Cree Introduces XLamp XQ LEDs Delivering Breakthrough Size and Light Distribution

Cree, Inc. has introduced the XLamp® XQ LEDs, featuring a unique combination
of small size, novel light distribution and high reliability design. These
features enable applications that require broader light distribution such as
omni-directional lamps and fixtures. The XQ LEDs are Cree’s smallest lighting-class LEDs at just 1.6mm x
1.6mm, 57 percent smaller than Cree’s XLamp XB package. The ceramic-based
XQ LEDs leverage Cree’s SC3 Technology™ Platform and are designed
to deliver the long-term calculated lifetimes of Cree’s other high-power
LEDs, such as the XP or XT LEDs.

The LEDs have a novel optic in the shape of an orange cube atop the LEDs.
This cube optic allows some light to both travel through the top of the cube
and light that does not go straight out bounce off the cube’s top. This
directs light to the edges and away from the center. Compared to existing LEDs,
XQ LEDs allow fewer packages to achieve a wide, distributed light pattern that
is ideal for omni-directional lighting.

The company has created two verisions of the XQ LEDs. The XQ-B and the XQ-D.
The XQ-B has a maximum current of 300 mA. The XQ-D has a maximum current of 700
mA. In cool white (5000K), the XQ-B LED delivers up 160 lumens-per-watt at 0.18
W and the XQ-D LED delivers up to 130 lumens-per-watt at 1 W. Both LEDs are
available in 2700K to 6500K color temperatures with minimum 80 CRI option.

Luxeon High Power

According to Cree, the LEDs by themselves can improve the light distribution
of an omni-directional LED lamp. As an example Cree placed the XQ-D LEDs in a
competitor’s omni-directional lamp. Instead of using 27 LEDs to produce
808 lumens, the retrofited omni-directional lamp with inserted Cree LEDs only
needed 16 XQ-D LEDs to produce 819 lumens. The number of watts consumed went
down from the original 10.5 Watts to 9.9 Watts. This translates to a change
from 78 lm/W to 83 lm/W. With the Cree LEDs the viewing angle of the omni
directional lamp improved from 244 degrees to 262 degrees.

Cree also created its own reference design for a 2778K 60-Watt replacement
omni-directional LED lamp that used only 8 XQ-D LEDs to produce 822 lumens with
an 80 CRI and a 69 lm/W efficacy.

“The high reliability of the ceramic based XQ-B LED allows us to
offer a high quality solution that does not compromise on lifetime,”

said Martin Hockemeyer, Vice Chairman of the Board of TELEFUNKEN Licht AG.
“The unique optical advantage of the XQ-B gives us the opportunity to
create the brilliant look that our customers are looking for.”

Paul Thieken, Cree director of marketing, LED components stated,
“Unlike other mid-power packages, the XQ LEDs allow lighting
manufacturers to meet their light distribution requirements using fewer LEDs
without giving up the performance or reliability that they expect from
Cree’s lighting-class LEDs.”