Cree Introduces XLamp CXA LED Arrays

Durham, North Carolina-based Cree Inc., has come out with the CXA LED arrays
Cree says that the CXA arrays are optimized to simplify designs and lower system cost. They can provide system-level performance ranging from 500 to 5000 lumens with efficacies of up to 146 LED lumens-per-watt. Possible applications for the LED arrays range from LED replacement lamps to commercial downlights.

CXA LED Arrays are available in EasyWhite® color temperatures, providing the LED industry’s best color consistency for designs that use only one LED. The CXA LED Arrays are designed to be used as a single component in an LED design – emulating the single-filament appearance of traditional lighting products.

According to Cree, having one component means simplified design, manufacturing and inventory management, enabling shorter time to market and reduced manufacturing costs. Cree has positioned the CXA as a solution between the reflow-solderable arrays and the integrated light engines. It is designed to mount directly to the heat sink, either screw-down, thermal adhesive, or with sockets available from several sources.

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