Cree Launches FLEX Series LED Specification Troffers

Cree, Inc. of Durham, North Carolina USA, announced the FLEX Series LED Specification Troffer. The company claims that the FLEX Series troffers give architects and lighting specifiers remarkable design freedom.

Cree points to U.S. Department of Energy finding that about 50 percent of all luminaires used in the U.S. commercial market are recessed fluorescent troffers. To meet the demands of this enormous market, Cree created the FLEX series for architects and designers who specify lighting for diverse applications including retail, hospitals, corporate offices, and schools.

Cree introduced the FLEX Series LED of Specification -grade Troffers.

Cree introduced the FLEX Series LED of Specification-grade Troffers.

According to Cree, the FLEX Series Troffer fits almost any ceiling type. The troffers offer a choice of five customizable internal optics. They feature standard one percent 0-10V dimming. Also, Cree’s SmartCast® technology is optional for intelligent lighting control. The combination of the dimming capabilities and the optional SmartCast technology integration enables users to adjust the illumination levels to adapt to changing conditions.

Luxeon High Power

Cree says that the FLEX Series LED Specification troffer combines aesthetic appeal, premium performance, and design flexibility into a slim luminaire design.

“What makes the FLEX Series unique is that it not only offers the industry-leading efficiency our customers have come to expect, but it was specifically designed to meet the needs of architects, and lighting designers,” said Craig Atwater, Cree senior vice president and general manager, lighting. “From its high-quality light and designer dimming and control to its extensive lumen packages and inner optic choices, every detail was designed to promote creativity and ease of specification.”

Models with Higher Lumen Packages Mountable Up to 20 Feet

Models with higher lumen packages can be mounted up to 20 feet and deliver up to 6,000 lumens of low-glare illumination, ideal for more light-intensive purposes.

Cree asserts that by drastically reducing flicker, the FLEX Series troffer can minimize fatigue, headaches and stroboscopic hazards, and help increase productivity and improve video telepresence in the office and classroom.

Also, the troffers boast efficacy up to 145 Lumens per watt (LPW), and they feature DLC® Premium status, thereby qualifying for the largest rebates and energy savings that can drive fast paybacks.

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