Cree to Debut Two New Luminaires that Use its New WaveMax Technology

Cree of Durham, North Carolina USA, has introduced a technology that goes beyond their usual advancements in LEDs into LED optics. The company’s new technology WaveMax brings precision to waveguides. According to Cree, the new WaveMax technology eliminates multiple layers and materials that add to cost and complexity and waste light.

Tom Hinds, Cree’s product portfolio manager of lighting, explained that all waveguides capture lumens, transport those lumens through a lens and point those lumens to the area intended to be illuminated. Instead of the conventional mirror like surface that inefficiently and imprecisely reflects light and directs it to an area,  Cree says its WaveMax employs precisely shaped optical features to capture, transport, and precisely direct the light.

The technology’s DiamondFacet™ optical elements  boast  up to 90 percent optical efficiency and precise optical control. Cree integrates the Diamond Facet optical elements into the lenses themselves on a nearly microscopic level.

Luxeon High Power

According to Cree, the precision control from the optical elements  translates to uniform illumination with improved color quality and unmatched visual comfort.  Cree says that the technology can enable high CRI (Color Rendering Index) lighting and warmer color temperatures without sacrificing efficacy. The technology also reportedly enhances the ability to achieve USGBC LEED® certification.

“Cree is surpassing assumed boundaries of LED technology, driving breakthroughs that fundamentally transform the way light is experienced,” said Norbert Hiller, Cree executive vice president, lighting. “With WaveMax™ Technology, we are delivering our most intelligent light yet, enabling the future of highly-efficient, modern building designs to become today’s reality, while accelerating adoption of better  LED lighting at greater value.”

The Cree® LN Series suspended ambient luminaire is the  first interior LED luminaire to use WaveMax Technology. The WaveMax technology gives it precise indirect/direct optical control and improves the efficacy for the sleek, architectural suspended luminaire for both new and existing commercial building spaces.

Cree LN Series

Cree LN Series

The LN Series has a modular design.  The design allows  increased spacing between luminaires. The four-foot luminaires can be connected “almost like Legos,” according to Hinds. Hinds pointed out that the WaveMax technology allows you to increase the CRI to 80+  at 4000K without much reduction in efficacy.

The LN Series can be paired with Cree’s intuitive SmartCast® Technology wireless controls, for a customizable lighting environment that can save more than 70 percent in energy costs compared to outdated linear fluorescent lighting. Cree’s Smartcast technology adds motion sensor, daylight sensor, and one step setup.

Cree also unveiled  IG Series LED parking garage luminaire, which also features WaveMax Technology. According to Cree, the  IG Series transforms the appearance of parking garages with superior low-glare illumination. The luminaires can reportedly provide more than 80 percent energy savings and quick payback of less than two years with 24 hour-a-day usage compared to outdated metal halide lighting. Programmable motion sensors  allow settings for high and low occupancy applications that result in increased savings.

Cree IG Series Luminaire

Cree IG Series

The IG Series comes in impact-resistant polycarbonate housing, and both the LN Series and the IG Series come with the company’s 10-year warranty.

Steve Maranos, vice president of technology, CMC Group, Inc., stated, “With Cree’s IG Series luminaire, we’re rethinking what lighting can do. It is unlike any solution on the market – delivering the modern design, controllability and low-glare illumination with performance that exceeds our expectations for any parking application, all while delivering significant ongoing savings at an affordable price.”

Cree will debut the LN Series and IG Series luminaires with WaveMax Technology at LIGHTFAIR® International in New York, May 5-7, 2015, along with Cree’s full portfolio of LED technology. Cree expects to make the LN and IG series luminaires  available in the United States and Canada in summer 2015.