other outdoor or industrial lighting. The company says that the CRI 80 and 90 LEDs are ideal for accent lighting and spotlights in shops and museums, inserted in retrofits and fixtures, or for stage lighting. All members of the Oslon Square family including previous versions have the same footprint (3.0 mm x 3.0 mm), a viewing angle of 120°. Furthermore, all of the Oslon Square LEDs are certified under the LM-80 long lifetime quality standard.

Philips Lumileds Launches Matrix Platform
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 23, 2014...Philips Lumileds reported the launch of its new Matrix Platform solutions. The Matrix Platform consists of turnkey LED solutions using Luxeon LEDs as well as components and optics assembled on a wide selection of board types. The company launched the platform with two product lines—the Luxeon XR on rigid substrates and Luxeon XF on flexible substrates.

“More than ever, luminaire manufacturers need robust solutions that meet their specific design requirements. That need, together with today’s time-to-market pressures, inspired our Matrix Platform,” said Viral Hazari, Product Line Director for the Matrix Platform. Based on customer requirements, Philips Lumileds can provide Luxeon XR and Luxeon XF solutions designed with any Luxeon LEDs. Additionally, there are both “off-the-shelf” and “built-to-spec” options.

The company says that luminaire makers/designers with Matrix Platform solutions benefit from simplified supply chain, access to Luxeon performance, and faster time-to-market.

“Philips Lumileds sees manufacturers quickly moving toward boards and modules to meet their time-to-market goals and indeed we have been working with select customers for some time to understand and enhance the value we could provide with these solutions,” said Hazari. The company’s production line in Penang, Malaysia dedicates 12,000 square feet of capacity to Matrix Platform solutions. “We can rapidly turn around new designs -- in many cases within two weeks of design approval.”

The company says that the Luxeon XR-3535L for troffer applications, its first rigid substrate module product, provides uniform, distributed light. The 80 CRI product comes in color temperatures of 3000K, 3500K or 4000K and achieves an output of 1320 to 1515 lumens and an efficacy as high as 160 lm/W. The Luxeon XF-3535L offers 1100 to 5070 lumens at an efficacy as high as 160 lm/W on a flexible substrate.

Cree Announces New High Power LEDs with Lowest System Cost
LIGHTimes News Staff

September 16, 2014...Cree, Inc. has reexamined the formula for calculating the costs of LED modules and LED lighting. The company noted that while previously, an LED was the most expensive piece of the lighting puzzle, the LED currently makes up only about 30 percent of the total cost. Cree pointed out recently that other components such as the heat sink, the driver, and optics are also high in proportion of total cost, and modules that reduce these costs can save money.

Based upon these ideas of cost savings without compromising performance, the company has introduced the XLamp® MH-B LED, a new generation of high power LEDs. Cree claims that the XLamp MH-B delivers better performance and a more effective way to achieve low-cost systems than mid-power (MP) LEDs. According to Cree this reduction comes from the reduction in the heat sink size and cost as well as a reduction in the required number of LEDs and the size and number of optics.

The MH-B LED employs Cree’s high reliability ceramic package technology, the enables it to operate at higher temperatures than mid-power LEDs with no reduction in rated lifetime. Cree says that the ability to operate at higher temperatures enables a 60 percent reduction in heat sink size and cost. Also, because each LED is brighter and smaller, an LED module can use up to 26 times fewer LED chips than MP LEDs to achieve the same level of performance. Cree reportedly optimized the XLamp MH-B to simplify LED system designs for applications currently using multiple mid-power LEDs.

“Cree has once again invented a lighting-optimized solution that can lower my costs and decrease manufacturing times,” said Frank Chen, technical director, Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd. and Sengled Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. “While chip-on-board LEDs are an attractive alternative to MP LEDs in terms of reliability and cost, they aren’t compatible with my automated manufacturing processes. The new XLamp® MH-B LED finally gives me a more reliable alternative to mid-power LEDs – I no longer have to compromise my brand and reputation to achieve a lower system cost.”

The XLamp MH-B has a small 5-mm by 5-mm light emitting surface and features Cree’s EasyWhite® technology. Cree points out that the XLamp MH-B offers simpler optics, tighter beam angles, easier color consistency, and a more traditional appearance. As a single LED, the XLamp MH-B LED provides up to 830 lumens at 175 mA and 37 Volts This translates to efficacy of about 118 lm/W. It can also be used in arrays for higher lumen applications such as downlights, high bays, and outdoor area lights.

“The new XLamp® MH-B LED combines the reliability and manufacturability of Cree’s high power LEDs with the simplicity and performance of our CXA LED arrays,” said Paul Thieken, director of marketing, LED components. “MH-B introduces a new technology platform that gives customers the best of both technologies, while avoiding the limitations of mid-power LEDs.”

The XLamp MH-B LED comes in correlated color temperatures of 2700K – 6500K with high color rendering index options. Product samples are available now and production quantities are available with standard lead times.

LG Innotek Launches AC Direct LED Lighting Modules and Packages
SSL Design News Staff

September 11, 2014...LG Innotek of Seoul, Korea, announced that the company is beginning to produce Alternating Current (AC) direct LED lighting packages and modules. On the surface, these appear to be similar at least in function to the Acrich modules from another Seoul-based company, Seoul Semiconductor.

The company points out that AC direct LEDs rely on alternating current, the standard power format for lighting in homes, offices, hospitality, and retail. Conventional LED lighting uses Direct Current (DC) with Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) units. SMPS units reportedly add cost and complexity to the system.

The AC direct LED from LG Innotek embeds a micro-drive integrated chip in the LED that controls the current. The company notes that this allows the LED solution to occupy a smaller space than conventional LED solutions that require SMPS units. LG Innotek contends that it can reduce costs by up to 30 percent compared to conventional DC LED solutions.

LG Innotek is debuting a range of eight products. These products include five types of AC direct LED packages and three types of lighting modules (a packaged LED with an integrated circuit board). The company plans to market three more AC LED modules and two more AC LED packages this year.

AC direct LED packages include the 5250HV(High Voltage), 3030HV and the 5630 HV. The 5630HV operates at about 136lm/W. The company claims that it achieves the world’s highest efficacy for an AC LED. The company optimized the 3030 HV package for micro bulbs like G9 and G4. The 5630 HV and 5250 HV type packages have received LM80 certification, the U.S. reliability test standard for LED lighting.

The AC direct modules are ideal for down lighting. The company's AC direct LED modules provide light efficiency of 125lm/W, which the company claims is the best performance in 23W category. The AC direct modules have a CRI above 80 with an optimized light pattern design for excellent light uniformity. AC direct modules for down lighting avoid dark spots with a uniform light distribution from a light source placed in the center. The modules also have built-in connectors to the power source.

A surge protection circuit is embedded in the AC direct modules for bulbs. The AC module for bulbs is ideal for lighting applications requiring size optimization because it does not require auxiliary circuits and has a lower cost than LED modules that do require one. The company plans to offer a 3030W HV package optimized for omnidirectional bulbs as well as bulb modules and surface modules later this year.

IKEA GreenTech Invests in Scottish Company that Makes Light Tiles
SSL Design News Staff

August 28, 2014...IKEA GreenTech, an IKEA Group venture capital company, reported that it has invested in Design LED Products Ltd, a Scottish company that has developed unique, energy efficient “light tiles” . The thin and flexible light tiles are LEDs embedded into clear resins and films. Design LED Products boasts that the light tiles are low cost and can be seamlessly joined into exciting new designs.

The investment will support the IKEA Group Sustainability Strategy, People & Planet Positive, which aims to enable customers to save energy and live more sustainably.

“This technology opens up fantastic possibilities for innovative designs using energy efficient LEDs. The partnership is a clear strategic fit for IKEA and our goal to make living sustainably affordable and attractive for millions of people,” said Christian Ehrenborg, Managing Director, IKEA GreenTech AB

IKEA plans to switch its entire lighting range to LED technology by September 2015. The investment will enable Design LED to expand its business and to increase its offer of products that can be used in lighting designs for the home.

“This strategic investment allows Design LED to significantly accelerate plans to deliver highly differentiated products to an international market desperate to conserve energy, and hungry for exciting new form factors in LED lighting,” said Stuart Bain, CEO, Design LED Products Ltd

Existing Design LED Products shareholders also invested alongside IKEA GreenTech, including most significantly Scottish Enterprise, via its investment arm the Scottish Investment Bank. A number of Scottish “business angel” investment groups also participated in this investment round, including Strathtay Ventures, Tricap Ventures, and Highland Ventures.

Cree and Lextar Electronics Announce Investment, Supply, and Licensing Agreement
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 27, 2014...Durham, North Carolina- based Cree, Inc. has reportedly agreed to invest in Lextar Electronics Corporation and supply Lextar with sapphire-based LED chips. Under the terms of the agreement, Cree will invest about $83 million to purchase 83 million Lextar shares at NT$30 per share. Lextar and Cree are also entering into a long-term LED chip supply agreement and a royalty-bearing license agreement for certain Cree LED chip and component intellectual property. Upon the closing of the investment, Cree will own about 13% of Lextar.

The boards of directors of both companies have approved the investment, supply and licensing agreement scheduled to close in Cree’s second quarter of fiscal year 2015, pending the approval of Lextar’s shareholders and the Taiwan Investment Committee, and other customary closing conditions.

Chuck Swoboda, Cree Chairman and CEO said, “Working with Lextar to supply high-quality, mid-power LED chips enables Cree to focus its resources on the high-performance, high-power LED chips that differentiate Cree LEDs in the market. This approach provides the operational and financial flexibility to help Cree achieve the best return on our people and invested capital.”

“Lextar has established a strong technology position and customer base in the mid-power backlighting LED segment, while Cree has had outstanding performance in the high-power LED component and lighting markets,” said Dr. David Su, Chairman and CEO of Lextar. “The cross license of LED chip and component intellectual property will afford both Cree and Lextar the benefits from our product and technology development, thereby strengthening our mutual competitiveness in the global LED industry.”

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