Digital Lumens Debuts Three Products

Digital Lumens of San Diego, California USA, introduced three new products. The new products include: an enhanced version of the company’s LightRules® energy management software, an Android version of its LightRules® Mobile application, and an economical, high-efficacy CLE intelligent high bay LED fixture. Digital Lumens is displaying the new products at Lightfair 2016 (booth #1751). The company is giving interactive demonstrations of its intelligent LED fixtures and its fully integrated platform. The demonstrations will show how users can gain insight into business operations, maximize energy savings, increase productivity, improve employee safety and engagement.

The new version of Digital Lumens’ LightRules® software, LightRules® 3.0, offers next-generation data analytics for business intelligence. The software examines organization-wide energy and occupancy snapshots, tables, and trends. According to Digital Lumens, the software provides quick, easy access to robust building data and analytics that can help facility managers address day-to-day operational challenges and opportunities.

“We’re continually looking to innovate and expand intelligent LED lighting and the resulting data to new markets and environments to meet the needs of a growing, global customer base,” said Kaynam Hedayat, VP of Marketing & Product Management at Digital Lumens. “The flexibility and interoperability of these new products, from the advanced analytics generated with LightRules® 3.0 software, to expanded device compatibility, to the CLE family of fixtures for new, underserved markets, exemplify our commitment to building robust intelligence that’s easily implemented, accessible and, most important, actionable for our partners from anywhere, at any time.”

Luxeon High Power

The company further enhanced its LightRules® Mobile application, which is now available for Android devices. The LightRules® Mobile application currently offers on-demand control of a facility’s lighting system through smartphones and tablets. Control through smart devices is also a core element of the company’s roadmap, Hedayat indicated.

The CLE family now serves as the entry point for the company’s comprehensive line of high bay intelligent LED fixtures. The CLE family can deliver efficacy of up to 147 lumens per watt. Output versions of 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 lumens are available, in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures.

According to Digital Lumens, the CLE family’s design is particularly well suited for ambient warehousing and complex, lean manufacturing environments. The luminaires offer progressive dimming, fast, facility-wide reprogramming capabilities, and detailed reporting to generate significant energy savings, and give advice on improving efficiency further. The integrated system collects a multitude of data through LightRules®.

The company is hosting two events at Lightfair 2016 in addition to the demonstrations, a cocktail reception and accompanying case study of Stone Brewing’s deployment of Digital Lumens intelligent LEDs, and an educational seminar titled, “Intelligent LED Lighting for Industrial Applications,” These events and demonstrations are open to the public.