Lagotek & ACT Enter Into Commercial LED Lighting Partnership

June 25, 2009... Lagotek, a maker of residential and commercial building automation systems, and Advanced Control Technologies (ACT), a maker of led-based direct replacements for fluorescent tubes and lighting controls, have entered into a partnership. Lagotek of Bellevue, Washington USA, reported that it will now integrate LED-based ACT's wireless control products and fluorescent tube replacement technology with its own Building Intelligence System (BIS). Lagotek's BIS system is designed to manage the automated control of commercial lighting. Lagotek will reportedly also integrate its HVAC and motorized window coverings to help maximize energy efficiency. ACT calls its products the StandAlone and controlLED (dimmable) LED tubes. The partnership reportedly aims to provide efficient and durable LED lighting, and lighting control to small and medium-sized commercial applications.

"It has long been accepted that LED lighting will one day be the new standard for commercial and residential lighting because of its great efficiencies and long life," said Eugene Luskin, CEO, Lagotek. "LEDs are 60% more efficient than fluorescent tubes and last at least five times longer. ACT's approach is to provide an easy retrofit model which fits perfectly into Lagotek's wireless system design. We have not seen a more efficient lighting product that is ready for market." "This partnership helps both companies create awareness for the benefits of LED lighting," said Gary Colip, CEO, ACT. "Our StandAlone and controlLED Lites are a direct replacement for existing fluorescent tubes and provide a very friendly and attractive light source in addition to reducing heat (LEDs do not use the heat generating ballasts needed with fluorescent lights). With Lagotek, we will be able to include dimming controls that further reduce energy consumption and make daylight harvesting and other multi-system advantages possible by combining motorized window coverings, lighting and climate control." Lagotek News Release

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