Elvis Lights Up Vegas Once Again

October 13, 2006... Elvis may have “left the building” long ago, but you can still buy a sign to show he was there. (“Elvis has left the building!” was frequently said by an announcer when Elvis left after a performance. It became a well known expression.) At least, that’s idea of a sign in the form of a night light from Bogar Enterprises, which features replica signs commemorating Elvis’s life in Las Vegas. The nostalgic signs licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, from the novelty sign company, Bogar Enterprises, pay tribute to the undisputed “King of Rock and Roll.”

The ELVIS '68 Comeback Special Sign is a scale replica of the enormous backdrop when Elvis performed his NBC television special, known as "The '68 Comeback Special." The special which aired on December 3, 1968, was one of highest rated and most viewed television hits of the year. According to Bogar, the ELVIS '68 Comeback Special Sign features red Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that look just like the red lights of the backdrop sign used on stage in 1968. Bogar's replica adds a 43-second sound chip playing another one of Elvis's most recognized tunes, "Don't Be Cruel."

Bogar's other new sign features a modern interpretation of a Vegas icon using the famous red arrow. The sign, created by www.lasvegas.com, lights up, flashes, and points the way to Vegas. It has white LEDs around the border and yellow LEDs in the word “VEGAS.” The sign's red arrow is based on the VEGAS.com logo, which has become one of the most recognized symbols representing Las Vegas.

"Our original sign was very successful with tourists and locals -- they loved it. We wanted to build on the interest in the souvenirs and introduce new products that are representative of Las Vegas," said Bob McMonigle, Owner and President of Bogar Enterprises, LLC. McMonigle continued, "No similar products exist and we are confident the new products will become just as popular as our original sign."

The ELVIS '68 Comeback Special Sign and The Welcome Viva Las Vegas Sign have a suggested retail price of $49.95. The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign has a suggested retail price of $39.95. The “VEGAS” Sign has a suggested retail price of $29.95 and the Welcome Night Light has a suggested retail price of $9.95. These products can be purchased in casino gift stores, hotel gift stores, specialty stores and souvenir shops throughout Las Vegas. All products are available for purchase now, with the exception of the ELVIS '68 Comeback Special Sign, which will arrive in stores later this year. With the low prices of the sign/night light souvenirs, Elvis will light up “the building” for years to come. Bogar Enterprises News Release

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