Cree Launches Family of Floodlight Bulbs

Cree has launched a new family of high-lumen directional LED floodlight bulbs. The company created the new family of directional LED floodlight bulbs specifically for rooms with high ceilings. Cree asserts that the portfolio, which includes BR30 100W replacements, as well as R20 75W lamps, delivers the brightest floodlights available on the market. Cree says that the new bulbs confirm the company’s commitment to supply consumers with high quality, no compromise LED bulbs.

As more new homes feature higher ceilings throughout the United States, people need more light output to illuminate these homes with higher ceiling rooms. The company’s new high lumen LED bulbs boast more than twice as much light output as typical LED floods. This higher light output gives consumers the proper amount of light for daily activities, such as working, reading, and cooking.

The High CRI Floodlight Bulbs are Fully Dimmable

The BR30 100W and R20 75W Cree® LED Bulbs feature a high minimum color rendering index (CRI) of 90 light that Cree says makes colors appear natural and true. Also, consumers can adjust light levels of the fully dimmable Cree LED bulbs to meet their needs and preferences. Cree says that the dimming occurs without buzzing or humming.

Luxeon High Power

“Until now, consumers have not been able to buy directional LED lights in a wide variety of wattage equivalencies. This expansion upholds Cree’s commitment to delivering on the promise and potential of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions,” said Al Safarikas, Cree vice president of marketing, lamps. “Cree’s new flood lights fill the void created by the disappearance of high wattage incandescent bulbs. Consumers no longer have to compromise on the brightness they need for the efficiency they want.”

The bulbs feature a projected lifetime of 25,000 hours or more. The Energy Star Certified Cree bulbs are also backed by the company’s 10-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

These new LED floodlights are now exclusively available, online and in-store at The Home Depot. The bulbs are also available commercially and sold through Cree lighting sales channels throughout the U.S.