Digital Lumens Launches Next-Gen Analytics Platform

Digital Lumens, the Boston-based LED lighting, and data analytics company, launched an improved version of its LightRules® lighting control and business intelligence platform. The company’s system employs Digital Light Agents, a fixture and manufacturer independent product that integrates wireless networking, with occupancy and daylight sensing, and full range dimming capability. The company’s LightRules software gets data from these Digital Light Agents and its LightRules Power energy-use software.

The company says that combined this data can provide unparalleled insight into and influence over energy usage and savings, as well as other environmental factors that can effect productivity as well as employee and facility safety. According to Digital Lumens, LightRules 3.0’s facility-wide energy and occupancy snapshots, tables, and trends help provide improved control, automation, and operational visibility. The software’s enhanced dashboards report real-time energy cost savings. Additionally, customizable energy and occupancy trend indicators can reveal facility performance and inform energy usage forecasts. New reporting and sharing functions enable users to validate cost savings and energy usage. The software can find other potential savings avenues through its occupancy and asset management information.

“Our users have long relied on Digital Lumens to deliver energy savings of up to 90%,” said Kaynam Hedayat, VP of Marketing & Product Management at Digital Lumens. “But our system creates opportunities well beyond energy savings, and the logical next step was to create a way for those customers to more easily access the full suite of data created by the network, and apply that intelligence across their entire business. LightRules 3.0 achieves that.”

Luxeon High Power

The introduction of LightRules 3.0 comes shortly after Digital Lumens launched its new CLE intelligent high bay LED fixture, and expanded its LightRules Mobile platform to Android devices. Both products were announced at LightFair International 2016.