DDP Develops Weather Proof LED Lamp Assembly for Emergency and Security Applications

DDP, an LED product maker, has developed an environmentally-sealed LED lamp
assembly for emergency and security applications such as safety kiosks for college
campuses and hospital parking lots. The kiosk design, for example, requires
the illumination of a small area to clearly identify where an emergency alarm
could be activated. The light assembly also needs to operate at 12-26 VAC and
12-16 VDC. “Because of unique voltage requirements and limited space,
solid-state lighting is the most appropriate lighting solution for emergency
said Tony Toniolo, DDP president. “Our emergency
LED assemblies are reliable, environmentally sealed, virtually indestructible,
and operate at low voltage levels that are not possible using traditional incandescent
solutions. The LED assembly helps reduce field service calls due to failed illumination,
creating a safer environment in locations where pedestrians feel insecure at

DDP’s emergency lighting solutions utilize LED arrays and potted mounting
lenses which make them impervious to moisture and dirt. A set of transistors
allow the arrays to operate at any voltage within a desired range. The arrays
include options such as DDP’s standard 5mm high intensity, 20-degree InGaN
white LED (200-W4K). The LED gives off a brilliant white light at 4,000 mcd.
When spaced properly the array of 320-degree LEDs create a light designed to
illuminate a small emergency keypad. DDP’s LED solutions are available
in either standard or custom assemblies with pricing typically starting at $34.46
in quantities of 1,000. Samples are available from DDP with a typical lead-time
of 1 week. Company
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