Cree Introduces New High Density Class of XLamp CXA LED Arrays

Durham, North Carolina-based Cree, Inc., has introduced a high density LED
array that Cree claims doubles the system intensity of spot lights compared to
previous arrays. The first HD array in its new class of CXA arrays is the CXA1520 LED. Cree points out that the new CXA1520 offers a major reduction in
system cost and power consumption due to its small size and high output.

The most significant difference according to the company comes in terms of
lumens on target (candelas) . The company gives the example of two 40,000
candela LED arrays for spotlights with the same optic. The smaller one, the
CXA1520 which measures just 9mm square, can put out the 40,000 candela while
consuming just 22watts at 3000K . The array’s small size allows it to produce
this candela output while only putting out 2000 lumens. Cree notes that a
larger array measuring 19mm square would have to produce 5000 lumens to get the
40,000 candela required. Cree says this would require about 60 watts of

According to Cree, the first HD Array, the CXA1520 LED, enables lighting
manufacturers to create a new generation of products that delivers the same
intensity and light quality as 39W ceramic metal halide (CMH) at up to 50
percent lower power. The CXA1520 LED Arrays deliver up to 3478 lumens at 33
watts, 85°C. They are available in ANSI White and four-step EasyWhite® binning,
and feature 2700K through 5000K CCTs, with 70, 80 and 95 CRI options.

Luxeon High Power

“The new CXA1520 LED Array delivers an impressive amount of light
from a very small source. I have not seen another integrated array that can
match this level of lumen density,”
said Mark Groenke, VP of
engineering at ConTech Lighting. “The CXA1520 LED Array enables
ConTech Lighting’s newest LED fixtures to exceed the efficiency and life
of our ceramic metal halide fixture offerings while maintaining intensity and
color quality.”

“We have several CXA1507 and CXA1512 LED Array designs and
we’re excited that the new CXA1520 LED Array shares the same light
emitting size as the CXA1507 and CXA1512 LED Arrays,”
said Tom Tang,
chairman and CEO, Tons Lightology, Inc. “This allows us to address
very high output applications without changing the optics.”

XLamp CXA1520 LED Array samples are available now and production quantities
are available with standard lead times.